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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 3/18/09


Se7en's got a great sense of humor. He actually loves our stories about him - who would've thought?

We've been hanging out with Se7en and camp (Red Queen Media) for a few weeks now, and our meetings kind of went like this:

allkpop: Yo Se7en what's up!

Se7en: What's up guys!

allkpop: You read our latest feature on you?

Se7en: Yeah, I did. Just remember - I like them girls.

johnnydorama: Oh, I get it wise guy, but my wife isn't even a fan...

Se7en: I like them girls that's hard to get.

johnnydorama: ...

matteo: He got you good...

De La Methode: Cutdown! Se7en should write for us...

Red Queen Media: Owned...

And that's when we realized we were perfect for each other. I was outwitted by Se7en, what can I say, the man's got jokes. And with that, Se7en has chosen to work exclusively with allkpop!

We've been following Se7en for a while now, all the way up to the release of his latest single "Girls" featuring Lil' Kim, and we have to admit, all of us at allkpop have been playing this track on repeat. It's addictive as hell!

Anyway, we were able to get behind the scenes and really learn about Se7en's entire journey into the US market. We realized just how much he's been through and all of the difficult hurdles he has overcome. His single was very a little late, but hey, at least it's out now and he's working away at his full album, which will be dropping later this year.

As we work exclusively with Se7en, expect to see a lot of kick ass stuff! We'll be following Se7en all around the US to provide you guys with first-hand exclusive coverage of all of his events. In addition, there will be exclusive giveaways, behind the scenes videos, an entire section dedicated to Se7en coverage and even guest posts from Se7en himself, only on allkpop!

Stay tuned for more on Se7en and his US debut... he's going to kick some major ass, but only if you allkpopers support him - so show it by:
- Buying Se7en's single 'Girls' via iTunes
- Requesting Se7en's 'Girls' on your local radio stations (Cali: Power106, NYC: z100)
- Leaving him love on his Myspace
- Visiting Se7en's official homepage

For you NYC folks, you can catch Se7en at Circle Night Club this Friday, March 20th! allkpop will be there, will you?

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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 4/10/09
Se7en will begin full-scale promotional activities in three major cities: New York, Atlanta, and Washington DC.

YG Entertainment said, “Se7en will spend time promoting ‘Girls.’ First he’ll start with cities in the east side of the United States.”

“Girls” was released on March 11 (Korea time). The music video ranked at #5 on Myspace, and has a 5-star rating (the highest) on iTunes by users.

credit: KPOP JJANG 3/19/09

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Posted 4/3/09 , edited 4/9/09
Se7en Preview Party @ Velvet Room in Atlanta, GA

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2009
Time: 9:00PM
Location: Velvet Room
3358 Chamblee Tucker Rd
Atlanta, GA 30341

Phone: (404) 874-4460
Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]

Age restrictions
18+ for tickets to Se7en's "party" in Atlanta

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Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/8/09

Previews of SE7EN'S Cooti Studio photoshoot

Last week, Cooti Studios had the pleasure of hosting international superstar Se7en and his entourage. In preparation for his U.S. debut, the South Korean pop star came for a photo shoot with photographer Charles Chung. Se7en’s U.S debut is being spearheaded by Los Angeles based Red Queen Media (RQM), a full service consultant firm for the entertainment industry. With the album tentatively expected to drop in July of this year, Se7en and his team are busy laying the foundation for one of the most highly anticipated U.S. debuts by a South Korean artist. Featured artists will include Lil’ Kim, Fabolous, Far East Movement and more. Stay tuned to Se7en’s MySpace page for updates.

-Cooties -

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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/8/09
SE7EN, BoA, and Wonder Girls in People Magazine

Posted by RSSnews 4 hours ago

Korean Artists Se7en, BoA, The Wonder Girls, and Japanese artist Utada Hikaru have a half page feature in the April Edition of People Magazine. The feature is titled, "Coming To America... Asian Pop Stars." It's not too detailed, only giving a snippet of info about the artists, but still, it's pretty cool that they're in People Magazine. And at least they don't think all asians look alike. Remember the last time an asian artist was in People Magazine? (Rain is that really you?)

c/o Korean Top News

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Posted 4/14/09

Interviewing SE7EN: He Likes Those Countries That's Hard To Get
by Catherine

“I learned English by listening to slang,” Se7en announces over a lunch of upscale pizza and soda. “I learned the curse words first from the stage hands and then later on I learned what they meant.”

Everyone in the room erupts laughing. “Isn’t that the way it always is?” his hip publicist muses.

We dine on the 40th floor of the Viacom building in Times Square with glorious windows under which laid all of midtown. When asked why his camera sat pointed out the window all morning, Se7en’s personal friend replied that he was taping the view. The view is immediately forgotten however as Se7en magnificently sweeps into the room wearing his signature fedora, fresh from a visit to MTV.

When asked if he will do the interview first or have lunch, Se7en smiles, eyes the unopened pizza boxes, and after much prodding from his gang, finally decides that lunch will come before the interview. “Have a slice of pizza,” he offers me.

So here I am, having lunch with a man who had won nine Korean Grammys at an age when most kids were getting ready to graduate college. Only four years later, in 2007, he would overtake Japan selling out arenas and being honored at the Japanese MTV awards. Now, two years later, he is ready to conquer the United States.

He recently partnered with Lil’Kim in making his transition to the states. Their video “Girls” has already received substantial buzz in the hip-hop community. About Lil’Kim he says “she is very tough on the outside but sweet inside.”

A true showman, Se7en radiates the easy confidence and charm of a man who had been on the stage since the age of fifteen. As he eats, he casually makes chit chat with me. I chat back although I do my best not to stare. It is difficult as his hat and sunglasses highlight his strong handsome jawline. He speaks with animation. He asks me where I am from and I tell him Queens, then wondering if he was familiar with the five boroughs immediately correct myself, and say Shanghai.

“I know some Mandarin,” he confesses shyly. “Ni hao ma?”

“Wo hen hao,” I reply reflexively. I am very well.

He smiles. “I know that and ‘Wo ai nimen’!” I love you all. He waves to an imaginary audience with his free hand and then takes another bite of pizza.

“What would you say is better, your English or your Japanese?” his friend asks.

“I haven’t spoken my Japanese in years,” Se7en laughs and then remarks incredulously, “I had to learn it all in two weeks.”

When I later ask him about the trials and tribulations of learning the English language, he tells me that he practices up to 2-3 hours a day with a tutor. Then he thinks for a moment and nervously fiddles with a remote control as though he’s unsure of how to make the endeavor sound harder. Indeed, although his vocabulary is not yet broad, his pronunciation is flawless. Finally, he tells me that he also has a place in LA where he is currently living that has been a great help.

When I ask him what he thinks of New York, he tells me that he loves New York City and the nightlife here. His entire demeanor changes as the topic goes from language to leisure. He breaks down into helpless laughter when the New York night scene is mentioned. Apparently at some point during the prior night he had coerced his entourage into doing quite a few shots.

“I had to call him at nine this morning to make sure he woke up,” one of his friends adds.

“He just kept pouring and pouring. It’s all his fault,” another says.

So the question of whether Se7en is really a nightclub ringmaster as his music video advertises has been answered. He is as wild on his own time as during camera time. Although his full American album has not yet been titled or given a set release date, I find myself welcoming a true “bad boy” Asian superstar. Although Se7en had been set to debut in 2007, he tells me there was no delay. In 2007 they had intended to release a single but later decided to make it into a full album. Now, it appears his American audience has much more Se7en to look forward to than ever.

As I close up the interview, I wish him well and tell him I’ll see him later that night. He agrees and shakes my hand in a firm grip. I ask him if he’s nervous and he looks confused. I tell him that the invitation said that he was giving a concert that night.

“Maybe I’ll sing a song or two,” he says haphazardly, as though he gave out award-winning songs as easily as tic tacs. “But it’s mostly a party.”

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jazzy belle (rumpshaker) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
@ 2009-04-18 13:41:00

I've been watching AllKpop's Twitter feed like a hawk since I was alerted to Se7en being in Atlanta. I've got to hand it to our korean sistahs, stalking is srs biz.

According to his website he went and had dinner at Aja, an Asian cuisine restaurant that is not only less than a mile away from my house, it's also operated by family friends. Hmph. Had I known this yesterday, I would have gone and had dessert in the same place as Choi Dong-wook!

Time not spent with me, saw him signing a few singles.

Getting ready to cruise around town.

Perimeter Mall


Next stop is a trip to the Super H-Mart, WHERE I WAS LAST that he and his entourage can stock up on Asian delicacies in a town full of greasy delicious food. Then he's performing at a club in the middle of nowhere that's got crazy hood rich bouncers who think their God's gift to the earth.

Drinking iced coffee...

Eating chicken and waffles at Gladys Knight's...

Velvet room isn't even open yet and already huge lines! Thanks to all the se7en supporters!

Se7en arrives!!!

Se7en is in the house... Packed!!!

c/o AllKpop/ se7enworld
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Posted 4/29/09
Win-A-Date is now officially over!!!was a success! On April 24th 2009 the contestant winner Kylie and her lucky sister Mai were flown in to Los Angeles around 11:30am. Soon after their arrival, they had lunch at a popular Korean restaurant called Cho Sun Kalbi with some of the RQM staff. The long anticipated date with SE7EN started at Santa Monica Pier mid afternoon. Speaking with Kylie she was sleep deprived and couldnt wait to meet SE7EN. We asked her if she was nervous and she said “Not really…It really hasn’t hit me but once I meet SE7EN It’ll probably change!”.

Kylie and her sister were waiting at the pier when SE7EN makes an awesome arrival popping out of nowhere catching everyone off guard. After saying hello everyone quickly got comfortable and headed straight to the rides. The day couldn’t go any smoother… from games to rides and even a quick stop at the photo booth. Kylie and her sister seemed like they were having a great time.

After the pier, SE7EN and the girls made their way to a dinner at EN Sushi in West Hollywood. The food was fantastic!!! We definitely recommend everyone stopping by EN Sushi if you are in Los Angeles! The night doesnt end there… finally we make it back near the hotel to grab a cup of coffee to present Kylie her Verizon Wireless and Samsung gift bag.

All in all, Se7en really enjoyed his date and hopes that Kylie and Mai did to
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Posted 6/9/09
Se7en is so CLOSE!

Inside sources have informed us that Se7en is EXTREMELY CLOSE to making it onto the music video countdown on BET's 106 & Park! You guys have done an awesome job voting, but keep it up for a little bit longer and Se7en will indefinitely break onto the countdown very soon!

And remember, this isn't just for Se7en, this is for the Asian movement in the USA as a whole. We need an Asian to finally breakthrough in America to open the doors up and overcome the stereotypes... so rock the vote! You can vote an unlimited amount of times too!

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Posted 6/10/09
Se7en finally admitting to love relationship with Park Han Byul

Singer Se7en has finally admitted his love relationship with actress Park Han Byul.

He wrote a post on his minihompy on the 10th with the title “I’ll reveal everything” talking about his relationship with Park Han Byul. All this while, the 2 had time-after-time denied their love relationship.

Han’s friends said, “Se7en has revealed the truth about the 2’s love relationship, he was saying everything from his heart. It was pressurising being together as lovers like that. And fans were putting HanByul at a difficult position, and in order to protect her private life, they have decided to come clean with it. With revealing their love relationship, they felt more at ease now.”

YG Entertainment also said on a phone interview, “Se7en has been thinking about to reveal the truth or not for a long while, it was hard on him. He had a talk with Yang HyunSeok on 9th June morning, and they have decided to reveal the truth after all. They thought not only their own stand, they also took in consideration Park HanByul’s stand in this case.”

Se7en wrote on his minhompy:

I thought it will cause more misery if I say out everything. So in the end I didn’t. I, Choi Dong Wook, and Park Han Byul have been maintaining a more-than-friends relationship, we have know each other since before debut and we have spent a long period of 7 years together. And about our love relationship, “that’s true”.

We are very sorry about saying that we were just friends amidst all the rumours about us since I debuted. We were good friends since high school 3rd year and after debut we became lovers who gave each other strength.

Until now we have seen many celebrity couples who had revealed their love relationship and then break up and have regrets, we thought it is better we defend our private love for each other. But things just piled up and I can only be sorry to those who believed me with their hearts but I didn’t come clean about it. From today, I would not have the guilt and uneasiness about ‘how can one get the love from everyone when he can’t even be truthful and clear about his love from his girl…’

And about the photos of them posing intimately together leaked online recently

Last year I was staying in America for a while, and we had a little secret room on Park HanByul’s minihompy, where only she can see the photos here, where we post up photos and letters to each other on it. The photos leaked out were ’secret’ photos taken last year at my place. And the photos were stolen out from hackers.

We are sorry about this incident but we are just a couple with a little greed who want to show off their little love for each other on the internet space and build on our beautiful love like any other couples.

He said lastly,

Even though this is not an easy decision but to Yang Hyun Seok who had believed me despite it all…! YG entertainment, Barunson Entertainment family and friends… I promise to work even harder as a singer and as an actor in the future.

Credits:[email protected]

In my opinion hearing this is like hearing that Clay Aken guy admitting he's gay= so predictable, but w/e I have no deep pain about it wish some couples over there can admit they're together like Se7en and Tablo from Epik High. Don't know why they have to be so much of a chicken about who care about the fangirls reaction?.
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Posted 7/9/09

Inside sources at Red Queen Media (Se7en's US Management), have informed us at allkpop about Se7en's future plans in the US. Unfortunately, there are no more future plans, as Se7en will not be returning to the US.

For two and a half long years, Red Queen Media worked extensively behind the scenes with an extremely limited budget to gain traction in the US market for Se7en. Things were looking up for him as he recently scored the "Joint of the day" on BET's 106 & Park. In addition, our source at Red Queen Media stated:
"Things were looking great for Se7en. Johnny Wright was going to co-manage his career, we setup deals for Se7en to record a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. We even had Se7en scheduled to sing the national anthem live at an upcoming Dodgers game, as well as present an award at the BET Awards show."

RQM also stated:
"It's really disheartening, we really felt Se7en was the best candidate to represent Asians in the US. We truly believed he would've been the first to break through the US market, especially with all of the collaborations and events we had lined up. It's unfortunate that YG Entertainment turned down all of these opportunities, but we are still hoping for the best and that they come to the realization of how important this is for Se7en's career."

Although Red Queen Media wouldn't reveal any further information, we feel YG Entertainment pulled Se7en back to Korea, as his military service is just around the corner and YG's contract with Se7en is almost up. So, we all know what that means, YG Entertainment would only have a few months left to milk as much money out of Se7en in the Asian market before his career is over. Se7en is obviously being held hostage against his will in Korea, because who would reject the opportunity to record a collaboration with Justin Timberlake and work with Johnny Wright?

Hopefully YG Entertainment will have a change of heart and not destroy Se7en's career, this is most likely Se7en's FINAL big break.
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