Who do you think is better for Takayuki Narumi? "Rumbling Hearts"
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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/4/09




I have not yet watch this anime but i was really stunned at the opening MV of Rumbling hearts "precious memories" ...its really sad and so good...
~Now im already watching this anime...and all i can think is Taka likes Mitsuki first...

havent seen yet? here:

As i watch the MV i think i like Mitsuki more...and i agree with this comment at youtube that i read i just rewrite a bit..hehe:

"sori, Haruka is annoying. she got Taka because she was gonna cry!crying in front of a guy makes it harder for them to reject u! u can tell Mitsuki and Taka likes each other they back off because of Haruka. Mitsuki got hurt a lot, love makes people do weird things especially wen u get hurt this anime proves it! people makes mistakes! im happy Taka is with Mitsuki she's done a lot 4him. its hard to control feeling u cant just block it out. Haruka needs to grow up cry baby girls aka stupid girls r annoying face reality pls"


so what about you guys?...what do you think?
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Posted 1/2/09
wow...i was the only one who voted for hakura,
I dont like mitsuki shes a fake friend, and a little Ho*
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