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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09
I decided to make a roleplay here cuz I thought it would be fun

to create your character fill this out:






Anyways I decided to make a storyline to get on track so here it is XD

It was long after princess Fine and princess Rein's time,now the mysterious star is weakening again and a new force has arrived,can this new set of princesses defeat them?

Btw you can make male or female characters dosent really matter XD

Princesses of Sunny Kingdom:1
Princesses of Windmill Kingdom:0
Princesses of Jewelery Kingdom:0
Princesses of Waterdrop Kingdom:0
Princesses of Fire Kingdom:0
Princesses of Seed Kingdom:0
Princesses of Moon Kingdom:0
Princes of Sunny Kingdom:0
Princes of Windmill Kingdom:0
Princes of Jewelery Kingdom:0
Princes of Waterdrop Kingdom:0
Princes of Fire Kingdom:0
Princes of Seed Kingdom:0
Princes of Moon Kingdom:0

Up to 1 prince per kingdom(since barely anyone would be a guy 2 princesses per kingdom except for in the seed kingdom,that one can have up to 10 XD I kinda doubt there will be many people so every can control 2 people at a time if you want XD Have fun.

Enjoy the roleplay XD

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Posted 1/3/09
Continuity much? The Black Crystal is dead. The Black Crystal King is dead. What could weaken the Sun's Blessing?

And, really, couldn't you think of some other calamity to befall the Mysterious Planet?

It's your RP and you can do whatever you want. I'm just saying it has little originality and respect for continuity.
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Posted 1/3/09 , edited 5/7/09


Kingdom:Sunny Kingdom[actually a princess in flame kingdom]


Appearence:Princess ya

Personality:eating cake,good at dancing and singing a song

This is my role play
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Posted 2/26/09
Name: Violet Sakura (actual name is only Sakura)

Age: 14 (trapped in a body of a 11-year-old)

Kingdom: Moon Kingdom, later she is actually the princess of the Sunny Kingdom.

Height: Uh... around 5 feet?

Appearence: Resembles Rein.

Personality: Quiet, Smart, Cheery, Carefree, Adventerous

Background (just decided to add it here xDD): Born as Sakura, Violet Sakura is a kidnapped princess of the Sunny Kingdom when she was a baby. Soon, she became the princess of the Moon Kingdom when the Queen adopted her. Because of this, she is trapped in a body of an 11-year-old.

Posted 3/21/09
Age: 11 (not real)
Height:Around 4 feet to 5 fee
Appearence:Resmbles Fine
Personality:Careful,Speaks loudly,Sing and Listen to Music
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Posted 8/28/10
Height:Around 3 feet to 5 feet
Appearence:Princess Blossom
Kingdom:Sunny Kingdom
Personality:Princess like
In love with:Shade(Prince of Moon Kingdom)
Favourite colour:All
Most of the time mood:Cheerful :happy:

By the way,do any of you know where to watch Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime 39?english sub? Maybe all episodes.
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Posted 10/23/11
Name: Jewelry Chloe
Age: 14
Height: 45 kg
Appearence: Princess Chloe
Kingdom: Jewelry Kingdom
Personality: Princess unlike ( but at the end she is princess like), smart, funny, loves to sing and dance.
In love with: Aurel, prince of the Windmill kingdom.
Favorite colour: Green, blue.
Hair colour: Brown
Eye color: Brown
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Posted 10/23/11
Chloe is an happy girl. She never gives up and helpes the princesses of the Sunny Kingdom. At the middle, she starts to be princess like and to like to dance and sing.
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Posted 10/23/11
Height: 1, 56
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