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Posted 1/3/09

xXKazumichanXx wrote:

So I thought of ways to get this group going. Then I told myelf, "An RPG group with no RPG?" So let's get things started.

First up is the Battle Room.

Here you can challenge another member to a battle. Please by making a separate forum topic reading "{Username}'s Battle Room".

Have fun with the battling. Also, invite your friends to join in on the fun!

xXKazumichanXx wrote:

You can level up battling in Battle Rooms. Weather you win or lose, you win some exp.

Exp Earnings:
Wins- 50 exp
Loses- 20 exp
Ties- 5 exp

To Battle you'll need to fill out some papers:

Username: Your username
Race: Post your clan race here. If you are a lord/lady post 'Lord/Lady of _______'
Level: You will be starting off with Level 1.
Battle Room Link: This is your battle room link, so others can get to your battles.

Seperate Info:

Wins- Post your wins. If it changes edit your post.
Loses- Post your loses. If it changes edit your post.
Ties- Post you ties/draws. If it changes edit your post.
Exp-Post you exp. If it changes edit your post.

Post all information in one post. If anything changes just edit you post. Thank you.

xXKazumichanXx wrote:

Battle Rooms even have their rules. Let's try to follow them all.

Battle Room Rules:

Rule #1: Watch your language when battling.
Ex: You could be battling a younger member. Do not influence them in any way.

Rule #2: Keep the battles to a 5 day max.
Ex: We want to keep the battles short, but not too short. Enjoy your battles, but keep count on how long you keep that battle running for.

Rule #3: Don't take the battles seriously.
Ex: All is fake and pretend. If you lose, you lose.

Rule #4: Report and inappropriate language or conversations.
Ex: We will most likely attract younger members, and we don't want to offend anyone in any way. So report anyone that breaks rule number 1.

Rule #5: Have fun.
Ex: Have fun and enjoy the fun you have battling with friends and testing your strength against rivaling clans.

More to come

Post all rules on your Battle Room's first post. Continue to check up on the rules, for some may change or more can be added.

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