hey ppl! check out this wannabe group!
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Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
First off,i was totally bored and then suddenly i saw a notification from buddy in cr, invited me to the group calls "For All Gakuen Alice fans" and lol ya know what,when i saw that group i was like, r they copying this group i mean; everything look exactly the same! well, i don't really know who copied who first,but if i use common sense,i would probably copy profile layout from a group that is more popular than my group so that my group can become popular too,if u get what i mean

i got proof so don't think that i lied

*compare the different between these pixs*

exactly same profile layout. plot summary,purpose etc,

same bear thing on the banner tab.(if u get what i meant by that )

even the header has the same kind of writing,(look at the stars)

lol,even the copyright sign is nearly the same haha!

The are MORE,but i'm too lazy now.check it out yourselves ppl


oh ya i forgot to tell the most funniest part

that group's creator has nearly the same avatar (look at the avatar's background) as this group's creator

haha funny rite? told ya!
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