Where all the vids went
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Posted 1/3/09
In case you don't know already, many of the videos are gone because Crunchyroll is getting permission from the creators to put them up.

So be patient and wait a little. The videos will come back, in better quality than ever since they'll be straight from the creators.

Stop cussing your heads off just because all the videos are gone.

If you think i'm lying, here you go:


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Posted 10/15/09
I don't think that hana kimi japan will come back to Crunchyroll. Its too good. that drama rules!!! i wanna buy the dvd. But still its unlikely to see it in crunchyroll. Crunchyroll get Korean Dramas more, and they have dramas that are most likely still airing
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Posted 2/13/10
Where can I watch this show :(
with english subs
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