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Posted 1/4/09
Fun and simple.

The Google Image Game!

Use your favorite search engine,

How to play:
1. Somebody posts a picture and says what he/she wants the next person to search.
2. They search that word and find the most intriguing image they see and post that image.
3. They then say a RANDOM word for the next person to search.
4. The next person repeats the process and so on!

(I'll Start)

I searched: cell phone

Next word: Zombie
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Posted 1/4/09
zombie.(not so scary).

next word:vampire
Posted 1/4/09

next word:Borat
Posted 1/5/09
Borat(you thought i will show the pic.him wearing a swimsuit)

next word: Shark
Posted 2/22/09
Shark x)

Next Word: High-Tech Tv
Posted 2/24/09
Here's your Tv!

Next Word: mr.bean
Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/26/09
Theres Mr.Bean!!! WO!!

Next Word:Allen K (Filipino Star)
P.S. I love Mr.Bean xD
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