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Posted 1/2/09
hello and welcome to the regstation center! you will become a member of the Ouran Academy Host Club!

Hello, I am vice president Ootori Kyouya, I will be your escourt today. We have many features

here in the Host Club. Let me introduce you to the members...

These are the Hitachiin brothers --I have no idea which of them is which--push being identical just about as far as it can go: they not only speak as one, but have mastered the art of doing nearly everything not only simultaneously but in perfect mirror-symmetry with each other. They also make frequent and intimate displays of their affection for each other, though it's hard to tell if they're really incestuous lovers or have just found a perfect way of keeping the yaoi fangirls on the hook.

this is Mori, despite his striking height (he's little Honey's favorite vantage point AND piggyback ride) and exotic good looks, Mori stays well in the background of the Host Club. A man of very few words and calm demeanor, it's hard to tell what he thinks or how he feels about anything, though his loyalty to Tamaki and the ideals of the Host Club is unquestionable. Has a strong "old school Japanese" streak: he's studying kendo classes (has in fact been national kendo chanpion for his age group) and prefers traditional costume as his formal wear.

Considering his cherubic looks, you could be forgiven for assuming that adorable Honey is the youngest member of the Host Club. (Tamaki, when introducing him to Haruhi, teasingly asks if perhaps Haruhi is "the loli-shota type?" Loli-shota, a word made from "shounen" (boy) and "Lolita", connnotes a semi-kinky preference for young boys, roughly 7-14.) Actually he's nearly the oldest, with Mori older by just two months. He does, however, hang onto a number of little-kid habits, like impromptu naps and a close attachment to his pink plush bunny.

This is our hero-heroine and the main character of our tale. From the moment we meet Haruhi it's plain she's a tough-minded and rather prickly individual--and one with an almost total lack of gender-consciousness. A gifted and diligent student from a lower-middle-class family, she got into Ouran Academy on academic merit, and is openly scornful of "rich kids who are only here to play". She meets the Host Club while in search of a quiet room to study in, and bad luck almost instantly puts her in their debt. She accepts their offer of a host position (and, tacitly, their mistaken assumption that she's a boy) as a way to pay off the funds--girls, as noted, apparently pay for the privilege of attending the Club's entertainments and, I guess, also tip their favorite escorts something extra, though I'm sure nothing unseemly is exchanged--and proves a natural at charming the clientele with her unaffected manner and stories of cooking and housekeeping for her widowed father

this is our president, Suou Tamaki. This gallant charmer is a classic dandy whose every pose and movement radiate a carefully studied elegance. Just enough of a con man to make the school's female students pay for the privilege of attending the Host Club's exquisite parties and entertainments, but just enough of a romantic to truly believe that "The Host Club exists to bring fortune to ladies!", he's the group's founder and unquestioned king. Condescending (though he may not mean to be) and lofty, but with a natural grace that can put anyone at ease, he's a genuine gentleman--though not perhaps the sharpest knife in the drawer, intellectually, and prone to outbursts of hyper-dramatic emotion on occasion.

Thank you very much for registering... Have a plesant day.
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