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Post Reply حول الجمله العاميه الى الانقليزيه
Posted 6/20/09
the monkey is gazell in his mother view :P

uff leesh che kel shay mgloob ?
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Posted 6/20/09
*sigh* why is everything so upside down? XD <---literal translation he3

shagny shoogn shgany eshtgait <--- broo77y ma3arf shoo y3ni XD
Posted 6/21/09
haih inshallah mama i'll convert it <_<

يا ويلي من زينه ماحلى هدب عينه كل ما التفت صوبي مجبور ثاني اهواه

الشاطر فيكم يحولها

Posted 6/21/09
omg how beautiful nothin more beautiful than his eye lash !! everytime he turns to me i cant help but fall for him again XP

3yoonk o bsmat shfaak w7shtnii - 3ala thbaatik fe 5foogi ahneek
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