Windows customization
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Posted 1/4/09
If you find anything you wanna add thats not here, go for it xD just let me know with a quote or something =3

First off, this is mainly for Windows Vista..however XP has some of the same customizable aspects to it

When writing this, I believe you know how to work a computer, so how to get something to work should be easy..and not needing a how to guide xD

I am not responsible if you do not know how to work these, These programs are meant for advanced computer/windows users and should not be taken lightly..If you don't know what a system32 folder contains..most likely you should not try these programs thinking they are easy to use...i have warned you =P

These are all spamware free..tested and have had links on sites such as pcworld,msn,msnbc,cnet,etc...

One more word of caution, not all computers will be able to do these, here are my requirements on the upper limit for some of the graphically intense programs to work:

Windows XP/Vista
1.6Ghz minimum for laptops
2.0Ghz for desktops

You should at least have 2Gb Ram if your using Vista
1Gb Ram will do, but check your internal computer temp to make sure it doesnt overheat

For the programs using XP..512Mb Ram is more than enough <3

Okay Let's Begin.. This website is awesome for customization, however it does cost like a few bucks here and there ><

Motion Desktops = These are essentially desktops driven by a video instead of a wallpaper, which means yes..if you wanted to watch an anime in the could if you made one yourself =o...the program costs $20 but mind worth it to see a planet explode in the background of your computer xD, there is a freeware version that lets you test it out..believe will be amazed

Mac style windows = Yes..if you hate the way windows looks and love mac, this will do the trick..its easy to download..but i would not recommend it for any beginner because you have to do backups just in hasnt been updated for some time..but it still is awesome..its what i currently use myself on my computer

Docks = If you don't know what a dock is, it's basicly something you can bring out of thin air on your computer which holds a list of any programs you put on there..which means..if your searching for only need to search for it once..put it on the dock..use whatever function to bring it up (i use ctrl+alt+s) and click the link, it will auto dissapear if you desire and is like..a quick link thingy for your computer..i highly recommend it for the cluttered user xD,72396-order,3-page,1/description.html

Windows Themes = There are countless themes available to windows, different icons,wallpapers,players,etc..this one however...started it all..and is my all time favorite..

Firewalls/etc = If you have McAfee or any of those so called built in firewalls...they are EVIL!!! This certain firewall proved to be over the top..especially for a free has been hosted on cnet and is one of the best programs on keeping your computer safe

Misc Free Programs = This is a free program designed to clean your computer of unnecessary files as well it includes a registry cleaner (which is hard to find mind you)..a benevolent program for the standard computer geek ;D Want Microsoft office but dont have $300 for it? why not use this program for free! and does the same thing!!! xD For those who want to use a CAD Program for architectual design, this is a free program provided by google, it is quite fun xD you should try it out..recommended for users experienced with CAD otherwise you will get mad at not knowing how to build a house tired of your defragger being well..crappy? use this one out ;D it will even defrag your most used files automatically!! For us computer geeks, one of the main things we worry about is our computer temp, if its too high, it can potentially lead to overheating and fries some much needed circuitry >< help make sure this doesnt happen..i recommend Speedfan to monitor your internal temp, trust will keep your worrys at rest and is something i use often

Ill add more since im always searching for new kool stuff =3

Post your own links to programs or wallpapers that are out of this world!
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Posted 1/6/09
i keep mine simple
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Posted 4/29/09 , edited 4/29/09
did you really feel the urge to tell us this?

I mean if I really wanted to find out how to do one of those I'd Google it
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Posted 4/29/09
Why was this thread risen from the dead? Useless in my opinion. A moving wallpaper would just slow down a computer AND waste space that could be used for something else.
Posted 4/29/09
I'll also keep mine simple :3` im too lazyyyyyy
Posted 4/30/09
don't bother with the negative posts above,you did a good job
but like some said,i also like it simple..
good luck
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