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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
umm yuto is not....
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Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/7/09

hsj9392 wrote:

xlidovietguhx wrote:

hsj9392 wrote:

thanks for sharing your first fic in this group!!
I like it!!
it's so good!!
with Yamada fashionista picking out shoes for Komari!!
may i be part of this??
do you have pairings or anything??
if yes..
i wanna be with Yamachan!! xDD
if not.. it's okii!! ^^

but sum1 already called yama-chan,,,,srry.....if you want to be his friend or paired up with someone else that would be fine.

I see!! ^^
ok ok..
umh.. anyone who's not yet taken??

umm yuto isnt
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Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/10/09
pt 3
srry that i havent been finishing my fanfic cuz skool almost starts for me and i need to get ready....

SAORI(mochicocoa):umm is chinen yuri-kun here?
CHINEN:yea im right here
SAORI:ah..*in her head* hes so so KAWAII!!!!*talking 4 real now* told me to give this to you
~she hand him a packet and leaves all nervous
YAMA-CHAN:is that the entry form?'
YUTO:well you better keep that safe until daiki comes back
KOMARI:umm wats the entry form and whos daiki?
CHINEN:another person apart of our group..he's currently studying in america..and hes going to be coming back soon to perform in the singing/dancing competition.
KOMARI:so thats why ur always busy...ah when r u guys coming over for dinner so i kno when to take that time off of work.
YUTO:you work!
KOMARI:of course if i dont i wont be able to live the way i want to...oops I WASNT SUPPOSE TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT!!!....please keep it a secret cuz if the skool director finds out il, be expeled from skool
YAMA-CHAN:i 4got its against skool policy...ok will keep it a secret..but wat do u mean by u wont be able to live the way you want to?
KOMARI:ahh ill tell you guys later class is about to start so bye
CHINEN:oh yea we'll be coming about 6 or 6:30
KOMARI:ok bye!
~komari left and yuto chinen and yama-chan just sat there thinking about wat jobs she does and stuff
~while komari was running to class she notice the girl that gave chinen the packet standing behind a wall hiding
~komari stopped and went over to her
KOMARI:ummm can i help you
~saori jumps up
KOMARI:ah gomen i didnt mean to scare you
SAORI:its ok..i wanted to ask you something
KOMARI:wat is it
SAORI:its about chinen-kun....ummm does he......chinen-kun...does he have a.....GIRLFRIEND!
~komari just widen her eyes and gently said
KOMARI:to be honset i dont kno

i have to stop right now cuz im getting kicked off of the comp
ill finish it when i come bak

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Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09
SRRY!!!!!!!!! i cant finish this fanfic due to the fact that i will be very busy due to personal reasons

but ill kind of sum up the couples
saori(mochicocoa) was to go out with chii-chan after they danced together at this party
when daiki came bak from america it was love at first sight with deen
then yama-chan was suppose to fall in love with erika a half french half jap girl and at first erika wasnt intrested until he saved her from a kidnap attempt
then after hikaru came and he ended up with komari cuz at her first performance he helped her out of her nervousness
then yuto was either going to become hsj9392 best friend or they ended up together
then years passed and all of the JE boys soon became a group called hey say jump

im srry i couldnt finish my fanfic so this is my 1st almost done fancfic
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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
gomen for just catching up on reading this now..
anyway, your fic is interesting!
apparently i got soo hooked up into your fic but then it turns out
you might not post the next part...nooo!

pls do continue to put more chaps..
im pretty sure you have secret readers who are waiting for you
to update this so pls do ne~

ganbatte kudasai ne~=D
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