Post Reply {game}Give some, take some.
Posted 1/3/09
The name of the game is "Give some, Take some," where you take two points from a character and give one point to another!! P.S. All of this games have different point value so don't post on here or the wall that I'm doing it wrong. You will be either corrected, reprimanded, or cussed out. However I feel that day. Capich?

Allen W.: 50
Lenalee L.: 50
Yu Kanda: 50
Lavi: 50
Arystar Krory: 50
Miranda L.: 50
General Cross: 50
Komui L.: 50
Reever W.: 50
Tyki M.: 50
Road K.: 50
Devitto: 50
Jasdero: 50
The Millenium Earl: 50
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