R.I.P Crunchyroll
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Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09
Well i dont need to say the reason!

Its quite obvious why i say all these!

Crunchyroll has now become a place where freedom of uploading is no more!
All those Godsend series deleted never to come back its just......so depressing!

Also many of those series that are here now arent even available to most of the users due to their region!
Not available to people that supported this site SINCE THE BEGINNING when nobody even new the name Crunchyroll!

That is simply....unethical and sorry to say it........backstabbing!

R.I.P Crynchyroll 1/01/2009
Posted 1/3/09
Keep it to yourself.
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Posted 1/3/09
well im not , i got a member ship
Posted 1/3/09

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