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Its just a fact :) an unapproachable fact :)
Posted 1/3/09

reiko_yamani wrote:

nadiloo wrote:

Heres the fact:

Most fans prefer zero than kaname. So, theres no point in quoting my forum post. No matter
how convincing you may be, no matter how aggressive you are, it doesn't MATTER YOUR A FREAKING
LAWYER WITH A DEGREE~, most VK fans like zero better than kaname. Here is my proof:

check out forum polls to see which overall guy is loved more by us vampire knight fans. Even
in different goups.

Well heres the answer in case you didn't know:
Zero is most prefered. sorry, let me repeat that if you didn't see it right: ZERO KIRYU.
It dosen't matter if zero didn't end up with yuuki and kaname got his little happy ending. I'm not
saying you fans shouldn't like kaname. You can love him dealing with the fact that he's
not as great as zero. You can think that kanames better than zero.
But the truth is Zero is mostly prefered by VK fanatics. Im just stating this fact.
PEOPLE THINK just because kaname got to be with yuuki, it means he's better than zero in counted vote. But
he's truly not. Its a fact. And its a failure if you even try quoting this forum post and stating that kaname is most prefered by
vk fans.Cause he's fairly NOT by our votes. Well, its all your opinion. But opinions don't overrule facts.
Everybody knows that :)

And even Matsuri Hino-san, (original author and creator of vampire knight) i can GUARANTEE,
knows THAT us fans prefer zero over kaname. Well, thats all we have to say from us vampire knight fans
including the ones who like kaname.

Zero all the way!! \m/>.<\m/

what a brave girl! oh my, you have freaked out the minds of kaname fans!

And you are brilliant in quoting the original post at the first place! LMAO! When I was checking it the first post was "TOPIC CLOSED" xDDD Now I know what the hell was going on xDDDD

Anyway, I personally think it is kind of pointless of using the forum polls as a prove that people love Zero more. The forum polls only consists of opinions of a smaller group of people in Crunchyroll. I like Zero, but I don't deny the fact that Kaname has it great amount of fan, too.

Can't people just stop putting up the same issues again and again? D: It is getting boring...get more creative, people!

Ah and...only cowards would delete the original post and put a "TOPIC CLOSE."
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Posted 1/8/09
Enough with the flaming please ^^

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