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The Curse and The Daffodils

Updates to the story ::
June 20 {{ A Rose...? }}
June 20 {{ The Butler >:D }}

Journal archive :: (B = Day of Being, bb = Before Bed, al = After Lunch, aw = After Waking)
--- 23rd B bb --- 24th B bb --- 25th B al --- 25th B bb --- 26th B aw ---
--- 26th B bb --- 27th B al --- 27th B bb --- 28th B aw ---

Also, This land she lives in has a different calendar, and the "month" Being is spring-ish, just after winter, kay? Sorry the name of the "month" is so crappy ^^' I couldn't think of anything else at the time, and it stuck. Too lazy to change it now xD

Enjoy =D

23rd Day of Being, before bed

I never should have gotten the flour yesterday. I could have made my younger brother get it. But because I did, I’m stuck here.

I guess I should explain everything, since there really isn’t anything else I can do.

Yesterday, I was preparing to make some bread for my family, and noticed that we had no flour. The eldest of my younger brothers offered to go to town and get some, but I rejected his offer, and headed out the door, wiping my hands on my apron. He would watch the youngest of my siblings while I was out.

Walking down the dirt roads that sprawl the country, I passed a few of the people who live around us. One of my best friends from the girl’s school I attended last year passed by me without even glancing up. I tried to swallow the knot in my throat as I though of her sudden change last year. Ever since my baby brother’s birth, everyone in the area had thought I was some sort of curse. It didn’t matter anymore though, since I had dropped out of school for my family’s sake.

When I arrived at the town nearest to our home, and walked through the market stalls, I did not notice a hooded figure watching the streets. I strode up to the stall that had sacks of flour in it and asked for one. The old man behind the stall hefted a bag of the creamy-white powder onto the counter and asked if I’d need any help getting it home.

I handed him the money to pay for the flour, and answered, “No, I’ll be fine. Thank you, sir.” I hefted the bag with both arms and started back home.

The bag was actually quite heavy, and after I had gone about a quarter of the way home, I had to stop and put the bag down to catch my breath.

Behind me, I heard, “Would you like some help carrying that, young lady?”

I turned around to see a man cloaked in black. A hood was drawn over his face, so I could not make him out. I was immediately suspicious, and rejected his offer. And rightly so.

As I hefted the bag again and headed back to my home, I kept turning around. I could feel someone looking at the back of my head. But every time I turned around, there was nobody behind me and I felt like a fool.

I got back home, and checked one last time for any followers before stepping inside.
“Thank you, James.” I thanked my brother for watching the children while I was out. My six-year-old sister ran to me and clung to my skirts, calling for me to come see something. “Not now, Molly. I’m making bread for supper.” Molly pouted a bit but eventually left to play with the youngest of my siblings, my baby brother Joey. He is one and a half.

Then there was a hectic moment when my two child brothers stormed through the room, playing chase. Martin and Fred, though they are thirteen and fourteen, act like children still, when they should be taking on more responsibilities.

“Those two will need to mature soon, if they’re going to make anything of themselves.”

I looked up and smiled at James, who had come to get a cup of water for Molly.

“They should be more like you,” I said, and began to mix the dough in the bowl I held.

James is sixteen, a year younger than me, and is very mature already, like me. He does a lot of the work in our family’s fields with my father, while Martin and Fred only do a little work.

When the dough was ready to be put in the oven, I shoved it in and went to the main living area, to spend time with my family.

Molly ran up to me holding a piece of paper, and showed me a picture of a cat she’d drawn. “That’s very lovely, Molly!” I said and smiled at my only sister.

Joey began to cry a little, and I picked him up and bounced him on my knee a bit until he settled down. He was happy soon and scrambled up to snuggle against my chest, sucking his thumb contentedly. I smiled down at my baby brother and stroked his hair a bit.

By the time my father came in, I’d had the meal ready and the table set. The fresh bread was ready to be eaten, and we said our prayers and began to eat.

We all were so tired that day, and we were soon all in our rooms, sleeping. My sister and I share a room, with Joey in a crib close to the bed that we share. My three brothers all share a larger room down the hall.

When I woke up this morning I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. My brothers and father ate a quick meal before heading out to work in the fields. Joey and Molly ate slower, and in Joey’s case, a bit sloppier.

I got up and was going to make a cake for tonight, but noticed that we were also out of sugar. I sighed, exasperated, and turned to my youngest siblings.

“How about we all go to the town today?”

Molly nodded and giggled, asking if she could get an apple at the market.

“Maybe, Molly.” Joey smiled brightly, but I’m not sure if he understood what was going on. I picked him up and held him against my hip with one arm. I took Molly’s hand in my free hand, and lead them out of the house. Thinking ahead, and of the hard time I had with the flour the day before, I told Molly to go get the little red wagon to take with us.

I walked to town on the same dirt roads, with my baby brother in one arm, holding my sister’s hand with the other, and her pulling the wagon behind her with her other hand.

When we got to the town, I again did not notice the hooded figure watching the streets.
I bought the sugar, and put the sack in the wagon. We headed to the candy stall, and I got two caramel apples. I handed one to my sister, who ate it happily.

With our treats in hand, we started back home, and I again felt eyes on the back of my head. I quickly turned, and saw the same hooded man following us. I quickly looked back ahead, and increased my pace, telling my sister to speed up as well.

When we arrived at home, I walked inside with my sister, put Joey down and put the sugar away. I told Molly to watch Joey for a little while, and then went outside, where I wasn’t surprised to see the hooded man standing a few hundred feet away.

Determined to protect my younger siblings, I walked briskly up to him. When I was about five meters away from him, he looked up. “What do you want?” I asked him.

He didn’t say anything for a moment, then said, “You.”

Scared, I looked around and thought of yelling for my father and brothers, but they were too far away, off in the farthest of our fields. I backed away, but he came forward.

I turned and ran, and almost made it to the door. But before I could run up the steps to the porch, the man had caught me and put a gloved hand over my mouth. I could not scream, and his grip on me was too hard to break away.

He took his hand off of my mouth, but before I could say something, he’d tied a cloth around my mouth.

I tried to turn and at least see the face of whoever was violating me in such a way. But no matter how I tried, he always stayed out of my line of sight. He quickly tied my hands behind my back, and I knew there was nothing I could do. He turned me and led me to a horse drawn carriage that I hadn’t noticed before. He shoved me into the covered part and got into the driver’s part at the front. The carriage jolted and moved away, fast. I looked around but could not see out the windows, for the curtains were drawn and I could not pull them aside. I would have no idea where the man was taking me.

I must have fallen asleep somewhere along the way, because when I opened my eyes next, the carriage was stopped, and the man was at the door to the carriage, waiting for me to get up. The hood was back now, but he had a mask on, and I could not make out any of his features.

The mask was white, with little slits where his eyes presumably were. There was a black pattern curling from the chin, around the mouth and eyes on the left and to the forehead.

I stood up awkwardly, for my hands were tied up, and hopped out of the carriage. I tripped on my skirts though, and fell forward. I landed in the man’s arms, and he stood me up strait before gently untying my bonds. I rubbed my sore wrists, and glared at the man who had kidnapped me as he reached around my head to untie the cloth that covered my mouth.

But mostly my mind was racing with thoughts of my family. I was frantically wondering if my littlest siblings were okay, and what would they do without me? My baby brother and six-year-old sister needed me. And my other brothers all looked up to me. My father would be devastated.

The man led me to a room with a fireplace and bed in it. He closed the door behind him as he left, with a click as he locked it, and I’ve been in here since then. At first, I was screaming and pounding on the door for him to let me out. I tried to open the small window in the room, and when I couldn’t, tried to break it. But it would not shatter, and I eventually fell to the ground crying.

Then, I found this journal and pen on a table by the bed. It’s actually quite a nice journal.

So I figured I would write down what happens to me, so that if nobody ever sees me again, they might at least know what happened.

24th Day of Being, before bed

I’m still mad, and worried about my family. It’s been two days, and I still haven’t learned anything about my captor.

I woke up today, and found the door to my room open. I went out of the room and looked around the house I am in. It’s very small. There is a kitchen and a living area, and only two bedrooms; the one I’m in, and the one I assume my captor sleeps in. There is also a greenhouse room, and what seems to be some sort of laboratory, but those two rooms are locked.

I was kept inside the house. The door to the outside was locked and I couldn’t find any way to open it. And all the windows were the same as the one in my room. It really annoyed me.

I sat around, trying to occupy myself for most of the morning. By the time I would have liked to eat lunch, I went back to the room I slept in for a few minutes. I was lying on the bed and looking out the window a little, then got bored again and got up. I paced the room a few times, hearing my stomach growling at me.

I sighed, and walked out of the room. On the table in the living area, there was a plate of food. I eyed it cautiously, and walked to the table. I looked at the food, then around the room, wondering if my captor had made it. I narrowed my eyes, and looked at the food again.

It’s poisoned, isn’t it? He’s going to poison me. The thought passed my mind more than once, and I decided to leave the food. I wasn’t so starving that I would eat anything in front of me.

I left the food, and sat near the large window looking into the garden. I watched a few birds for most of the time, and then must have fallen asleep. It seemed that I had closed my eyes, and when I opened them next, the sun was setting and I felt sleepy. I blinked away the sleepiness, and looked around the room.

My captor was sitting at the table, looking at the plate of food I’d left there. I got up, and he turned around. He still had the mask on, and his cloak hid the rest of him.

“Why do you hide your face?” I asked.

I got no reply. I walked closer to the table, and saw that the plate of food was not the same one from lunch. This had a dinner on it, and it looked like it was still hot. I could feel the man looking at me, and wondered if he was waiting for me to eat the food. I admit, I was a bit hungry by then, but I still didn’t eat it. I walked to my room, and closed the door. I walked to the bed and threw myself onto it, frustrated, hungry, and worried.

But there was something hard underneath me and I pulled it out. It was a book. I couldn’t find a title, but I opened it up and read the first few pages. I found it very interesting. After a while, I closed it, remembering the page number. For a while, I just sat there, and then I put out the lamp next to the bed, and put the book on the nightstand.

I then remembered about this journal, and relit the lamp.

Now, I’m very tired and I’m going to sleep.

Good night, whoever may be reading this.

25th Day of Being, after lunch

When I woke up this morning, I was very hungry. I sat up and let myself fully wake up, and then got up and saw a dress hanging on the door to the closet in the room. I eyed it wearily, but realized that I’d been wearing the same dress for two days and nights. I hastily changed into the dress, which was actually quite pretty. I wondered if my captor had left it there... but that would mean he had entered a young woman's room while she slept, and I didn't want to think about that.

When I walked into the main room of the house, I found a plate of eggs waiting on the table. It seemed to still be hot. I eyed it, and finally decided that my captor wasn’t going to poison me. I ate up the eggs, and sat for a while at the table, wondering what I should do about the plate. I picked it up and took it to the kitchen area, and put it in the sink.

While I was there, I looked through the cupboards. I was wondering if there would be any food in them so that I could make my own meals. I was a bit surprised to find absolutely nothing in any of the cupboards. And the breadbox was empty. Even the icebox was empty. I wondered what it was that I had just eaten.

Still puzzled by this, I went back to my room, and read the book a little. Before I knew it, my stomach rumbled and I looked up. I had been reading for quite some time, I realized.

I got up and went to the table, where I was almost not surprised to see a plate of lunch waiting for me. I figured that I hadn’t dropped dead yet, so the food must be good. But as I sat down to eat the food, I recalled the empty kitchen, and wondered what exactly I was about to eat.

When I finished lunch, I went to the window that looked over the garden. I saw my captor there. He didn’t have a cloak on anymore, and the mask was gone. But I could only see his back. He was kneeling in the garden, working with the flowers.

I could see his hair though, and found that he has semi-long dark brown hair. It was a bit wavy, and was pulled into a low ponytail in the back. Whatever kind of jacket he was wearing, it was deep blue and looked so very elegant.

I think it’s a bit funny that a man who would kidnap a young woman would also have a heart tender enough to be a gardener. And as I watched him in that garden, I could tell that he loved the plants because of the way he moved. It was the same way as my mother did….

25th Day of Being, before bed

I didn’t see my captor again today, except a fleeting glance of him as he walked through a gate in the garden hastily. He had the cloak and mask on again. I kept watch at the window for his return, but didn’t see him again.

Frustrated, I went to my room and read the book. I might as well tell you what the book is about. It’s about a man who grew up with only older sisters who always teased him. One day he met a young woman a few years older than him. He thought she would be just like his sisters, and would tease him. But she didn’t. I haven’t gotten too far in the book, since I’m a bit of a slow reader. But I’ve had plenty of time to read.

Now that I think about it, I do not know why I am frustrated at not seeing my captor again today... I found myself wanting to see his face after I saw him in the garden...

By the time my eyes hurt from staring at book pages, my stomach was also rumbling, and I went to the table, where a meal waited for me. I ate it hastily and put the plate in the sink, and sat at the window for a bit, watching the sun setting. When it was completely dark, I got up and walked to my little room. I was very tired actually, and I was a bit surprised to see a nightgown laying on the bed.

I’d been wondering where everything was coming from. Things seemed to just pop up in this house. Though puzzled, I slipped into the nightgown and crawled into the bed, for I was very tired for some reason. I’m sitting in the bed now, writing in this journal, and can barely keep my eyes open now.


26th Day of Being, after waking

I had an odd dream. I was with my family. My mother and father sat on the couch, and Joey was on my mother’s lap, bouncing happily, as I had done a few days ago. James was talking to Martin and Fred about some farming trick. I went to my mother’s side, and sat next to her. But as soon as I sat, she disappeared and Joey was transferred to my lap. He didn’t even seem to notice a difference.

26th Day of Being, before bed

Today was actually quite eventful. The morning was the same as usual. But when I came into the main room for lunch, my captor sat at the table. I sat across from him, and noted that he had no cape on now, but the mask still covered his face.

“Why do you wear that mask?” I asked before I began to eat. I got no reply, just as before.

I sighed and picked up the piece of soft, warm bread. “And why can’t I make my own meals? There is no food in that kitchen, and I would like to eat on my own schedule.” I looked across at the man, but he said nothing. “Oh, that’s right. I’m being held captive. I don’t get it my way…”

I finished the meal in silence and got up to go to my room, closing the door behind me. I was frustrated at the man. He had forcefully taken me from my home and family that needed me, and then he dared to hide his face from me. I was deeply insulted and panic for my little siblings rose again.

I lay on my stomach on the bed, and was trying to figure out what I’d done to deserve this fate. Had I done something wrong? For a little while, I just sobbed into the pillow.

When I got up and wiped my eyes, I sat for a little bit, just thinking. And then I went out into the main room. I was amazed to find the front door opened. I walked slowly and dumbfounded to the large windows that looked onto the garden. My captor was working on the flowers again, and for a few minutes, I just watched him.

When I did creep out the door, I realized that I had to walk through the garden to get to the gate. I slowly crept around the corner and then accidentally stepped on a stick that snapped. My captor stopped moving for a moment, and then looked up and around at me. For the first time, the mask was off and I could see his face. Blue eyes gazed at me from under his dark brown bangs, and his skin was fairly well tanned. I was somewhat surprised to see how young he looked. He could not have been much more than twenty and five years old.

At first, he only looked surprised. Then, he straitened up and dusted himself down. When he looked up, he had the loveliest smile I’ve ever seen on his face.

“Come and see the flowers?” He asked. When I didn’t move, he stepped a bit closer, holding out his hand. “Come, you must see them.”

I was shocked really. I hadn’t expected anything like this. He seemed more like a friend than someone who had taken me against my will to this place and locked me up.

When I still didn’t move and only stared, he looked disappointed. He turned back to the flowers with an air of sadness. As he knelt over the flowers, weeding and planting, I watched him for a while. I soon wandered close enough to see the flowers clearly. They truly were beautiful. Some were red, some were blue and some were purple. But the ones that stood out the most were the bright yellow daffodils.

Caught by their beauty, I knelt next to the man, and stared at the flowers.

“Those daffodils are my favorite.” My captor’s comment broke my trance, and I looked around.

I nodded. “They are so lovely.” The man stood up and I also stood up.

He held out his arm. “Would you care for a tour of the garden?”

I hesitated but something told me the man wouldn’t harm me. He hadn’t done so yet, so I was thinking he might not ever. I walked with him through the garden, and he showed me all his plants. They were amazing. All of them were beautiful in some way or another, and all were bright and healthy.

He did most of the talking, telling me of the backgrounds and legends behind each plant. While I couldn’t say I was enjoying being held captive, I must say that I was impressed with his knowledge of plants. He walked me to the front door, and stopped for a moment.

“What is your name?” He asked me. He looked me right in the eyes, and I found his gaze to be somewhat oppressive.

After hesitating for a short time, I answered with, “Maureen.”

He smiled, and said, “And you may call me William.”

I nodded, somewhat unsure of what to expect next. He led me through the door and back into that little house. He was going to go back outside, but he turned around and said, “Feel free to explore, Maureen.”
I nodded, and he went back outside, and around a corner.

Standing where he’d left me, I peered outside. I could see that gate a little ways off, past some expanse of garden path. But there was a wall around the place. I think there may be some way to escape this place, but I am not sure.

I staid inside for a few more moments, and then went outside. I walked around the garden until I reached the gate, and tried to open it; but it was sealed tight, and locked.

I was frustrated, and didn’t know what else to do, so I sat down right on the ground and cried at first. I’m sure William must have seen me from the garden, but he did not approach me. I've noticed that since all this happened, I've been crying more than I have in just over a year...

After a while, I stood up and, wiping my face clean, I walked back toward the house. I walked along the outside wall of the building, and soon found myself in a room of sorts. I was still outdoors, I could tell; but there was a roof over my head, that cast shadow over everything.

After some looking around, I saw the large statue against the wall. It was of a lion-like animal, with great wings folded behind its back. I’ve seen drawings of Lions once before, when a traveling artist came to the town; but none of the drawing had wings on them. And this one had an odd tail, with a point at the tip, and almost human facial features. It sat there, seeming to stare at me; watching my every move.

I think what made it look like that was the ruby orbs that were its eyes.

Diverting my gaze upward, I noticed that there was one small, grubby window directly above the statue.
I was wondering what the statue was doing there, and was about to see if I could somehow get on top of the lion-creature’s head to peek into the window, when William said from behind me, “Oh, you’ve found the statue?”

I was startled, and spun around, a little too fast. “W-what is that statue?”

William smiled that lovely smile again, and said, “That was a gift from someone very important.” He walked past me and stood next to the statue, and reached out to rest his hand on the nose of the creature.

I looked at the creature again, and said, “What is it?”

William smiled, and said, “Ah, I was wondering if you’d ask. This is a Manticore.” I think he understood that I had no idea what he spoke of, for he continued. “A Manticore is said to have the body of a great lion, and the tail of a scorpion, the face of a man and wings.”

I looked at the statue yet again, seeing it with new eyes. I could see all that William spoke of in this creature, and wondered what kind of people had thought up. “Are they real?” I was amazed.

William smiled a charming smile, and said, “I honestly have no idea. Some say they are real creatures, but most believe them to be nothing more than myth. What do you think?”

After a moment of thought, I answered him with, “I think they could be real and they could by myth. I can not bring myself to doubt their existence without proof, yet I can’t believe them to be real without seeing one.”

William nodded. “Ah, and there lies the confusion. You have not seen one, but who is to say that means there are none?”

I nodded slowly, wondering why I felt a sort of joy that he understood.

We stood there for a moment longer, both of us still looking at the manticore, frozen in its majestic stone pose, and then William asked me if I would like to learn more about other myths.

I nodded, and followed him away from the statue, and into the little house. I was surprised when he led me to the door to the room I assumed he slept in, and was hesitant to go in. It would be improper; it was a man’s bedroom, after all.

Or so I thought. Through the door was a small library. I looked around, wondering why I had never known there were so many books so close to me this whole time. William led me to a shelf of books about mythological creatures and the like, and showed me one in particular about manticores. I took the book with a smile, as well as a few more books, and sat in the garden to read them while William attended to some business.

The rest of the day was fairly boring, and nothing much happened.

But it is not until now that I realize he got me away from the window I was going to explore, and placed in my hands things to keep me occupied.

And this makes me wonder, what could he be hiding?

27th Day of Being, after lunch

Today, I made my own food.

When I woke up, and walked into the main room I was surprised to see no hot food waiting for me on the table. I was pretty confused, but when I went to the kitchen, I found eggs and flour and sugar and milk. All the things I would need to make mice meals were in the cupboards, breadbox and icebox. Perplexed, but happy to be doing something productive once again, I made myself some breakfast; and after a few moments of thought, I made my captor some as well.

I put his plate on the other side of the dining table from me, wondering whether he would come and eat it or not. The odd thing was, I found myself wanting him to come and eat it. No matter how many horrible things he’d done to me, I found myself wanting to see him, and it disturbed me.

I looked down at my own plate and began to eat, but heard a light hearted, “Are you not going to wait for me to sit, Miss Maureen?” I was in the process of swallowing the first bite, and nearly choked in surprise. “I’m terribly sorry,” William rushed over to my side and tilted his head in concern. “Are you alright?”

I nodded slowly, regaining my breath. The more cynical side of my brain thought, what does he care if I’m alright? He kidnapped me in the first place. “Do not startle me like that again,” I said, wiping my mouth to regain all of the lost grace I could for the meal.

He smiled and said, “Of course!” He made his way around the table to his seat, and looked at the scrambled eggs and hash browns I’d made. “No pancakes?” He asked, in a tone of voice that suggested I hadn’t made a good enough breakfast. It almost sounded like contempt.

“Are eggs and hash browns not good enough for you?” I asked, not looking up.

I could tell he was rapidly shaking his head because of the way he spoke. “No, not at all!” He hesitated for a moment, and added, “I was just hoping for pancakes, that’s all.”

I looked up at him, and said, “Then why do you not make your own breakfast?”

He smiled at me and then said, “Because you make them much better, Miss Maureen,” before taking a graceful bite of eggs.

All I could do as I ate my breakfast was think, what on Earth is wrong with this man?! First he’s this mysterious, reclusive man who hides his face, then he’s a gentlemanly gardener and now he’s a spoiled man? Only today, his mood has shifted at least three times!

When we both finished our meals, he stood up and bowed to me, saying, “I have some business to attend to for most of the day. I am sorry to leave you hear, but I fear I must.”

I also stood up, and said, “Why can’t I come? Why do I have to stay here the whole time?”

He just looked at me as if I hadn’t said anything, and smiled. Then he bowed and said, “Goodbye, I will be back before Dinner.” And he left.

I spent the rest of the morning reading, and then made a quick lunch, and ate alone.

27th Day of Being, before bed

The oddest thing happened after lunch!

I was out in the garden looking at the flowers when it happened.

I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to peek into that window now that William wasn’t there. He was attending to business. I put down the book about mythological creatures I’d brought with me and tip toed to the statue with the bright ruby eyes.

I jumped on top of it, but had a hard time pulling myself up. I have not exerted myself physically much in my life, so I’m not very strong.

I was finally at eye level with the little rounded window, and drew closer to peek inside when I heard a sound. It was music.

It sounded as if the creator of the music had had a melancholy of emotions in him when he wrote it. It was happy and sad, full of hope and futility, of love and hate. So many clashing emotions came together in that music, and I couldn’t not listen.

And once again I was caught in the act of spying.

But this time it was not William who called me from my mission. This time an elderly man in a suite said with some sort of accent, “Miss, are you quite done up there?”

I was so surprised to hear the voice that I nearly fell. I did manage to catch my balance though, and pulled myself down hurriedly.

“W-who are you…?” I asked the suited man.

He bowed and said, “Matthias at your service, Ma’am.”

I stared at him for a while, and wondered what on Earth was going on. “Have you been here the whole time, Matthias?”

He shook his head. “No, Ma’am. Master William just called me in this morning. I’m afraid it took me some time to prepare my things and come over.” He bowed again.

“No, it’s just fine…” I really didn’t know what else to say. “Um, if you do not mind my asking, why are you here, Mr. Matthias?”

Matthias stood up straight and said, his gray mustache curled up in a smile, “I am here to serve you, Ma’am. Anything you ask, within reason, I shall do.” Here he bowed again.

I stared at him for a while, and then said, “You mean, like a servant? Only the village elders had servants…” Where I grew up, most people were poor and worked on a farm such as my family did. The more important people in the areas got servants, who did what they wished and made their lives one of luxury and comfort. I had thought servants were a figment of my imagination, at times when life seemed so hard. And now I had one? I t didn’t seem right.

Matthias noticed my confusion, and said in further explanation, “Because Master William can not be here at all times, he asked me to live here with you and make sure you were comfortable. I have orders to do anything you ask of my, with a few… limitations.”

I stared, and then found my voice again. “For instance, if I were to ask you to help me escape?”

“I would have to respectfully decline.” Matthias was quick to answer.

I was confused and disgruntled after being caught, and the music was still playing in my head, but I decided to ignore Matthias. I shrugged lightly and walked out of the area, back to the garden where I had been, and resumed my book.

The rest of the day was spent lazing about, reading, and glancing wearily at Matthias.

It was hard convincing him that I wanted to cook my own meals and eat in simple silence. If I had not stopped him, he would have prepared a meal far too large for the both of us together to finish!

I am not at all sure if I can trust him…

I have locked my door tonight.

28th Day of Being, after waking

I just woke up, and what do I find? A pink rose on the pillow, next to my head.

I’m frantic now. I had locked the door, and yet someone has managed to get into my bedroom. And it could only have been William or Matthias… I think I should not trust either.

More Soon :3
Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
sounds awsumee ^^ EMBIE-SAN-KAN-PETER-MAN-PAN
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Posted 1/4/09
alrighty time to do a kinnie :D
i read part of the begining
got lazy after that >w<
Posted 2/10/09
same here kinnie :]
i will read it later o_o
wen i gotz timee ;.;

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Posted 2/10/09
NUU Not Hooray >.<
I want some feedback here guys xD
Read it soon please =D
*spins in circles*
Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/25/09
my eyes hurt now ]:
tha kidnapper dude seemed too creepy at tha beginning.
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Posted 2/25/09
It's supposed to be that way.....
I's sorry yer eyes hurt though :[
Posted 2/26/09
lol yea :]
cuzz tha comp screen ish..bright :O
&& yeah i want moreee!! : ]
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Posted 2/26/09
I'm feeling in a fairly literate mood... I'll go add some more ^^
Might not get it up until tomorrow though >.<
Posted 2/28/09
kayy~ :]
Posted 6/20/09 , edited 6/20/09
Yeaa i remember readin all ah this (:
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Posted 6/20/09
lmao I was trying to think of a weird name that would suit a butler. Matthias seems like a good butler name xD

And yush, I <3 MaureenxWilliam >w<
It'll get even better, too >w<
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