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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/11/09
Hello! Welcome!
First I like to thanks you for joining the Demon Clan
and I want to tell you a little bit about us Demons....

We,demons, are born to be wild and mischievous. Although we taken up many forms and title, we are more or less connected by the dark blood that flows through our veins. We are what they would call "fallen angels", some say we are born by human desires and hate. Yet humans hated us, Angels sees us as mortal enemies, God regret us and nobody even care about us.We strive on human hates and live to start destruction. We are evil as evil can be. Yet even though we are evil, we still hold on to the human traits of different emotions and feelings of care, love, hate, jealousy, joy and so fort.

Well, there goes your info about us Demons. Next I would like
you to tell us a little about yourself. Well if you want to, but I think
it's kind of fun. By doing so you can tell us more about yourself

well once again thanks for joining the Demons Clan
please invite more people to our family okay? thanks & if u have any questions or problems talk with me alright? don't be shy!!! i will try my best as the head master but i also need your corporation too

wellll~~ a little bit about myself?
my demon name is Deumous. i am a loner and almost an outcast from my clan because i am a half blood.
mom is human while dad is demon. i only live to find a way to obtain the thing that will make me a full demon. my only friend is my demon bird Kaou. cold as i am, i can be nice and i care deeply for those who are dear to me. i fight to protect them.
this is Kaou

this is Deumous

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