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Posted 2/11/09

arashi369 wrote:

Here's Part 3.2. xD It's REALLY short. It just says here what was written in the letter.

----START of Part 3.2----

Dear Inoo,
I dunno if you can still see me after you have read this. I'm sorry I lied to you about my plans that day that we were supposed to go to the prom together. The truth is, I'm off to my doctor for my chemo therapy because they told me that my sickness is up to stage 3 already. Yes, cancer. I hope you forgive me for everything. Thank you for standing by me through everything. Always remember that I'll love you.

-- Jally.

Inoo couldn't believe it. Jally...cancer? How is that possilbe...? I've been with her with the past few days...She seemed perfectly fi--- Ah! So that explains why she's been acting weird lately! I need to find her.

----END of Part 3.2----

Hmmm. Do you think Inoo can find Jally? Find out next time.

[ PLUGGING] Please read Twister. Thank you. :3

hope it's not...
every OS i read are always end up with come?????
it's great..
I DONT WANT TO SHED TEARS HERE IN CAFE..(though i shed already)
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