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(Human) Character Creation Rules & Guidelines
(NOTE: You can Create Up to a Maximum of 10 Characters.)

Human Character Creation Sheet: When creating a character you must fill out this information sheet about them. It is MANDATORY that you enter all of this information. "Classified" or "Unknown" isn't going to be accepted in any given place.

The minimum requirement


Weapons: Primary / Secondary

Appearance: 2 Paragraphs
Personality: 2 Paragraphs

4 Paragraphs
Introduction: 2 Paragraphs

Note: 6 lines of text spanning across the page equals 1 Paragraph.

Name: Put your character's name here.

Sex: Male or Female

Age: How old your character is (Age limit is 13+), if the age is stated yet the personality and actions of the character is completely off for the age, we will ask you to modify the profile to be realistic.

Occupation: What job/occupation does your character have? Try to be specific if the job may contain different branches or areas of work.

Weapons: List any weapons your character has here. You may only have a Primary weapon (Rifles, Shotguns, Sub-machine guns) and a Secondary weapon (Pistols, other sidearms.) Melee and non-projectile weaponry do not apply. I don't want to see anything like an RPG, no heavy artillery will be allowed.

Equipment: List any equipment your character may have.

Appearance: Your Height / Weight will go in here. How your character looks, clothing and such. Be descriptive! Go down to minor details if required for things such as scars or birth marks. Everything counts.

Personality: How your character acts emotionally. Personality is perhaps the most important part of the Character Profile.

History: Any history your character may have. A history is mandatory. A short or nondescript character history is the most common reason for character rejection. Your characters History MUST include Childhood, Education, Occupation History, leading all the way to the 2012 Outbreak.

Introduction (Sample RP): This is where you can post your character's introductory post, leading into his or her current situation. Consider it as if you're actually Role Playing. It needs to be detailed and in 3rd person. Your Introduction will determine whether or not you are decent Role Playing material.

(Monster) Character Creation Rules & Guidelines

In order to create a Monster Character, all new members must have at least 1 human character.

Monster Character Creation Sheet: When creating a character you must fill out this information sheet about them. It is MANDATORY that you enter all of this information. "Classified" or "Unknown" isn't going to be accepted in any given place.

B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons): Created Intentionally

Juggernauts: These are the fully intentional major projects that were put into motion in order to create the most significant life form, "Tyrant". You remember Nemesis? That was a Juggernaut, same for Mr. X and T-102. These monsters are near impossible to kill, have huge frames, are very humanoid, and may have long claws. Don't make your Juggernaut too powerful though, we may deny the monster if it exceeds any power limits.

The minimum requirement



Weaknesses: Minimum of 3

Weapons: Primary / Secondary

Appearance: 2 Paragraphs
Personality: 2 Paragraphs

History: 4 Paragraphs
Introduction: 2 Paragraphs
List of Characters:

Note: 6 lines of text spanning across the page equals 1 Paragraph.

Name: Put your Monsters name here.

Sex: Male or Female (Type). It may not have any sexual orientation at all. You can be original in this area.

Race: Mutant / B.O.W. / Juggernaut

Age: The age of monsters are different from humans, obviously, so age limit should be set as expected with whichever Race you choose.

Weaknesses: This is one part we will be focusing a lot of our attention on, you may only have a minimum of 3 weaknesses which must all be practical.

Occupation: What job/occupation does your monster have? This area can be difficult if the monster hasn't been professionally created and only lives in the sewers or so forth. In this case anything basic will be taken aboard, although you may want to state what drives the monster to perform any sorts of acts.

Weapons: Monster weapons are a completely different story to humans, they may have one main attack, which would be more or less swiping with claws (But be original in this process), and their secondary weapon may be something like spitting acid. (These are only examples though). If your character is a Juggernaut, then they are allowed 1 conventional weapon (Firearm).

Equipment: You wouldn't normally find a monster with a portable GPS system on them a lot, so don't bust a vein trying to think of something for a Mutant or B.O.W., if nothing comes to mind then 'N/a' may be left in this subsection.

Appearance: Tell us how your monster looks, what clothing the Juggernaut may be wearing if done so. What appendages your mutant may have, etc. Height? Nothing above 10 feet. Weight? Nothing ridiculous.

Personality: Monsters are generally fairly emotionless when it comes to personality, but in the end we are all based on animal instincts. Tell us how your Monster reacts to danger, attack, fear. Be original here. Elephants have a fear of mice (Apparently), so what does your monster have a fear of?

History: History for monsters can be unique, you may start your History from when your monster was first set into operation, or you could start it at the childhood of the person who was eventually caught by Umbrella and turned into a test subject.

Introduction (Sample RP): This is where you can post your monsters introductory post, leading into its current situation. Consider it as if you're actually Role Playing. It needs to be detailed and in a 3rd person view. Your Introduction will determine whether or not you are decent Role Playing material.

Character Creation Rules:
1) A character will be approved through three instances,
- If you meet the minimum requirement of information stated above,
- If you have followed the guides on the detail of the information required, and
- The character is kept realistic.
Then, and only then will a character be approved

2) We do NOT accept super humans, if you're looking to smash down a wall then check out the Monster creation guidelines. (Note: You can only have Super-Human Ability's By Accident or Experiment.)

3) If the character has been written to length standards, yet would have no place in modern day society (For instance, a crazy chain saw wielding clown) the character will be denied.

4) Originality: Characters can NOT be based on any movie character(s), or game character(s) from the Resident Evil Series or from any other game series as well as anime. That also means you can NOT create an almost-direct copy of such character and change his/her name to make it "original" either. You may not copy and paste from other sources. Your character must be your own original character and cannot be injected with any special Virus(es) or chemical(s) to enhance his/her abilities.

5) No fantasy characters: This is important. If your character is 14, small, and is a high school student, there is absolutely NO reason why he/she should know kung-fu, basic commando tactics, and have an arsenal of weaponry. Make your characters realistic. If your character is a high school student, what weapons does he/she have access to? A baseball bat? A knife? Maybe their father's handgun? This rule can branch off to different areas such as having Animal appendages and such.

Character Creation Rules (Monster):
1)Rules for attacking: Monsters may attack characters or other monsters. However, you cannot kill or fatally wound other characters or monsters without the express permission of the person you are attacking.

2)Prohibited attributes: Monsters may no longer have tentacles, unreal or super-high speed, regeneration, or instant mutation.

3)No talking: That's right, monsters cannot talk. They can groan, etc., but they can't be an English major. This includes any other monster type character, whether it be created of metal or flesh.

4)No Hybrids: There will be no mixing of Mutant/B.O.W.s or B.O.W./Juggernauts or anything else like this.

5)No Mechs: I can't stress this enough, we will not have any massive mechs roaming around Raccoon City or anywhere else. Your monster may have metal attributes, but it may not run on a motor or anything else mechanical.

- Providing extra information that goes beyond what is required is looked highly upon. We encourage people to create their own subsections of information to add to the template so that it looks much more original.

- A neat and tidy character template that is easy to navigate and has been spaced out well is also a plus.

Monster Hints:
- Consider weaknesses, attributes, or appendages to what type of monster you're creating. If it's insect like it may be weak against light and bug spray.

- Suit your monster to its area: Make a monster that fits the areas you'll be using it in. For instance, water-based monsters such as fish aren't recommended because they'd have to stay in sea or lake areas, and they are few and far between around here.

- Keep in mind that monsters must follow all rules set for normal characters, unless stated otherwise.

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Example of a Character Creation :
(Note: if you want to add some other Information of you character just feel free to add them.)

Karis Psyche


Age: 27, Born March 16th 1986

Occupation: random Odd Jobs, Ex Anti-Umbrella Organization, Mercenary of sorts

Weapons: M1911A1 ~ Colt

Bandages wrapped around left arm, for later use.

Long and messy reddish brown hair that stops an inch or two below the ears. Karis also has some scruffy facial hair, but it isn't thick. He has an medium build, stands six feet tall, and weighs 180 pounds. His skin color used to be white as an sheet until he developed an nice tan while looking for his brother. besides from the usual scratches and cuts, Karis only has one notable scar, a small one, under his left eye. His green eyes often show excitement during an battle.

Karis wears torn up jeans and a dirty old grey shirt. Over that, he wears an worn out leather jacket that had seen better days. Over the left sleeve Karis tied a few bandages around it, in case he needed them. His tennis shoes have a few holes in them aswell, and their color has faded. Karis keeps his pistol in between his belt.

Personality: Before his dive into depression, Karis was an hyper, outgoing, adventurous little kid that would do anything for a bit of cash. That last trait would never leave him. After his depression and during his short journey with his older brother Zach, Karis became bored and slowly regained his adventurous spirit again. And in time, Karis found ways to deal with his fear and sorrow, and that was sarcasm. Though there are other ways he deals with depression, and that is being the biggest jerk on the face of the earth. Either he is trying to spread his grief around, or he just doesn't notice it...none know for sure. Or he'll just stay quiet and only speak when talked to.

Karis may be mistrusting and come off as a little rude at first but, he'll warm up to anybody as long they don't double cross him. Despite his trust issues, Karis will grow loyal to anybody in a short period of time, and will watch their back til the end. He also doesn't like to be called by nicknames of any sort and will try to correct the person's mistake until they stop. And when a monster comes around Karis would rather run first, then shoot. Not out of cowardice though...he figures if he can escape it, there is no need for an battle. Karis has an unnatural attachment to his leather jacket he found after his first zombie attack. If he somehow was separated from it, Karis would go to any lengths to find it.

History: On March 16th, 1986 Karis was born, unaware of the horrors he'll have to face later on in his life. Shortly after Karis' birth, his mother left. Having trouble supporting a family and doing his job, Karis' father usually left Zach, Karis' older brother, to watch over him. Karis' childhood wasn't so different than any average kid, not yet. Since he was eight, Karis' father took him out hunting in the Arklay Mountains a lot and taught Karis how to shoot, when his father wasn't at work. His father had a pretty common job, at least compared to his older brother's job. Zach worked at Umbrella, stationed in Raccoon City. But this fact didn't matter until later.

In the meantime, while he wasn't at school, Karis would accept dares or do odd jobs for money. It wasn't until he was twelve his life would change forever. While on a hunting trip in the Arklay Mountains, Karis and his father was attacked by a pale skinned man. Karis' father was tackled by the stranger and then bitten. All karis could do was watch in horror as his father was literally eaten alive. When the attacker was done with his dad, it turned towards Karis and moaned. Tears ran down Karis' cheeks as the man walked forward. '' NO! '' Karis screamed as he ran away from the scene. The killer was slow, however, and did not catch up with Karis. By the time Karis got home, he was out of breath and exhausted.

The next few days, news reports came flooding in about grizzly murders in the Arklay Mountains, victims apparently eaten. Karis paid no attention to these reports however and isolated himself. But even Karis couldn't ignore the events that came next. Raccoon City was overrun with monsters. Luckily Zach was aware of the true situation and had an escape plan. Zach and Karis, along with a few other Umbrella employees flew away from the tragedy via company helicopter.

But Karis and Zach separated when he was fifteen, during the decade long Umbrella hunt. During what was supposed to be his High School years, Karis joined an Anti-Umbrella Organization that consisted of mere survivors and trained soldiers. There he was '' home schooled '' and properly trained to use an sidearm. But Karis didn't join the A.U.O. because he hated Umbrella, that was only half the reason. He really joined so he could track down his brother, Zach. It wouldn't be until 2007 Zach and Karis would be reunited. But it was a reunion that ended in bloodshed. Karis had found his older brother, but he was different. He was no longer the sincere person he was all those years ago. It was in a Umbrella testing facility where they once again came face to face. Karis and the rest of the A.U.O. split up in different directions to cover more ground. But Karis found the lead researcher first...

'' that really you? You've grown quite a bit since we last met. ''

'' Can it! Why are you still working for Umbrella!? You know what those things did to Raccoon, and dad! ''

Zach calmly walked over to a nearby terminal and started typing. From there he responded.

'' How do you know it was truly Umbrella? For all we know it could have been a terrorist attack, or the government. But that doesn't matter now. '' Zach pressed the final key, then turned around. '' What matters finding a cure. You see... '' Zach took off his lab coat to reveal a couple bite marks on his arms. '' The virus can be quite annoying when passed on to yourself. It takes away the much needed brain cells swiftly. And that in turn stops my research for the cure. '' Karis, at the sight of the bite marks, pointed his pistol at his brother.

'' You're one of them now? A zombie? ''

'' Not anymore. I have completed my serum. '' A capsule opens next to Zach, and a test tube full of blue liquid lies inside. Zach takes the tube and puts it into a needle shot. '' This...this is the T-Virus' end. '' Zach injects the anti-virus into his arm. A few moments pass, nothing happens. Then abruptly the serum backfires and the T-Virus spreads through Zach's body at a faster rate. Zach's serum only hastened the transformation, and under a minute Zach was part of the walking dead.

Karis' former brother hungered for flesh...and Karis was the only thing around. Although his gun was pointed at the monster, Karis couldn't do it. He couldn't shoot his brother. So he just stood there, weapon pointed as Zach shuffled towards him. However, Karis wasn't alone in the Umbrella facility. The rest of the A.U.O. caught up with Karis and opened fire on Zach. The bullets tore through the researcher. Zach fell down, and tried to crawl away. '' Sorry. '' Karis took aim and fired. The shot finally killed the zombie.

It was then on Karis found a new purpose, to end Umbrella. In two years time it seemed his dream came true. Karis returned to Raccoon City and started a new life. Or so he thought. The massive terrorist attack changed everything, once again Karis was thrown into a world of the undead.

Intro: Splash! Splash! Splash! The sound the water made when a step was taken. '' Its been at least thirty minutes now, and still this thing has been chasing me! '' Karis muttered to himself as he sprinted down the dark sewage tunnel. Suddenly around an corner came an awfully large reptile, a hunter. Karis slid to a halt and fell into the murky water. '' Aw...poo. I'm all dirty now.. '' The Hunter tried to stab it's claws into Karis, but he managed to roll backwards out of the way. Well, almost. The green beast's claws caught hold of Karis' right leg. The Hunter pulled Karis back to it and slammed him into a wall.

Karis fell straight on his back into the brown sewage water. The Hunter leaned over the surface of the water to check if Karis was alive. But it was greeted by a barrel of Karis' pistol, sticking out of the water, pointed at the Hunter's head. He fired the weapon and then ran off. The Hunter was only stunned by this however, and continued pursuit. Karis saw a light at the end of the tunnel. '' Almost out of here! '' But there was a group of zombies standing at the end. Karis merely tackled through them and jumped out of the tunnel. Landing outside of a bridge. The hunter cut through the innocent zombie bystanders and leaped near Karis' location. Karis sprinted up the hill where the top of the bridge was while shooting off a few warning shots.

It was up there Karis spotted a police car. '' Yes! A shotgun! '' karis ran up to the car and sat inside. But there was no shotgun. '' You serious!? No shotty!? '' Karis frantically searched the car. All he could find were the keys. But while Karis was wasting time searching the car, the hunter caught up and swiped the car door away. '' Wha-!? '' Karis quickly shoved the key in, and kicked the gas. Wrong key. '' Awww no! No! NO! '' Karis tried each and every key on the key chain. None of them were for the car. The Hunter peered inside the hole he created. Karis threw the keys at the Hunter's face out of spite, and exited the car out of the opposite door. But before running away again, Karis noticed the Hunter wasn't moving. It seemed that while Karis left the car, the Hunter tried to follow then got stuck. Heh. Heh. Time for a prank. Karis walked back to the vibrating cop car, and took a look inside. The Hunter was indeed stuck, and only one of it's arms was free. As Karis got closer, it tried it's best to slash him. Karis quickly switched gears to neutral and watched as the car drifted backwards down the hill. '' That Hunter gunna be pissed. '' After a few deep breathes, Karis started jogging away. Because that Hunter will escape shortly.
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Example of a Character Creation :
(Note: if you want to add some other Information of you character just feel free to add them.)

"We thought we had it figured out. We thought we could control it, that all the variables had been added up and nothing was out of our reach. We were playing god and now... Well we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It was supposed to be perfect, in our hands we had the ability to resurrect the titans of the past. The Key characteristic of the T-Virus was that it reanimated dead cells, and thanks to recent advancements in cell extraction, we had the perfect cells to reanimate. Thats where we made our mistake, in truth we had no idea how the virus would respond to those ancient cells and before we knew it we had created a monster.

In the beginning we chose to go with, what we had assumed to be, a docile creature, with a low level of aggression and a taste for plants, the anklyosaurus. All Paliostudies had determined that this animal was the equivalent of a cow, but in truth we were far off. I should have canceled the project as soon as i noticed the first abnormalities. For example when we introduced the cells to a living strain of the T-Virus the cells responded instantly, regenerating and replicating. We had filled in a few missing links in the DNA chain with that of a Komodo Dragon, this was against my advice, and without my approval. The results came in so much faster than we had ever estimated. Everyday the creature grew larger and larger, the cells were building up right over each other. It was almost too fast for us to control.

In the beginning we had decided to control the creatures hormonal development to leave it sexless. This was another failed attempt to maintain control and another reason that i should have liquidated it. We had assumed that by rendering the creature sexless, would result in an even more docile and easier to control subject. The theory was flawless, we used hormone and gene suppressing practices to deny the creature anything that would result in its immediate sex. What happened was it became hermaphroditic. This was an incredible shock, and we attribute it to the T-Virus.

I feel it appropriate to name the creature Sin, as what we have done here is nothing less than a supreme sin. Though my colleagues have a diferent oppinion on the subject i know there opinion is based off of their narrow mindedness. All they see is the resale value of this creature, either for weapons research or as a weapon in its own respects. To me it has become an abomination. "

-Video Log Quote from Dr. Luthor Fisk

Name: Project Genesis a.k.a Sin
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Race: Mutant
Species: T-Virus Infused Anklyosaurus/Komodo Dragon
Age: 12.5 years
Height: 10 feet even
Length: 33 feet
Weight: 2226 .kg.

Though Sin is a creature of formidable size and posseses many powerful traits, it does continue to have many significant weaknesses despite our best attempts to correct them. Mnay of these weaknesses we have noticed in most normal T-Virus subjects.

Extreme Colds:

Now this is something we had expected due to Sin being cold blooded, but the degree at which this weakness affects him is far beyond anything we could have guessed. Large drops in temperature usually to anything below 40 degrees will often result in Sin going into a coma like state of hybernation. Anything under -13 will result in the complete cell shutdown, not to a point of death, but instead to a point of preservation, allowing Sin to be revived as soon as a warmer temperature is reached.*
*Side Note: We have not tesetd the length of which Sin may remain dorment before it is too late to be revived but we have assumed it could be an exces of 20 years.


Fire is not considered to be a physical weakness to Sin, instead for some odd reason it proves to be a major physcological weakness. We have determined through many studies that extreme heat has little to no affect on Sin in any manner, and when fire or combustable material is applied to its skin, no damage occurs.* But Despite that Sin reacts negativly towards the sight of fire. When approached with a torch or flare, or if fire is projected on a viewing screen, Sin will react with fear, often trying to flee, and destroying anything that may get in its way.
*Side Note: Sin Appears to be all but entirely fire proof.

Lack of sight:
One flaw that we were unable to overcome is Sins lack of eyes. Given this it is obvious that he has no sight whatsoever.* This has resulted in Sin taking multible injuries in sensory reduction chambers where he is unable to rely on his primary sences of smell, taste, sound, and touch. Though No one has ever tried to hide from Sin we have theorized that one could hide from him if they managed to hide their destinctive body odur.
*Side Note: Despite no eyes or signs of sight we have noticed that when a flashbang grenade or anyloud and bright explosion occurs whithin Sin's immediate radius It does become completly disoriented for an extended period of time.

Soft Skin:
Despite Sins Massive plated armor along his back, and the rather tough skin along the outer edges of his body, he does posses several patches of softer skin. The largest portion of soft skin, if it could be called that*, is located at the bottom of his head and along the sides and underside of his throat. The next largest patch of soft skin is located around the genetalia of this creature, though that is protected by its hind quarters and tail. These area also aside from being eaiser to penetrate, also seem to be much more sensitive and often if struck will cause it incredible discomfort.
*Side Note: The skin though being softer than the rest of its body, is similar to that of a crocodile and does still offer protection against most tranquilizer darts.

Lack of Intelligence:
One thing that was unable to be changed despite genetic tampering was the intelligence of Sin. Like the creatures he was modeled after he does posses limited reasoning, and memory capabilities. It seems that all information retained is that immediatly necessary to its own survival. As for reasoning Sin seems unable to appropriatly asses situations and often simply responds with aggression towards anything it encounters.
Point of Intrest: Sin seems unable to determine human subjects from recently reanimated subjects, despite his high sense of smell. It also seems to have some difficulty understanding the difference from human and older reanimated subjects, and often responds with similar levels of aggression towards them both.

Lack of Agility:
Sin, As most would clearly see, Is larger and much bulkier animal than most of his predesescors, and as such has a much lower running speed, and level of agility. Though not considered to be incredibly slow he does possess an average walking speed of 5mph, and an average running speed of 33mph*. In fact we have noticed that most athletic human subjects can in fact out run or out manuver Sin, often resluting in its own frustration that leads to it giving up the chase.
*Side Note: On one recent test we did manage to clock Sin Sprinting at speeds up to 45mph, though he was not able to hold that speed very long, we do hypothesize that Sin may be able to reach higher speeds, though it remains unproven.

Sin does not carry weapons in the conventional sense that we would see, But it does have a few evelutionary traits that can be used as weapons, or atleast to show aggression.

Teeth and powerful Jaws:

This is one of Sins primary weapons despite the other noticeable traits. Unlike the Anklyosaurus that we modeled Sin after, he does posses incredible, learge teeth nearly 7 inches in length. Their purpose as most would assume is for nothing less than tearing into the flesh of other creatures. When coupled with Powerful jaws, capable of locking in place*, allow for an incredible grip that would give it an edge over almost anything that it encountered.
*Side Note: Once His jaws are locked Sin will often swing whatever prey item he has ahold of, often violently, with the intent of causing supreme physical harm.

This evolutionary trait almost speaks for itself. Sin possess large Claws, almost a foot in length, capable of shredding dirt, concrete, and steel almost with ease. The claws, like his teeth are made from the same bony material that makes up Sin's plating, making them as strong and resistant to breaking.
Point of interest: To this day we are unsure how exactly Sins claws retained their sharpness, as no conventional froms of sharpening can even affect his claws.

Though not officially considered a weapon, it is something that couldn't be excluded simply because sharp teeth and claws are useless without the muscle to stand behind them. With great size comes great muscle mass, and with that muscle comes incredible strength, and this is no exception in Sin's case. In the early years we couldn't guess how strong this creature would become, our immediate assumptions were that it could move several smaller vehicles*, but extra development within Sin's muscle fibers, allowed him to manhandle anything we used to test his strength.
*Side Note: Small vehicles was in refrance to Volkswagon beetles.

Though we have never seen Sin use its tail in an aggressive fashion, we can only assume that if needed to this creature could cause incredible damage with it.The tail itself is very rigid along the last 7 vertebrae. Xrays have revealed that those last vertebrae have in fact fused together making a stiff rod of bone. The muscles along its tail are also highly developed, lending incredible strength to something already dangerous. The final plate on the end of it's tail is triangular in shape and just as sharp as it's claws.

Sin has only one advantae that could be considered equipment, though it must be noted that Sin is not able to use or opperate any form of conventional equipment.

Armor Plating:
The most obvious feature of Sin is its armor, consisting of massive knobs and plates of bone, known as osteoderms, embedded in the skin. similar plates are also found in the skin of crocodiles, armadillos and some lizards. These plates range greatly in size, from wide, flat plates to small, round nodules. The plates are aligned in regular horizontal rows down the animal's neck, back, and hips, And extend outwards almost like wings*, with the many smaller nodules protecting the areas between the large plates. The larger plates are incredibly heavy, and highly resiliant to almost all forms of attack Smaller plates are arranged on the limbs and tail of Sin, provideing superior protection against most conventional firearms and ballistics. When compared to the slightly more ancient ankylosaurid Euoplocephalus, the plates of Sinare smooth in texture, without the high keels found on the armor of the contemporaneous nodosaurid Edmontonia. A row of flat, rectangular blades protrude laterally along each side of the tail and down along the back and tail.
*Side Note: Despite an almost airplane like appearance Sin has displayed no ability to fly, and we can safely assume that this creature posses no such ability.

Tracking Chip:
This is certainly an item of equipment, but not one that Sin is able to use, or even one that benefits it in the least. The tracking chip was placed in one of its larger dorsal plates* while Sin was still much smaller, and more maintainable. The plan being that should it ever escape, or be stolen, Umbrella could track it anywhere in the world. This in itself is incredibly vital, to keeping our hands on this project.
*Side Note: The Dorsal plate in question was cut using a cutting laser. The chip was then bolted in, and as the creature grew the hard plating engulfed the chip.
Point of Interest: Any modern tracking reciever should be able to lock onto Sins chip, allowing most people the ability to track Sins location


The first and most notiable physical trait are the massive plates lining Sins back and tail. The plates attribute for most of the creatures weight, as well as contribute to the lack of agility that it suffers from. The plates themselves are rectangular in shape and a dark grey to yellow color. A second set of raised plates line the creatures back and tail, almost like many smal fins. We theorize that these fins assist in temperature control in such a way that other animals from its time period remained cool. Xrays have revealed that all the plates on Sins body are actually fused right into the vertebrae of its spine, making it impossible to remove them.

The next noticable trait is Sin's sheer size. Weighing in at over 2000kgs, its quite easy to see how it could be refered to as a behemoth of the modern world. It also measures in at 33 feet long, and lumbers about at an impressive 10 feet high*. Still on the topic of size Is since large jaws, taking up most of its head the jaws alone can open to up to nearly 9 feet.** Not suprsingly however Sin does have a relativly short neck, with X rays showing only three Vertebrae, this only adds to a "Tank like" appearance.
*Side Note: When Sin rears up on his hind legs he measures in at 22 feet.
**Side Note: With its jaws unhinged Sin is able to bite a flat surface.

Sin, Unlike its predesescors, posses no sign of any kind of scar. In fact we have noticed that all of its most severe wounds healed without any trace of scarring. It does however posses a few small and unique details that should be mentioned. Many of our researchers have noticed that its tongue is long, narrow and forked. It measures in at just over 7 feet long when last checked, and we attribute this to be from the Komodo dragon DNA that had been used. It has also been observed that when not in any kind of agravated state Sin will walk sweepings head from side to side with its forked tongue darting in and out of its mouth. This is how, we assume, it tracks its prey mainly. When walking in fact Sin looks mores like a komodo dragon, than the ancient creature it share its DNA with, often raising itself up as high as it can on its four legs. Running looks more like a gallop, similar to equestrian species, but this is purly coincidental.

Not much can be said of Sins personality short of very limited, mainly due to its lack of intelligence. However I feel it Important to note some of it's Quirks, so that future reaserchers might better understand its behaivior.

Towards human subjects Sin has always responded aggressivly, often trying to maim or kill them. We are not sure as to why it responds so negativly towards Humans, my only thoughts on the subject are that it may have been tormented in its youth, either by my colleages or by other staff. We have tried on numerous occiasions to discipline it when it acts out in such ways, but with its limited intelligence it proves resistant to our attempts to program it. This aggression seems to have no limits, and even near death seems to respond with the same tenacity that it would in peak health. We've also noted a mean streak in this creature, one that allows it to kill even when its not hungry*, often stompinging or trampling its target instead of biting, which seems to be saved more for victims it intends to consume. When it comes to "Zombies", And we do use the term loosly, Sin responds with the same aggression, almost as if it cant seem to tell them apart from living subjects. Either that or it retains the same hatred, it has for human, for all species.
*Side Note: We have observed only a handful of times when Sin appeared to not be hungry. Much like modern sharks it seems food is almost always on its mind.

From all initial tests the creature appears to have no prefrences in what it would eat. We assume this is because of its limited brain function, as after eating large quantities of dead flesh it becomes ill, yet still it will continue to consume that same dead flesh. We have however noticed it does have fighting prefrences, or more specifically prefered targets. Clinical trials have proven that Sin will attack larger more dangerous prey first, this was discovered when Sin was introduced to other B.O.W.s, mutations and jugernauts. 100% of the time Sin as chosen to destroy, or at the very least attack the most dangerous target available. Even at risk of injury to itself. It seems almost like it desires a bigger and better fight every time, this is a unique personality trait that is shared with many of our jugernaut prototypes, and still remains a mystry as to what causes it.

Sin has only one noted fear*, That being fire. This has been puzzling as it in no way is harmed by flames, and as far as we know, remains nable to see flames. But in 99%** of scenarios It will run from the pressence of fire. Even if it is already engaged in combat, or even eating. This has remained our way of keeping control of the creature, as well as moving it from various holding cells to feeding, and testing rooms. No other fears have been discovered, our thoughts being that it either lacks the intelligence to be afraid, or in fact believes that it is for the most part incapable of being hurt.
*Side Note: As stated Sin remains all but entirly fire proof.
**Side Note: The other 1% being life or death situations. In these rare circumstances Sin seems to be able to control its fear and press on.


This is going to be a detailed history of the project, and of the creatures short life to date. Please note that I am no longer affiliated with this project and any information pretaining to the time of June 1997 to the current day March 14th 1998, I have obtained through communications with current project leaders. For that time period I can not fully guarantee the acuracy of the information.
Disclaimer provided by Dr. Luthor Fisk, Ex Project Leader

June 1995
They say on his sixth day God created all the beasts that walk and crawl on its surface. And that after that He made man to have dominion over all the fish in the sea, and the birds in the sky, and the beasts that walked the surface of the earth. Mankind then betrayed god and was cast out of paradise... and now years later we have beaten him. We have found a way to give life ourselves, and thus regain our dominion over all the creatures of the earth. I speak of course of the T-virus. A geneticaly perfect strain of virus capable of reanimating dead and dying cells, and theoreticaly allowing us to bestowe immortality on the world. We have but no to find a way to synthesize real results, with those results we can prepare a presentation and secure our sponsors.

September 1995
We have now synthesized our first results. Bare in mind that we have not gotten the results we expected, the results we have are truly undeniable. We have taken some human cells long past their point of expiry, and introduced them to the T virus. And as predicted they became active again. To put in plain terms the cells that were once dead are now alive again. The only catch was that we had hoped they might perform Cellular mitosis and begin rebuilding the original being that they came from. This however only proves we have much to learn in regards to this virus. Regardless we have been green lighted on our next project. Project Genesis.

February 1996
We have now made our first initial steps in Project Genesis. The initial project was to attempt to reanimate a previously extinct species. The chosen species was a rodent that had been previously extinct. We started by using some very crude DNA extraction techniques. Grinding frozen remnants of the creature into a powder and infusing it with a special chemical component so that the original cells would be easier to extract. As we had assumed the DNA to be damaged we fused the cells with that of a modern deer mouse before we even introduced the virus. Then using the newly reanimated cells we were able to use them to impregnate a deer mouse. The results were a few months later the birth of a new species not seen for nearly 64 thousand years.

June 1996
We have started synthesizing a larger creature. That being the wooly mamoth. Alas despite best efforts we have failed on this part of the project. As another side note the previously regenerated rodent from our first attempt has passed on. The virus seemed to be too unstable the animal went balistic killing all the other caged mise that were with it. It seemed to be rabid, but before we could study it further it suffered an injury to its head killing it instantly. We will perform some cellular studies before we continue.

July 1996
The project has continued without my knowledge or approval. A new specimen has been chosen despite the issues with our past specimens. Though there still remains a colosal size differance, That being my main hypothesis for the failure of our second try. Regardless using a seemingly reptilian specimen was a great idea. With their natural regenerative abilities im rather disappointed that i hadent thought of it. Then again our entire plan was to engineer the virus to work on human, or mammal cells. The chosen Species was an Anklyosaurus due to their supposed passive personality. We have yet to choose a suitable DNA match to blend it with, but i have high hopes for this process.

August 1996
I am appalled that i have been left out of the loop again. It was bad enough that they chose to go on again without my consent, but now they chose a genetic match. I fail to see how this is my project anymore as not only will they not allow me to make the descisions im being paid to make, but im also not even told of descisions that are being made. Im talking of course of the Komodo Dragon DNA they intend to use. We have noted the level aggression displayed in rodents with just the T virus, but now to introduce it to another aggressive creature in the hopes of resurrecting a passive creature... it's... its just lunacy.

September 1996
Regardless of my protests to this project we have moved ahead as planned. We had recieved our DNA sample for the ancient creature, and started work on filling the chains as last month closed. Now we are ready to introduce the virus, and use the new mutated genetic material to fertilize a large artificial egg. If this works we should have a newly hatched "Dinosaur"*. I am hesitent however, as this project moves on. I seem to have less say and less information everyday.
*Side Note: I use the term dinosaur loosly as im now unsure as to what will be the end result.

January 1997
This was a great step, despite my previous feelings, we have now at this point managed to hatch our first specimen. Its no longer than 3 feet in lengh and only a week old at this poin, but it has already doubled in size. We can only monitor its growth and see how things go. I am slightly concerned as even at such a young age it shows incredible aggression. We will need to start trying to train it shortly. Also to be noted we need to implant a tracking chip into the creature but have found it to be difficult thus far. Its hide is incrdibly hard, and the plates are damn near bullet proof. And in our first attempt to sedate it one of our security guards was severly mauled. He is currently under observation, but we dont expect him to survive his wounds.

February 1997
This creature, this terrible creature has been alive now for nearly 5 weeks, and in that short time it has grown to nearly 8 feet in length, and weighs almost 300 lbs. Despite our training it still proves unresponsive to any kind of positive or negative re enforcement. That and we have suffered our first casualty. One of the trainers was taken down when the creature went balistic. Im sad to say there was nothing we could do. I signed an order to have the creature put down but that order was denied by my superiors. I will continue to post updates so that i cannot be held liable if this goes bad.

March 1997
Weve discovered our first major weakness in the creature. It seems to respond negatively to fire. We have yet to determine fire's affect but it runs from fire as if its a death sentence. Maybe we can use this, but for the moment further tests are needed. I have also dubbed this creature Sin, for it is in fact nothing short of sin. It is now also 14 feet in length... its growth is completly off the charts, and i fear at this rate it wont be long till we are unable to house or feed it.

May 1997
Our attempts to control the creature using fire have proven succesful. It fears fire instinctualy, but it seems for no reason as fire has no affect at all on it. Alas another one of my attempts to have it put down have failed and i fear my project will be taken away from me soon. Sin has also managed to maim another 2 handlers. It was during a feeding, he had caught ahold of of the poor mans arm, and in a flash had pulled him to the ground. Another handler jumped in to help but recieved multiple injuries. I cant stress the danger level enough to our handlers but no one seems to truly understand.

June 1997
Its finaly happened, ive been removed from the project. Perhaps it was my constant complaints and attempts to liquidate Sin, or maybe i knew to much, but whatever the reason Sin is now out of my hands. I will be keeping all my documents should any issue arise so that i might be able to remain out of prison. on a side note of the creature itself, we were given an order to test its combat strength. It's just over 23 feet now, and weighs close to 1200kgs. We had not actually wanted to test its fighting, but the order came from our weapons development team. As a proper test we arranged a confrontation between Sin and one of our other B.O.W.s. As i thought Sin dispatched it easily.

June 1997 to March 1998
As i am no longer on the team, all my notes now are from third parties. In this time Sin has topped off in length at nearly 33 feet, and weighs just over 2000kgs. Its truly a behemoth now, and im unsure as to how they intend to keep it contained. Multiple trainers have been wounded since i left, and worst of all many have died. Whats strange now though is that Sin is being set up to encounter other mutations, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time. It seems someone wants to know how powerful it really is. A side note to Sin fighting, ive learned that it has been introduced to reanimated corpses. Again the purpose is lost on me, but from what i understand it kills them as easily as it does us. From the point that i left to now Sin has been frozen multiple times, not just to test its abilities, but also to passivly contain it. I can only imagine what this has done to its system.

According to inside sources the project is now ready to end. This was in fact great news for me. Im not sure how thye intend to kill the creature, or if they even intend to kill it. I wouldn't be suprised if they chose to freeze it for later reuse. Regardless i will send my request for lethal injection to effectively end the creature, but i doubt anyone will listen.
Log Ended march 14th 1998

Sin was effectively frozen and remained in a perfect frozen state until the power failure that led to his escape. nearly 14 years of suspended animation. Now it's been awoken and is making its way up to the city.

In the old underground Facility all was quiet, all was dark, and was safe. Pressumably. In the bowels of the old facilty an evil stirred, one that had not moved in 14 years. Emergency lights illuminated some of the old corridors, directing the ghosts of old employees to the exits, which were now already sealed off. No one had walked down these halls in years. Who really knew what dark secrets were hidden down here. What projects Umbrella had started and then in light of there recent tragedy pushed aside and buried under the carpet.

Regardless of everything that may have been trapped and died there one creature began to live again. The Behemoth known as Project Genesis, or Sin, was waking up. When the facility closed several protocols were in place to keep it from reemerging. The main one being a sub zero freezer system to keep Sin in a state of hibernation. Those freezer systems were kept on there own circut, with there own generators, just in case something happened to the power supply of the building. But in the last few days the hum of the generators had faded out, the lights around the giant holding cell had gone out, and now a low gowl escaped into the darkness.

As the hours dragged on the growl turned to loud bangs and crashes, with piercing roars cutting into the silence. The beast, the behemoth, Sin was fully awakened, and after 14 years it was hungry. The small holding cell would not hold the creature much longer as it trashed about violently, enraged by its hunger and confusion. The old smells had faded away, no human pressence at all was present, this was hard for the Sin to understand as humans had always been around to torment it. Again it smashed into the large door at the front of its cell. On the outside of the door, one of the hinges hang loosly. Soon the door would open and it would be free.

Another loud crash immediately followed by the sound of bending steel announced that Sin was now folding the door as if it were paper. With a loud roar it continued to push forward, now crushing the door. The long hallway was nearly too small for the lumbering giant, and its great plates scrapped the walls sending sparks into the darkness. In anger Sin roared loudly, and was answered by its own echo. The giant continued lumbering down the hall, its massive head sweeping from side to side with everystep, its forked tongue probing the darkness for any scent of food.

The hallways began to narrow out, now and Sin was forced to stoop down, nearly crawling on its belly, pushing hard as the walls began to close in. Though it could not see where it was going it could still smell in the dark, and though there was no active human scents, Sin was beginning to pick up old dead scents. It wasn't sure why, but many humans had come this way, many had walked this exact path. Before long however Sins path was found to be blocked. It let out another roar of rage as it clawed angrily at the door, but with no room to move it seemed almost like a wasted effort.

For hours it pushed and clawed at the door not realising the futility of its efforts. And had it not been driven by hunger it might have continued to scratch that door till it perished. However it only took a few more moments for it to give up, and as luck would have it, the roof above collapsed as it began to turn around. This exposed multiple maintenance shafts that lead all over the facility, but more importantly to a freight elevator. Though the elevator would surly be out of service, the shaft would easily lead to the surface, providing a direct way out.

Sin reared up as it pushed its head into the maintenance shafts, its tongue flicking wildly. So many new smells so many new tastes, all of which seemed edible. With a low growl it tried to climb up into the maintenance duct, only to have it collapse under its own weight. It continued this cycle until it reached the door again, but the added strength of the door, allowed Sin to crawl up into the duct and push itself into the elevator shaft. The smells were stronger now, and there was more, sounds that had never been heard. Its own curiosity now became as powerful as its hunger. In one smooth and drawn out move Sin reared up, placing its front claws on the wall of the elevator shaft. With one more roar it pushed off the floor and began a slow ascent to the surface.
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Wow nice profile but one Question.

If he's being rescued from Africa how is a chopper taking him to Raccoon City?
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
It wasn't a rescue, and never does it state the chopper's purpose was for rescue.

" Dressed in all black, an XM8 hanging loosely around his neck and a red and white umbrella looking emblem patched onto the left shoulder of his sleeve. "

As we all know, clearly for the moment, Umbrella doesn't rescue anyone of little to no importance. The Chopper was only meant to see if the Marines assigned to South Africa had been successful in their 'third party transmission from April'. Alex actually being alive is what threw the curve and, seeing as Raccoon City is normally the main maze for the subjects of Umbrella, I saw fit that that's where he should to be dropped off at.

My thoughts on the situation were simply that Raccoon City basically served as a giant testing ground for Umbrella, seeing as a high majority of the people killed or tested upon are either from the City, or wind up there. I'd thought about just keeping him in Africa, but the time it would possibly take for another team to show up so he could get out was what made me think otherwise.

If you need me to, I can change it up or provide more detail on the intentions of the Chopper. I just thought it still kept the Mystery of RE as we never really know what Umbrella's full intentions are until later. And sometimes we don't know at all...

Thanks for the Reading, and let me know if I need to clarify anything else.
Posted 2/14/09
Actually I was just wondering how the chopper flew for that long from Africa to Raccoon City. But anyway, nice first profile. as i put into thought i like to Roleplay too.
Posted 2/14/09
Good point and I have no up front answer at the moment; but I may be able to explain later on. I wasn't completely thinking about the factor for fuel. My apologies, and good luck to you.
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Name: Captain Nicholai Ginovaef

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Age: 31

Height: 6'1

Weight: 230

Occupation: None

Weapons: Sigpro handgun (13 round clip, 3 clips)

Equipment: None

Appearance: Cpt. Nicholai is badly burned in the body and facial regions, due to an attack from Russian soldiers. He is wearing a black tactical uniform he stole from the locker rooms of the Umbrella lab he found himself in.

Personality: He genuinely cares about the citizens of Raccon long as Umbrella's checks clear. However, in the current situation, he will help everyone he can, so long as the person will return the favor. He has a deep sense of family and that sometimes leads him to do things that might be a sign of psychosis. After his apparent death in Raccoon City, at the hands of Major Dragomir under orders from Col. Leylushenko, he has been driven into a state of seeking out vengeance, a vengeance he will continue to seek out until he finds and kills Dimitri Leylushenko.

History: Born in Dublin, Ireland, he was the son of a local police officer. One day, while Nicholai was attending school at the age of 17, his father was in pursuit of two suspected Irish Republican Army members when he stumbled into a trap set by the IRA. Chasing the two suspects down an alley, when it was certain that the police officer couldn't possibly escape, the waiting IRA soldiers that were located on the roofs of several surrounding buildings all stood up and opened fire. Nicholai's father was able to draw his gun and fire off two rounds before he fell dead. When Nicholai learned of this, he was extremely grief strickened. He immediately signed up for military service. After completing his training, he was rejected by the Irish army on the grounds of psychological reasons. The military believed that Nicholai would be a high risk to snap while under pressure on the battle field. Outside of the base at which Nicholai recieved his basic training and his rejection as well, Nicholai was approached by a man wearing a buisness suit. He identified himself as a representive of the international pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Incorporated, and that he was recruiting able bodied men and women to work for the company. Nicholai asked what kind of work was the man talking about.

"Well," the representative replied, "we need soldiers to work as a security force for the company. Umbrella is highly concerned with terrorist attacks on its medical research facilities and storage sites. These security agents would be trained in every form of combat and handsomely paid for their services in protection of Umbrella's interests."

"You're not talking security," smiled Nicholai, "you want mercs, soldiers of fortune."

"Are you interested?"

"I just have one question."

"Ask away."

"Could I be held accountable for acts that I commit outside of the interests of the company, but used company resources?"

"You mean that if you were to join us, you would take vengence against the people who killed your father?"

"How did you know?"

"We have held an interest in you for a while Mr. Ginoveaf. Anyway, I don't see why not. You could go after those scum, make them pay for what they put you through and the company's money will put a nice coat of whitewash on you."

With that, Nicholai joined with the Umbrella Security Service. He was immediately shipped out to the training facility located on Rockfort Island. The instructors there were worse than the Irish drill sgts. when it came to following the daily and sometimes nightly regimes of exercises and training simulations. The soldiers all came from different walks of life and from different countries. Nicholai made note of two Russians, Carlos and Mikhail, who were training along with him. They were all trained in basic closed quarters combat and a selected few, who would go on to be officers in the UBCS, were trained in a specialized form of CQC that involved everything from pressure points of the body to important blood veins in the human body. In the end, Nicholai was given the rank of Captain Nicholai, unit leader of Delta Team of UBCS group Bravo. His team of ten men all looked to their captain as both a leader and a father. He ran several successful missions, one of which took place in Alaska, in which the more advanced Umbrella Security Sanitation crew had to take over. A small group of armed locals had taken over a lab and were threatening to release a new strain of small pox. Nicholai's team had just established communication with the group when he was informed that he and his team where to evacuate immediately. He later learned that the entire facility was destroyed, along with the group that had taken it over, when the group accidentally activated the self destruct sequence.

Now, Nicholai is gearing up to take on his new assignment: a small mountain community, Raccon City. A complete biological outbreak of a virus being researched at the Umbrealla Research Facility. Mission priorities: Civilian Rescue, Quarantine all infected, Dispose of infected corpses.

After a series of adventures in Raccoon City, Nicholai came to the conclusion that Umbrella had no intention of rescuing anyone, that he and his men were lambs for the slaughter. It was about this time, that he meet up with a soldier of fortune by the name of Colonel Dimitri Leylushenko, a commanding officer in the mysterious Union of Patriots.

He worked with this man for a while, gaining control of the Raccoon City Prison, which Dimitri used as a staging ground for his own personal pleasures. The mad Russian slaughtered innocent civilians and other men and women out of sheer callousness. Nicholai rose up against the man, challenged his authority and attempted to stop him and his madness with the aide of a 'traitor to the Union' by the name of Powell and a mercenary named Will. The three fought hard against the forces of the Union, thinning out their numbers in the City of Raccoon.

It was then that a bulldog Major in the Union's army was dispatched to clean up the mess Dimitri had started. Priority one, kill Dimitri, two, Nicholai and company. Nicholai and Will tracked down the man known as Dragomir to the a Church in Raccoon City. Nicholai was gunned down in the process, leaving him at death's door step.

Will would continue with the aid of the Mummy to destroy Major Dragomir and leave the area. After he left, a troop of Umbrella Security Services soldiers found Nicholai dying body laying in the floor, bleeding. They treated the man and sent him on a helicopter ride to Moscow, to an Umbrella lab located beneath Red Square.

After a month of treatment, Nicholai was the picture of health. The scientists on staff were then called away, told that the facility was going to be scrapped by the company. The entire staff pulled out, leaving Nicholai and a majority of the machinery running, including the security features.

Introduction: Nicholai stumbled down the silver corridor, the Sigpro in his hand as he moved towards the central control room. In the other, he held the security manual he had found back in the staff lounge. He was going to give this place a real send of epic proportions.

"Umbrella....Union....revenge..." he mutter, as he opened the control room door and went inside. He looked over the security monitors and saw all the dead bodies of the expiriments and soldiers who had been fighting when the scientists left. He then saw something diffrent, a group of soldiers dressed in familiar colors. He looked closer and closer still, hoping that he was right.

Then...he saw him, the monster, Dimitri.

"'ve found this place....possibly by accident." Nicholai laughed, as he walked over to the control panel and began to enter the self destruct codes.

"We end this....tonight my friend." he chuckled, as he checked the Sigpro. "Tonight, I find my respite...and will taste divine judgement!"

[Continued Raccoon City,in City Center, City Hall.]
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Video Log Quote from Dr. Amy Eggman

Name: Project Genesis (rell name james or runing dog)
Race: super human
Age: 21

Occupation: what ever he can find, traner, vet
a gun and a nife he fond in Umbrella felcidys

his blood and over body fuldes:
it may not be aney thing that can harm the targit. it can controw what hits it. the most time it tock is 1 hour the shortis is 1 second. the odd thing is what he infects over cant dissobay him but cary his order they act lake them seths. the infected with his blood cant harm him . can heal the infected(his blood)(and this only work wend the peson is stell alive). people that not become undead have shown the same powers that he has. (and we seen wend they bite him for powers that he has reseved he dos not become a servent of the one that bite him)

ingestion of blood and over body fuldes:
can gane the abilities and powers of the whatever body fuldes. dos not get aney the weekness but all the power of whatever it was. can keep the powers and abilities.

fast healer ,cant become one of the undead, stronger than most, faster than most

stander armor of U.B.C.S. (fond at were he went out)
a lot of med
what he fond

A strong looking Native-America. 6'0 foot and 200 ponds. black tactical uniform he stole from the locker rooms of the Umbrella lab he was in. green eyes long black hare

Personality: Subject To Change As Story Progresses
sents he can recall he have very nice. a lot of things lake him and he has the abity to tran what most people call untranabule. willing to dye or kill for his palls. he cant intimitatde by nothing.

even thot he has this power he asked the people that was in fected. they refuse and he let them do it in fact and not force them to do it. and the odd thing i have seen that some. fi some one falls in if they dont die he dos not infect them and he helps them out. only if he dos not need he will never use his power.

he was boring in a Chickahominy reservation. he was rase on Chickahominy and American vules. he went to school in a state unversty he went to be com a vet/traner.

work with animals that were in moves. in till he was one the people that was pick for the exement. for some reson he keep his trates after being infected. in fact we have tryed wepon. the odd thing he side "i ame not some thing you are going to use to kill overs". sents he hade power over the overs in the room we hade to respect his wishes. even tho we give him and them mim a bum he help people unforncent out.

in fact he helped us wend some the more dargeris expements got he was let out to make it be have. even tho we lost the expement as weapon and some people to the expement befor it was stoped. a out brake in are case was all most a not fact we have ben giving him the little more.

we have ben thanking a bot this for a year now. we were thanking sents he has help us so mouch we wood let him go fi he wood a tell aney one a bot what we do may even give him a job. we thank he wood be a good peson to hirer but are bosses side no in fact we shood get red of him. it ben 2 years i know i not to be this atached to him.

amy sits down in fornt me, she seem down. i asked so what is up. she side " i dont want to see you get killed non of us do". i responde "now i know some thing is up you showing emocton". amy responde "this is your life in the blance" . i responed " i know but i dont want to take my fate". amy " way we have ben holding you a gence your will". i responed " how long has it ben 2 years and how meney times your troops have not ben killed". she responed " i know but you know what we do so how can you be so nice to us?" i responed " i hate your bosses not you or the overs". she say "you know i going to do right". i responed "no but it is your chose to do it i cant chang it"

any crying "i sry" pose to prest the buting to kill him. a hord of the undead maged to get in form the out side. they maged to kill all them out side the doors and open the doors to let the over expments an me. i let the overs go do what they wanted. heded to the locker room and some ther armor and tock a gun and some over thing. knowing i will need them. i walked up to the were amy was being eating by unded dogs. i say "good by and sry for your luck". walks out ther is out in the world.(not how i relley rp)
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Name: Keiji lighthammer

Occupation:went rigth into the USMC right out of high school spent two year with them then when Navy Seals for another two years and left then went for delta force two years is now a gun for hire.
Weapons: Primary: XM-8 battle rilfe Secondary:Beretta M9A1 9mm
Equipment:helmet,bulletproof vest combat knife,army gear for carrying extra ammo and grandes combat boot and clothing all of which is in urban camo colors.

Appearance: Keiji is 7'0 feet tall 250 and really muscler has scars all over his body and one over his left eye from the top right to the bottom left croner which he got from fight a soldier in knife combat and the other scars on his body com from battle all over the world.
Personality:Keiji is all about following order but if he think that they are no good or with put his men in damger or he will not follow them Keiji also like to think thing through be for act on them and keiji is all so will know for controling his emtions to and he love combat to it fullist and sometime surfice from P.D.S.D or shell shock.

History:Keiji through his school years was always top of his class when he grad did with top honners that the age of 19 he could have been what ever he wanted to be but instead he went into the USMC for two year after two year Navy Seals pick him and he spent two year there then Delta Force got and after two year there he stop and now works for who ever pay the most and he know sever different languges.
Introduction: *wakes up on home in Raccoon City and put his gear on and grabs his XM-8 battle rilfe and Beretta M9A1 9mm and walk outside* man this is going to be one hell of day
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Jericho2434 wrote:

Name: Keiji lighthammer

Occupation:went rigth into the USMC right out of high school spent two year with them then when Navy Seals for another two years and left then went for delta force two years is now a gun for hire.
Weapons: Primary: XM-8 battle rilfe Secondary:Beretta M9A1 9mm
Equipment:helmet,bulletproof vest combat knife,army gear for carrying extra ammo and grandes combat boot and clothing all of which is in urban camo colors.

Appearance: Keiji is 7'0 feet tall 250 and really muscler has scars all over his body and one over his left eye from the top right to the bottom left croner which he got from fight a soldier in knife combat and the other scars on his body com from battle all over the world.
Personality:Keiji is all about following order but if he think that they are no good or with put his men in damger or he will not follow them Keiji also like to think thing through be for act on them and keiji is all so will know for controling his emtions to and he love combat to it fullist and sometime surfice from P.D.S.D or shell shock.

History:Keiji through his school years was always top of his class when he grad did with top honners that the age of 19 he could have been what ever he wanted to be but instead he went into the USMC for two year after two year Navy Seals pick him and he spent two year there then Delta Force got and after two year there he stop and now works for who ever pay the most and he know sever different languges.
Introduction: *wakes up on home in Chicago and put his gear on and grabs his XM-8 battle rilfe and Beretta M9A1 9mm and walk outside* man this is going to be one hell of day

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26 / F / _tOkyO, Japan
Posted 2/21/09

Name: Miyuki

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Race: Japanese


Weight: 100lbs

Occupation: was once working for the government as a chemist. now works for umbrella corp.

Weapons: dual hand guns (all types)

Equipment: belt with 10 specail chemicals

Appearance: tall and beautiful. but if you look closely she has a big cut mark by the waist. covered by a bullet with flames tatoo. first impresion is that she looks like a model but not close maybe model for guns and high chemicals. she always wears black and red skirt and tight fit tube and a black coat.

Personality: has a strong personality. when given a job she does it right away. never shows her emotion during battle or around others. usualy you would find her at her room listening to musci, or in the lab mixing chemicals, doing experiments, or around the city killin.

History: was born in may 5. 1990. i was born under a rich and powerful family. sadly i lost my father at the age of 7 and my mother at the age of 14 (mother turned into one of "them") i raised myself using the money left by my family. by the age of 15 i started to fight agaisnt "them". a profesor who was working for the government saw me and took me in for safety. he rasied me like his own, he taught me how to do with chemicals and stuff. i fell in love with a solider who taught me how to handel guns. sadly he died in war with "them"by the age of 17 the government hired me to work for them. beacause my so called father saw me mix chemicals tha could turn "them" directly to dust. i worked for them for a year and a half. before i turned 18 they kicked me out of job because of making chemicals and putting them to guns and giving them away to umbrella corp. my father talked to me before i left

*how could you?! i treated you like my own! but then your giving stuff away to the umbrella corp?! why?!*

*its beacuse my father worked for the umbrella corp secretly! and the government killed him! because of letting "them" into the H.Q. of the government. and because he was working for you guys at the same time he was against you!*

*so your his daghter huh? then you will have the same faith as him!*

(took out a gun and shot him in the head)
*your worng. cause i will continue what my father started*
(left the building and took out my cellphone)
(called the head of government officials)

*hello? is anyone there?*

*bye, bye*
(building explodes)
(calls umbrella corp)
*it is done*


after that i started traveling around the world working for the umbrella corp. bringing thr name of umbrella corp, killing for the sake of living. by the age of 19 i have already created specialized chemical bullets for umbrella corp use only. and here i am telling my own story in the middle of a job.

*you should really get serious now miyuki*

*i am serious cant you tell?*

*your emotionless. how can i tell?*

*oh yeah. lets head for H.Q. before we find more of "them"*

*ok poker face*

my story has just begun. for the whole world is now turning into one of "them" raccon city is where the real story starts
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 3/24/09

Occupation:Philippine Air Force
Primary Weapon: Ak49
Secondary Weapon: Pistol

Cigarette packs
Zippo Lighter
belt carrier
Knife carrier

He has a black long coat. He also has a major huge scar on his left from the Air force.
He has a tattoo on his chest like a dragon.Wears a white shirt inside that protects him 25%.
Wears a long baggy black pants with black regular shoes. And wears a ear piercing.

Personality: Mitsurki is always rushing and pushy. He's silent every time and has a short temper.
He hates things that bug him. he tries to act nice but is a bit rough to people. He doesn't like talking
to people that he doesn't like.

History: When he was 12 his dad trained him to kill everything that isn't from this world even zombies. His dad
is a worker in Umbrella until he died from a incident from zombies. Now he wants to kill all zombies because
the zombies killed his dad and his whole family. But, now he tries to kill everyone and everything that gets in
his way trying to kill those zombies.
*sits on the chair boredly*
Priest: What were you thinking? Umbrella isn't your thing boy!
Mitsurki:What the hell are you thinking that I can't join
Priest:Well. You chose it but you cannot because They are bad people you know that!
Mitsurki: You don't know me..
Priest: yes I do!
*as Mitsurki stands up and holds a gun at the Priest's head*
Mitsurki: Go to Hell...
*as he shoots and leaves*

Note: Now He went to Raccoon City and he became one of the Umbrella Workers and he wants to kill everything that stands in his way right now.

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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 2/21/09
Name: Dr. Dmitri Valentine (not a real doctor)

Nickname: Doc Love

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Occupation: Head of Pyschology for Umbrella's island facility: The Gourd.

Weapons: Doc Love carries with him two pistols at all times; the first containing bullets coated with the T-virus, the other containing bullets coated with the anti-virus.

Equipment: Valentine always has with him EGRIGORI and a pendant called Ouroboro's Homonculus.


From one of his father's creations (ELiXER), Valentine's body began growing slower than usual, thus having the appearance of a teenager. While many believe the reason behind his hair being white is ELiXER but is actually just dyed. When he was ten, a classmate stabbed a pencil through his eye; he now has a mechanical eye in its place called EGRIGORI which gives the appearance of having hetrochromic eyes; EGRIGORI is directly attached to his brain, using the earing on his left ear as a transmitter, EGRIGORI can act like a phone or computer, depending on the situation. Due to usually staying indoors, Valentine's skin has become pale. Valentine is always seen in a white or black outfit.

Personality: When he was five, Valentine was a loving and social child. After his father, Vladimir Valentine, began using Dmitri as a lab rat, Dmitri began becoming less active and more anti-social until he became colder than the snow; as a way to prove this, he dyed his hair white.
With years going by, Dmitri became focused on psychology. Learning how to mimic emotions to mask his emotionlessness. Having no feelings for anyone, he quickly went up the latter into become the head of psychology for Umbrella, assigning him to The Gourd. Due to a grudge against his father, Dmitri killed Vladimir. When the Raccoon Incident and other began happening, Valentine calmly watched from The Gourd as Umbrella Corporation crumbled.

History: While many of his subordinates joke that he was born in a test tube, Valentine was actually born in a small town in Maryland. There he lived with his father and mother - Vladimir and Rene- until his mother died in a car accident. Weeks later, Vladimir and Dmitri moved to a facility in Iowa called The Nest. Due to the lack of test subjects in the area, Vladimir decided to experiment on Dmitri and his class.
One of Vladimir's first successful non-lethal drug called ELiXER first worked on Dmitri, which caused his son to grow more slowly; believing he had created an elixer for eternal youth, he went to the Umbrella Corp. HQ where his experiment was labeled a failure for not being dangerous. Vladimir returned to The Nest to find out his son was in the hospital. Worried that ELiXER had a negative outcome (somewhat hopeful actually), he rushed to visit his son. To his relief (dismay), it turned out that a student had stabbed Dmitri in the eye after finding out that Dmitri's father was doing something sinister. It was then did a colleague of Vladmir, Parfay Izen, insert EGRIGORI into Dmitri's head. It turned out to be a success.
Dmitri became less social after that and became a loner. Throughout high school, he kept to himself. Years later he graduated from college with a major in psychology. Umbrella believed Dmitri to be a promising candidate so they offered a job. Dmitri accepted the job to work as the Head of Psychology in the island facility The Gourd. Before going, however, he decided to repay his father a long growing grudge; in a swift act, Dmitri killed Vladimir.
Both Dmitri and Parfay began working at The Gourd. When the Outbreak occured, the current Gourd director was infected and killed. Parfay took charge. She and Dmitri quarantined The Gourd from the rest of the Umbrella network, which ended up helping later on when The Organization came into light. In 2010, Parfay vanished and Valentine took command of The Gourd with his assistant, Mattheau Barrel. The two are currently observing the movements of The Organization and other groups fighting the Outbreak.

Introduction (Sample RP): Valentine sat in The Gourd's control room, fumbling with Ouroboro's Homonculus. Mattheau was with him.
"Mattheau, do we have any subjects for MANTiCORE yet?" asked Valentine.
"No, sir," informed Mattheau.
"I need those results. Since Umbrella's soldiers are worthless, I guess I'll have to do it myself."
"Mattheau, stay here and take charge of The Gourd. I need to take a little trip."
And with that, Valentine got up and left to pack.
Posted 2/24/09

Occupation:high school student
Weapons: Fathers hunting rifle, hunting knife
Equipment:lighter, medical supplies,flash light

Appearance: Has black hair and wears any kind of t-shirt with either long pants or shorts on depending on the weather. he has an aura that makes him seem like the type of person that doesn't get along with others. he has yellow eyes which mishap and he is around 6 ft.

Personality:At first he seems to be the kind of person who doesn't get along with people but once he opens up to you he will seem like the type of person who would hang around you were ever you went. he isn't very good in grades since he just wants to graduate and doesn't care for them.

History:Nathan was born into a family of doctors and has 2 older siblings. he went to a school that was small and had all grades in it even for how big it was. he was planning on going to college in state to be either a cop or lawyer. he is not the brightest person in school but he makes decent grades. his father is expected to die in a couple of years from the sickness he has. Nathans mom is trying to teach him all kinds of medical material in hopes of him being a doctor. Nathans brother and sister are currently in college studying to become doctors. Nathan has a couple of pets that he takes care of. he has a sickness like his father but it isn't as serious as his.
Nathan:finally its the summer.
Friend:hey Nathan wanna hang out at my house tonite we are having a party.
Nathan:sorry not tonite my mom wants me home early today.
Friend:i see. well maybe tomorrow?
Nathan:i'll try and come tomorrow.
*at home*
Nathans mom:Nathan your home finally.
Nathans dad: your brother and sister won't be coming home this summer.
Nathan:why not?
Dad:there was an accident at work and we told them not to come home.
Nathan:like what?
Mom:umm its top secret.
Nathan:i see how it is.
Mom:well go feed the dog he hasn't eaten since this morning.
Nathan:ok fine.
*goes to feed the dog.
Mom:should we tell him?
Dad:do you really think he would believe us if we told him that people from the dead were coming back from the dead?
Mom:how is that bite?
Dad:it just hurts like its burning.
Mom:What if you turn into one?
Dad:i'll do something before i turn into one so i don't harm you or nathan.
Mom:maybe you should lay down i'm sure its not good for you to be up you need rest.
Dad:ok i'll go get some sleep i do feel tired.
*nathan comes bak*
Nathan:whats wrong with dad?
Mom:oh he was tired so he went to sleep.
Nathan:did he get his medication today?
Mom:i think so.
Nathan:well its almost time for him to take it again isn't it?
Mom:Yes i'll go get it to him now.
*mom walks to bedroom*
Nathan:mom is acting strange today. *hears things clash and bang on the floor in the bedroom*
Nathan:mom?*runs to bedroom and sees his father eating his mom*what the hell?
Nathan:oh shit O.O the gun wheres the gun?*runs to the gun cabinet and gets the rifle and runs back to the room* sorry dad but i don't wanna be eaten.*bang* mom?
Mom:Nathan....go somewhere safe.*cough cough*hurry. uhhhhh.
Nathan:not mom too goodbye mother *bang* i have to get out of here. *runs out of the house with the dog* now to find somewhere safe. maybe i should go to the hospital.
and so my story begins in this hellish nightmare.
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