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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09

Welcome!!~ // thank you for coming! to JANUARYS CONTEST! put your best work // fun lots of fun!

Dealine: February 1
Notice: one winer per month! you'll get your prize! its a surprise

dont feel bad or anything if you dont win ...cause we have one each month!! so youll get it the next one!

~ Rules of the event ~

1) post here your avi or Banner (max 2 avis or banners per person inside a spoiler tag please .)

2) mods n creator cant join (they are the judges)

3) dont QUOTE other peoples submissions

4) on the work you'll have to put "crimson Rp " somewhere on it

5) u can ONLY submit your works one time (so choose wisely)

6) ONLY one winner per contest!!!

ThAnk YoU ~~ Rosie!
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