School shooting in the USA?
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I want 2 hear pplz opinion on school shooting and do u think it only happen here?

A lot of pplz be blamin the student who be killin others, I think it's both side fault. I mean come on, if u didnt start something, I think there wont be nothing...For example the shootin in Virgina Tech: Cho Seung-Hui. He was a victim of bulliness...If everyone would have stop these bully elemantary shiat then none of these would have happen...I'm not sayin what he did was right, he was wrong for ending others pplz who aint got nothing to do with it...
I think these school shootin should be a lesson learn in how u treat others...GROW UP on ur childish game...There's a limit to ever BS anyone can take...

Okay I read some thread [not here] but they be sayin that school shooting happen in the usa only, is that true? Caz I dont think so...
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What about columbine?
A few posers who believed in natural selection decided to shoot up a school?
They were popular.
They were not bullied.
They wanted to die in a hail of gunfire from the police.

So far, USA spawns the most an heros.

In fact, I'm going to go out and shoot up a school.
I'll never be punished with people like you out there.
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You can talk about that topic here, since people have more or less elaborated on it even beyond the Virginia Tech incident, itself:

Also, to answer your question ~ the statement "school shootings only happen in the USA" is a generalized statement from a person ~ it is not a statement of fact. So does it only happen in the US? Of course not. It has probably happened in other countries, but since the USA is a 1st world country, and pretty much in the spot light as far as socio-political events are concerned, you can pretty much say that any shit that happens there will be known to the world.

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