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Is Google A good researching website?
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45 / F / Singapore lah!
Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
not very bad
Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/28/11
Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/29/11

edsamac wrote:

First of all... Google isn't really a "site"... it's a search engine. It doesn't filter out any questionable websites with false information, so in effect, it's a poor research tool.

If you want valid entries, then I suggest you try scholar google or you use other internet resources, such as pub med, jstor, or ebscohost.

^ My answer. Plus, some of the pics on Google Image search seems to have viruses as well.
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Posted 5/13/12 , edited 5/14/12
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