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Name: cloud shower lerin
Sex: Male

Age: 19

Occupation: collage student

Weapons: huge blade,twin pistols,has multiple sowrds changes depending on mission
Equipment: pills:to regain energy
cell phone
spiked gloves
special galsses(can see thruw stuff has a mini map tracks demons and humans)
tape recorder

Appearance: , ,

Personality:sweet hearted,is always alone a.k.a is lonner

History: Any history your character may have. A history is mandatory. A short or nondescript character history is the most common reason for character rejection. Your characters History MUST include Childhood, Education, Occupation History, leading all the way to the 2012 Outbreak.

Introduction (Sample RP): (the birds chirped wierdly)
cloud:what the hell do tyou whant cloe
cloe:oh nothing hehe
cloud:what the hell is that thing
(guy having sesior and green bubbles comming out of him)
cloud:oh shit we gotta help him*cloud takes out daggers*
cloe:what the hell*takes out twin pistols*
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Name:cloe thunder lerin


Age: 10
Occupation: middle school

Weapons: pistols,battle knife,throwing knifes
throwing knifes:
battle knife:

needles:to disinfect people and to stop infection for periods of times
equmpmint belt
Name:cloe thunder

Sex: Male or Female

Age: How old your character is (Age limit is 13+), if the age is stated yet the personality and actions of the character is completely off for the age, we will ask you to modify the profile to be realistic.

Occupation: What job/occupation does your character have? Try to be specific if the job may contain different branches or areas of work.

Weapons: List any weapons your character has here. You may only have a Primary weapon (Rifles, Shotguns, Sub-machine guns) and a Secondary weapon (Pistols, other sidearms.) Melee and non-projectile weaponry do not apply. I don't want to see anything like an RPG, no heavy artillery will be allowed.

Equipment: List any equipment your character may have.

Personality: How your character acts emotionally. Personality is perhaps the most important part of the Character Profile.

History: Any history your character may have. A history is mandatory. A short or nondescript character history is the most common reason for character rejection. Your characters History MUST include Childhood, Education, Occupation History, leading all the way to the 2012 Outbreak.

Introduction (Sample RP): This is where you can post your character's introductory post, leading into his or her current situation. Consider it as if you're actually Role Playing. It needs to be detailed and in 3rd person. Your Introduction will determine whether or not you are decent Role Playing material.

Personality: How your character acts emotionally. Personality is perhaps the most important part of the Character Profile.

History: Any history your character may have. A history is mandatory. A short or nondescript character history is the most common reason for character rejection. Your characters History MUST include Childhood, Education, Occupation History, leading all the way to the 2012 Outbreak.

Introduction (Sample RP): This is where you can post your character's introductory post, leading into his or her current situation. Consider it as if you're actually Role Playing. It needs to be detailed and in 3rd person. Your Introduction will determine whether or not you are decent Role Playing material.

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~=Intro Rated 'M' for Mature=~

¤ Theme: Guilty (Resident Evil Degeneration Soundtrack)
¤ Name: Alexander Ruste
¤ Nickname: Ruste | Alex | Xander
¤ Sex: Male
¤ Race: Human | Filipino
¤ Nationality: Filipino - American
¤ P.O.B: Philippines,Zamboanga City
¤ D.O.B: April. 27th, 1980
¤ Blood Type: A +
¤ Age: 27
¤ Height: 6'4
¤ Weight: 227lbs
¤ Eye Color: Dark Brown
¤ Hair Color: Black
¤ Skin Color: White - Medium Tan
¤ Build: Average
¤ Religion: Roman Catholic
¤ Practices: Survival
¤ Occupation: philippine Marine
¤ Rank: Corporal

¤ Weapons:
× Primary: XM8 Compact
× Side Arm: Custom Colt .45 M1911
× Bladed Weapon: Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife

¤ Equipment: Subject To Change
† 1x Black, Standard Carrier's Pouch (Full, See Below)
† 1x USB Flash-Drive
† 3x Boxed Packs Of Marlboro Menthol 72s - Rich. (47)
† 1x Zippo
† 1x Custom .45 Clip [.45 ACP] (7 Rounds)
† 2x Standard XM8 Magazines[5.56mm] (25 Rounds Each)

¤ Appearance: Subject To Change As Story Progresses

Alex's appearance hasn't really changed much over the years. Mainly his choice of clothing, but it's still all the same. Alex dresses in the basic marine clothing; dark green, camouflage khakis which are loosely fitted with a black, velcro strap around the right leg to hold a pistol and another strap over his left leg to hold his Raider. Un-polished and also faded combat boots, which at one point were covered in so much mud, dirt and grime it was impossible to tell the original color.

He also wears an unbuttoned olive green, camouflaged jacket with the sleeves torn off, covering his shoulders with three pockets on the front for small storage and two grenade clips inside the left flap, just above the waist. The only left pocket was, however, ripped when he'd advertantly been pushed from a chopper. His hair is now a bit longer than usual; still short, Black, capable of at least one and a quarter inch spikes if he was to actually style it. But his bangs normally stick up a bit when wet, causing his hair to look spiked in the process, mainly after he's ran his hand over his head. Dark brown eyes, and he tries to keep his face clean shaven but normally ends up with a five o' clock shadow shortly after doing so.

Also has a bullet wound on the left side of his rib Shoulder.

¤ Personality: Subject To Change As Story Progresses

Alex's more of a laid back kinda guy. He doesn't really care what goes on and prefers to keep to himself a lot of the time. He doesn't really like to be in a large crowd, but still likes to have his fun when the time comes. He's got a split personality, (Bi-Polar), that most wouldn't agree with and can sometimes become very hostile and violent toward others. His humor isn't always acceptable as it can sometimes seem sick and demented, but he still has his occasional laughs at the small, yet typical things of normal nature. Willing to give a hand if needed, he's been known to help in the line of duty. However, there have been times when he's left someone behind if it meant saving his own ass by doing so.

He has a good belief in survival and you're not fit, he's got a problem. He prefers minor aspects in pain and has developed an 'above average' tolerance in doing so. What may not appeal to others, usually appeals to him. Alex also has a problem with those of higher authority than him, but still respects their job and duties after being a Marine. Usually trying to remain calm in even the uttermost, dangerous of situations, it's not always effective. His belief in death is that if you're going to kill someone, do it right. Don't just stand there talking about it. He's had a small anger issue since he was a child, but tries not to let it show so much, although that doesn't always work out well.

At times, Alex can be quite silent and un-usually calm around people. Preferring not to speak and just listen to what's going on around him. He's grown a little paranoid as he's gotten older and will occasionally hear or see things that may not be there at all. Even though he's a bit laid back, there are times when one needs to be serious and take control of a situation for proper rights or purposes, in which he tries to do so. All in all, Alex tries to be, somewhat, of a good-hearted man and trustworthy to others as much as he can. But his instability doesn't always help and can easily get in the way of his judgment, along with his temperal issues that don't help matters any better, either.

¤ History: Born April 27th, of the year Nineteen Ninety; Alexander Ryan L. Ruste was born in Zamboanga City,Philippines in the middle of a taxi cab in its way to the hospital. His mother, Alynda Ruste, didn't have much and was still living in a small apartment complex at the time of which Alex spent most of his time inside. Even during his early child-hood and later years, he never really made a lot of friends to actually 'hang out' with. Since his mother were hardly ever at home, always trying to work for what little she could even afford at the time, Alex was left at home often and seldom got time outside except for the rare occasion when Alynda actually had a day off.

Alynda's job was... discreet to Alex until his later years. She worked down at a local strip club, and with so many men coming and going into the house; it's a wonder how the child even based a father figure. A beautiful woman she was, gorgeous green eyes and light blond hair. It's a wonder how she ended up on a pole, but that's a separate life. She changed her name, legally, from Marry-Ann Ledesma (Filipino) around the age of twenty-four when she was actually able to get away from her drunk ridden and abusive step-dad. Who happened to have been convicted of murder previously for beating his wife at the time. As much as Alynda despised what she did, she didn't have the full and proper education to do much, so it was all she could really do at the time. Constantly having to leave her son at home, she'd thought about bringing him in once or twice but didn't want him getting into the same culture she'd been drawn to. So instead, a baby-sitter was found here and there to watch Alex as he got older.

Around the time Alex turned seven and started going to school was when he ended up having to go the doctor for examination. The school said Alex would be just so gentle and kind one moment, and completely hostile and violent the next. From time to time, he would talk to himself; even when there was no one else around. Originally, it was thought to be typical in a child's life. At the the point where they have an imaginary friend, which most create from depression or perhaps even anger after being confined for so long. But, it was more to say like an alternate personality Alex had created. Instead of something that only he could 'see'. It was something more that he could relate to and feel, which needless to say, was himself. Always talking in his sleep, but still aware of what was going as though he was completely awake. By the time the next morning came, he would remember nothing, though. Although his symptoms were recorded and monitored, the doctors generally found nothing wrong. Thinking it was just the average phase of a child, they dismissed it and moved on.

About the time Alex was at the age of 12 was when his mother got him a computer for school. He hadn't been doing too well in school, but the signs of his 'imaginary friend' had depleted and seemed to be going normal. It wasn't that the child wasn't intelligent or mentally ill that he didn't do his school work. He simply wasn't challenge in his eyes. Everything taught the next year seemed to be the same or just a newer course than the last. Which it was, but there was more to learn through the years and Alex just didn't like being told how to do something. Such as being told off for doing a problem wrong, or in this case, not how he was shown to do it, but still getting the answer right. Of course, that was usually just in English, But that wasn't until later.

Though Alex never completely excelled in his actual Math class at school, he felt he learned more from being at home in front of the computer than sitting in a chair while listening to a lecture on numerous things he may never even use. And since math is also within terminology of science and chemistry; he'd actually found something to his liking during the years at ZNHS-WEST. By this time, his mother had finally gotten out of the clubs and into your local diners, which weren't too much better on pay; but it was at least something more respectable for her child to know about. Planning to get her GED later on, Alynda never did so, but still hoped Alex would some how make a better living than she had over the years. Thus the enrollment to ZNHS-WEST.

Spending more time on the computer than anything, Alex learned a variety of self-trades. Including the proper methods to making house-hold explosives, advanced computing and terminology, various forms of viral and program scripting along with a wide interest and use of electronics. One thing he found intriguing, was how to set-up a simple surveillance on people without them knowing through the use of taking over their web cam. The process was relatively simple, involving a 'cam stealer' to actually see who had their cam up and then isolating the host Ip address after using the command prompt to check if the victim had a specific decimal <20> in the search; which would mean their file sharing is turned on, enabling the user to generally plant or steal information from the victim's computer. In terms, it was the more simple method which Alex used sparingly.

During his time at ZNHS-WEST. Alex didn't really learn much from the teachers there as he never really paid attention in class. More curious in his computer than anything, of which was only hooked through a phone modem with a DOS setting and not even getting a windows update until later on near his 14th birthday; Alex strayed from large crowds of people. Preferring to stay to himself over the years and merely in 'aw' of this new technology he'd found, Alex wanted to dwell deeper into the community he'd found himself liked and wanted of. Using IRC clients, he stayed up numerous late nights and started to completely slack on his school work by the age of fifteen. Though Alex never paid attention in class, he'd at least done his home work; but now, he didn't seem to really care about school. The world he'd gotten himself into, in his eyes, taught him more over the two years than his years at school. Which he'd thought was proven when they failed him in seventh grade for not showing his work on a math exam and finishing with almost thirty minutes to spare, time-wise. Thinking he'd some how cheated and refusing to let him take the exam again for proof, Alex was forced to repeat the year twice while his teacher had stated ' If I can't do it in my head, you shouldn't be able to ' .

While his mother was worried about the failing grades being received on the report card, she some how knew Alex was still doing better. Even though his grades were slowly declining, her little boy was still as bright as proven before. Each time an 'F' was brought home, she'd sit down and study with him, of which half of it wasn't really needed. Giving him tests on each subject, the two main classes he'd really been failing in at school, he seemed to excel in at home. And so she was curious as to why he never tried so hard at school, of which he simply replied ' I want a challenge... '. After talking with the principal to have him moved into a more advanced class, her request was denied due to the grades Alex was receiving each semester. Needless to say, Alex dropped out at the age of seventeen after repeating too many years for the school's own insecurity and inability to accept that his intelligence was higher than theirs. At least, that's the way he saw it as.

After finally upgrading from the original Windows OS to Windows '95, Alex saw fit to give himself a name to the peers he'd become accustom to meeting during his time on the Internet. And in such, 'Roan' was born; November 14th 2004. Though Alex only used the alias over the net for about a year, it stuck with him as he grew older. Always hoping that at some point he might get back into the game, he accepted that he may not have a choice but to stay away from computers. In main reason, it was after the 'Love Letter Virus' had hit. Written by a boy in Philippines to get back at his school, Alex eventually realized the seriousness of what he'd been doing and tried to keep a much lower profile from then on. By the time his Sixteenth birthday rolled along, Alex had grown interested in the Army and began to work out often and study over the weaponry and tactics used in a new hope to enroll soon. As new years grew closer and closer to change, Alex made his own resolution to become more active. Actually get out of the house, meet people and have fun for once without the use of a machine.

Shortly after Alex's seventeenth birthday was when he decided to leave his mother and wander out alone. Originally wanting to go into the Army, possibly Reserves and working from there; Alex decided to go into the Corps. instead. To become a Marine, from he knew, was harder than it looked and therefore would be a new challenge for him to over-come. The boot camp, however... was quite invigorating. Having to commit the characteristics of an M16A4 rifle and remember so much wasn't what Alex expected. The weeks he spent in camp were nothing compared to the field, though. The exams and training were difficult, the amount of strength it took to complete the courses in the initial time limit was something Alex was willing to over-come. But the standard yelling with such authority he had a problem with. But could tell they at least enjoyed what they did and demanded the rightful respect that was proper to them. Much like Alex does, now.

The courses themselves were what proved to be exhilarating and something he thoroughly loved. Weapons Training, Non-Lethal Tactics Training, Amphibious Warfare, and Infantry just to name a few were among his personal favorites. It took him six years from boot camp to actually achieve a Corporal rank in the Corps., but that was only after he'd taken a bullet for his Sergeant during their tour over seas to an infected village and leading the last two members from tour in Sweden. One of the guy's he known since his enlistment, Jimmy Daves, had been bitten not long into the tour and tried to kill the last three members of the team along with himself. Alex's actions were noted along with his achievement for bravery, but he never understood why he took the bullet in the first place. The Sergeant was more of a cruel man, and harsh in his own way toward the members. Only wanting to get the job done and still believing and knowing that once completed, there was still more to be done. Some say he'd been out too long and his sanity had gone with the life he'd chosen. It was also noted that despite the wound to his left shoulder, Alex still carried the mission on himself. But only after his second tour to his home country, Philippines, where he was truly promoted for carrying out orders after the his Sergeant and one other member of the platoon had died from a wrongfully bounced grenade.

The only other two members of the unit that were left was Alex, Shackle and Brimston; who also served with Alex during his only year as Corporal along with two other members. Even though Brimston was the highest rank of the three, being a Lance Corporal, Alex was the one with the strategy to survive. And thus, it was his lead that they had followed. It being his home country, the other two figured Alex would know it best (even though it was his first time there). Using the school computers, that were only a mile and a half from their failed attempt to breach the police station for ammunition; Alex sent a message for an emergency air-lift. Alex was the only one to stay awake the entire three day wait that it took before his message was received, taking every watch shift while the other two caught what little rest they could manage. During the safe trip home, Alex could do nothing but stare outside and wonder what was wrong. Everyone just seemed so... dead. Which was the truth, but he never paid attention besides the fact it took a lot to keep them down.

No matter how hard Alex tired, he could still never understand why the world seemed to be in its' dismay and chaos order that now stood in every city and country. Not long after Alex's promotion to Corporal for his work in Philippines, he was immediately sent back with his own four man group (Included Shackle and Brimston along with two new recruits) to try and quarantine what he could. But this was only during the remaining year of 2005. Half-way through the year of 2006, Alex status started to go down hill.

August 27th, 2006 | Operation SA

Alex his team were sent off to the South African coast to help fight the mirrored disease spreading and search for possible survivors. Ordered by The US-Government It was given to the team as a Special-Ops Tactical Search and Rescue of which they were only to come back if they found someone alive. The team had accepted the mission without hesitation at first, but Alex become leery later on as to why they had to stay unless there was a survivor. Now, he couldn't be sure, but it sounded like they were searching for someone and they were only meant to retrieve him and bring him back. During the initial two months over in Africa, Alex and his team found profound ways to hunt and little exceptional food to eat. The outbreak, it seemed, had demolished everything. Nearly all the food was poisoned or intoxicated and the water wasn't even within national drinking standards.

It took everything they had to initially survive. And the heat was had started to get to Alex after seven months. Where areas the villages weren't safe, they kept to the jungle as much as possible and even used what would they could salvage from the plagued villages to build to build their own strong-hold for protection. Searching during the day for possible survivors, they found none. It was until April of 2007 that they received a transmission to eliminate all survivors. Each village to was to be properly investigated, secured and sterilized with any means necessary. The transmission had come from an unknown third-party from a private Organization. Knowing that those orders went against there original purpose, Alex and his team spent the last two months searching for any possible survivors. In June of 2007, another transmission was received that an emergency transport would arrive shortly.
After nine months, they'd finally received word of returning home. Alex, however, had wanted to stay. His time in the African Jungle had gotten to him, and his 'imaginary friend' once again made his return debut.

To Be Continued...

¤ Introduction: Operation SA Continued Part II - Breakdown

" Alex! " yelled a short, muscular man. " Alex, what the f-ck's goin' on, man? "

The ground was blood-stained, a large clump of small intestine lay just short of the large wooden door. Taking a few steps forward, the man turned his head with a look of disgust before opening the door. His hand still firmly gripping the small, three inch, cut out hole that would have been a handle, the short man plundered inside to grab the man on the other end. After a short struggle, both men were on their knees; the blond being held with his arms behind his back while the short, light brown haired man kept them locked in place.

" Alex, what the f-ck did you do?! " shouted the man with light brown hair, his voice cracking under the pressure of trying to keep his arms locked.

Squirming for a moment, the man being held tried to wrench free. Serving to no avail, he chose to just sit there, his deep, brown eyes staring at the oak wooded wall in front of him. A small stream of blood slowing sliding down from the left corner of his mouth while a soft piece of white, yet pinkish flesh was still visible through his teeth; glands of hair poking through, tickling his throat before finally swallowing the moisturizing, yet salty, piece of meat. It went down quite easily, considering the tenderness and how little he really chewed it, but still enjoyed the sound each time a blood cell popped between his teeth. Although the flavor... the flavor was all too satisfying seeing as he hadn't had any type of meat in the last month, merely living off the fruits of the jungle.

" He wouldn't listen... " was all the blond replied with.

Raising his eyes slowly, the blond looked over his left shoulder at the man holding him. His blooded stained, white teeth showing through his gritted smile. " Shackle... get off me, " he stated firmly to the light brown haired guy behind him. But the grip remained, leaving Alex still kneeling on the floor.

" I said get off me! " shouted Alex, pulling his arms forward and bringing them back to shove his left elbow into the side of Shackle's face.

Staggering back, the man with the light brown hair, Shackle, raised his hand in a fist toward Alex before backing down. He just couldn't understand, they'd known each other for so long and yet, there lay Brimston. His gray eyes staring up blankly at the ceiling, clothes all torn apart with missing pieces of flesh from his chest and side. But there was something more gruesome about the picture than Shackle wanted to see. The lower region of Brimston had been removed, and his left side was completely torn open, revealing his only remaining, pink and oval, kidney along with what was left of his large intestine.

Covering his mouth, Shackle turned away toward the door, constantly gagging as if he were about to throw up while Alex just looked at the body before kneeling over to examine his work. Shackle by then had just turned around and just stared for a moment before finally noticing a young woman tied up just behind the door. Her dirty black hair was covered in leaves with a touch of brown which closely resembled the dirt and mud just outside. Her clothes were blood-stained, a dark red flowing over the outside of her already darkened khakis. The woman's complexion was rather pale, her skin covered in dried dirt with thick patches of grass here and there as if she'd fell or been driven into the ground previously. But her face... bruised with a swollen lip and her right eye held numerous tints of olive, black, blue and a dark purple. She looked like she'd been beaten and abused while tied, but surprisingly, she was alive.

Her breathing, slow and steady. Stomach barely rising, but you could hear her muffled and whimpering voice each time she sucked in air. Before the Shackle could take a step toward her, Alex's head snapped around and his shot up, grabbing Shackle by the back of the neck. Squeezing and bringing Shackle's face close to his, Alex nodded his head to the girl before speaking in a much lower, more calming tone than before.

" She's guilty... and a survivor, remember? Or did you forget your duties, Private? " asked Alex after stating a small point.

Letting go of his neck, the Corporal placed his hands behind his back and walked slowly over to the female and look back at the only other surviving member of his platoon. The glare in his eyes, soul-less and un-nerving at the most showed something different than before. In all the years Shackle and Alex had known each other, which was going onto seventeen years, he'd never seen Alex act like this. Then again, he'd never been aware that his friend held any sort of mental problems, either.

" But... Alex, you know we've never went by the rules, " stated Shackle, concentrating his crystal blue eyes on Alex's. " We cleared this village! You know goddamn well they're innocent! "

Shackle's temper flared, he couldn't take much more of what was going on. Brimston wasn't always right in the head, even he knew that. Him and Alex had both had their problems ever since Alex was promoted, but remained friends in the end. Though Brimston still believed it was he who should have taken over after the Sergeant's untimely demise, he accepted that Alex was, at least then, a better leader and more fit for the job.

" She's a traitor to the Corps! " yelled Alex in retaliation. " You know it, and I know it. "

Reaching around his back, Alex pulled out his custom Colt from its' holster and pointed it at the woman's head. The black and silver finished pistol being held unsteady his left hand while his finger strayed back and forth from the trigger. But he never looked at the female, not even once during that situation. Instead, his eyes had been lowered to Shackle, standing several inches away and just within arm's reach.

Shackle's eyes met Alex's for a moment before he quickly averted his gaze to the finely furnished pistol in his hand. He'd known Alex to be a little edgy, but this was going too far.
Reaching behind himself to grab his pistol, he realized it wasn't there and could only catch a glimpse of the woman one last time before hearing the sound of gunfire coming from the barrel of a .45 held in his hand.

" No! " the voice echoed in his own ears as the pistol fell and everything else went silent.

Shackle dropped to one knee, peering over the woman for a moment before looking back up to Alex. He couldn't believe it... after seventeen years, Alex had finally snapped. The woman had done nothing wrong and some how, Alex believed something else all together. It was like he'd completely lost his mind from being out in the Jungle too long. But maybe that was just it, perhaps the jungle had finally gotten to him. The months they'd spent without word of an air-lift and even after had been plenty, especially since they'd been in South Africa since 2006. And even then, they'd received the transmission late in June of '07, and it was now going into October without any chopper in sight. Abandoned... by their own country.

" And you... " Alex started, leaning down to pick up the now dust ridden pistol from the large cloud of dirt it'd landed in. " You've served your purpose for far... too... long. "

The last thing Shackle saw was the flash of a muzzle in front of his face before he lay face down in a pool of blood, pouring over the woman's hair and onto their clothes...

March 11th, 2008 | New Awakening...

Another five months had passed and it'd now gone into another year since the 'incident' of the platoon. Alex had seemed to pull himself together once more with no memory or knowledge of his previous actions. Since then, he'd managed to bury his team rightfully outside the strong-hold along with the unidentified female that strung his curiosity. He never recalled seeing her, for one, and was confused on why she would be dead inside. Her skull had been split apart, revealing a large portion of her brain, most of which was missing. The sight almost made him sick at first, but the smell was worse. The taste of rotting corpses were the only thing he seemed to be able to taste each time he took a breath, and every time it was always on the tip of his tongue. Something he just couldn't break.

What the hell... he'd wondered, throwing another patch of dirt over her body with a large, indented piece of wood.

It wasn't until later that day that Alex heard it... the sound he'd been waiting to hear his entire time there. His brown eyes looked up into the sky just as it passed; blades twisting around and flying relatively low. The dark, shadowed chopper made its' way by as Alex flailed his arms for a moment in hopes he would be seen. To his surprise, the chopper arrived not ten minutes later to give him a lift back to base.

" Sir, we have a survivor, " said the pilot into the foamed mouthpiece in front of him as Alex hoisted himself into the chopper. After a moment's pause, the pilot nodded with a short " Yes, sir, " after and lifted the chopper airborne once more.

It'd been over a year since Alex had seen home and now here he was... on his way at last. It felt good, really. To finally be out of the god forsaken jungle he'd been thrown into and away from those that so desperately wanted to eat his flesh. But something still seemed wrong. It'd taken forever just to get out and felt like him and his team were just sent there to die. Which, in general, was something that truly pissed him off. The fact that his entire team had died for a country that was already f-cked to begin with, and now this? Not to mention everything now seemed to be out of place. Clenching his fists in anger, Alex looked around the chopper in wander, still questioning the actions that had lead up to this point. He wanted answers, whether they were given freely or not.

Upon looking around, Alex noticed the only other person on the chopper besides the pilot and himself didn't look like a military operative, which wasn't normal. Dressed in all black, an XM8 hanging loosely around his neck and a red and white umbrella looking emblem patched onto the left shoulder of his sleeve.
A few hours into the trip, Alex noticed the black pack hanging around the soldier's waist and grew curious about what was in it. Before he could ask any questions, the pilot interrupted his train of thought with a few words that seemed to simplify the situation.

" Alright, drop him. " said the pilot, sternly.

" Excuse me? " said Alex in response, almost confused and wondering if he'd heard right.

He'd been thinking for too long and more interested and curious as to who the people were supposed to be carrying him home, that he hadn't noticed the sudden drop in elevation of the chopper to a decimated rooftop. Not having much time to react, the soldier in black grabbed a hold of Alex's darkly camouflaged, sleeveless jacket and pushed. The force and quickness left him unprepared as his hands flew to the side, barely being able to grab the wall of the right side while clinging to the soldier with his feet wrapped around his left leg. The soldier pulled his hand back and with one quick motion, his gloved fist connected with the side of Alex's face, hitting just at his corner jaw-line.

The impact left Alex dangling for a moment, letting go of the wall. Just as his free hand reached out to grab the soldier, another gloved fist connected with his jaw; sending him on his way to the awaiting, gray concrete below...

[Continued Raccoon City,in Uptown, Hospital Rooftop.]
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Nathan is now Dead....

Posted 6/28/11 , edited 6/29/11
Name: chris redfield jr

Sex: Male

Age: 13, Born 2/13/98


Weapons: g36k and g36c m9

Equipment: Blackoutfit Appearance: brown hair and red eyes

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