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29 / F / The Net...
Posted 2/10/09
I'm Yoko.
I'm 21
12 / 6 / 87
My hobbies are playing and learning more photoshop tips & tricks; reading manga, novels, just about any fun I can get my hands on even historical and classical; drawing , a small amount of painting, collecting music, working, cooking I love cooking, and working out, martial arts, ice skating 9 not figure skating, I own hockey skates). I get bored easily so I have to have something to do. Sometimes I have trouble getting online because my internet only exists at Starbucks.
Great food, Dark chocolate, cats, dogs, pretty much anything that is pure and fun. Meat I love to eat beef, chicken, I love meat.
Grouchy people who push their problems off on others.
Drawing, cooking, martial arts, gymnastics, I can do just about anything when I want to which is about most of the time.

"If it's not fun we don't do it, and if we must, we get it done right so we don't have to do it later."

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22 / F / Romania
Posted 2/11/09
Hi I'm Andreea and I'm thirteen.My b-day is on 4 July 1995.I like to draw,to sing,to work in gimp,to waste time and to read xD.I don't like mean ppl,fake ppl,math and french >.<
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 2/12/09
im jonna
16 yrs of age
15th of September
hobbies : internet surfing , watching tv , listening to music , cooking , texting , reading
likes : kawaii stufffs , stuffed toys , my gadgets , ice cream , chocolates , candies , friends :3
dislikes : school stuffs ¬_¬
talents : erm .. singing ( i guess )
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Posted 2/13/09
i am erza
19 years old
30 oct
hobbies : playing basketball, drawing
dislikes: annoying ppl especially guy ,and those who critic about anime .. hehehe
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23 / F / Genting Highlands
Posted 2/15/09
Your name: juliet
Your age: 15
Your birthdate: 7 of may 1994
Your hobbies :surf the internet

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Posted 2/20/09
Your name: Anzu (that's what i got when i translated my real name to a japanese translator kind of thing)
Your age: 15
Your birthdate: 2/2/94
Your hobbies: reading mangas, sleeping, eating, watching animes
Your likes: mangas, cute things, chocolates, cupcakes etc.
Your dislikes: schoolwork
Your talents: ?
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27 / F
Posted 2/25/09
My name is Princess... u can call me cess-chan..
i'm 19
My birthday is Aug. 24
I love reading books & watching movies & animes..
i love prince of tennis & vampire knight..
i play keyboards & guitar..
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Posted 3/7/09
oops! guess i haven't introduced myself! *clears throat*

Your name: momiji
Your age: ask me! LOL!
Your birthdate: jan18
Your hobbies: stargazing
Your likes: pink, hammies
Your dislikes: backstabbers, fake people

nice to meet you everyone!
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20 / Arcadia, Nevernever
Posted 4/17/09
Your name: Pi-Yo
Your age: 12 years old
Your birthdate: secret XD
Your hobbies: reading manga
Your likes: fanfiction,manga,anime,gimp
Your dislikes: blood, rainy days
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28 / M / in Heaven
Posted 12/27/09
Hi , nice to meet you all by the way my name i8s Don-Kun and If you want to know me more then just ask.........
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20 / F / Over the Rainbow
Posted 5/18/11
Hi! My Name is Alyssa but my nickie here is Eva-chan :)
im 13 years old.
My Birthdate is May 27, 1997
I love reading books, playing my guitar and listening to songs ^w^
i hate Liers
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