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Posted 1/4/09
"Resident evil Role-play rules"

1) Make sure your RP posts are following the Storyline.

2) All characters must conform to the Character Creation Rules & Guidelines

3) One (1) character may be in One (1) place (thread) at a time.

4) When moving from one place to another (from one thread to another) you must blatantly say so.

E.g. Luigi moves from the mall to the RCPD.

5) You may not kill another person's character without their permission.

6) You may not control another person's character without their permission.

7) When attacking another character, you must let them decide the outcome of that attack.

8) You may not infect another person’s character without their permission.

9) No hit and run posting. Do not just run into an area, post something, and then run off. Eventually this leads to God modding. If you're going to visit an area, stay there for a while.

10) Try not to post too repeatedly in an area if someone else is RPing with you and isn't there - try not to leave people behind that much.

11) Don't blow up buildings! You are not allowed to do this.

12) Ammunition is not infinite! You must find additional ammunition in the RP (realistically, please).

13) Players can summon Monsters but make sure to summon Something that you can handle if one player get's infected make sure that you asked the player for permission before you infect him.

14) Moving around the world It is possible to move from raccoon city to one of the world wide areas, however unless it is being done in a group related fashion, it must be done in a special matter.

* Find the local area's airport
* From their, post where you are going (I.E. 'Jenn is moving to London, UK')
* After that, post in that areas Airport and say you have arrived.
* From this point on you are free to role play in the area as you normally would.

15) Airport Neutrality - There is to be no fighting, weapons fire, or anything of the like taking place in Airport threads, as they are places of rest for characters and shall remain neutral.

16) Stalking - Stalking is defined as a character role playing with another person in an unwanted fashion. It is asked that all members be courteous to other members and not intrude on their stories. If you must use the current thread that the other player is using, please message them and settle this in a mature manner.

17) NPC usage – NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are random, generic characters normally used by staff for the accomplishment of missions, horde attacks, etc. Members may use NPCs for their own story telling purposes. However, Members are limited to 12 NPCs in an area. You may replenish these NPCs over a period of time, but not immediately. Other members may interact with them, and may also kill them. However, it is asked that all members message the owner of the NPC before hand, and ask permission to kill their NPC.

If an NPC is being used in a generic fashion, such as soldiering, policing, etc, you may kill the NPC. You may not kill the NPC if it is being used for a story telling purpose. It should be noted that an NPC’s death may cause actions which are unwanted. A great example: If you are in Tokyo, and you kill a police NPC, other police NPCs will try to arrest you.

18) Weapons – Simple weapons such as pistols, even rifles can be found on your own in the RP, but it is frowned upon to find numerous weapons. You should ask for a mission if you would like to upgrade your hardware.

Powerful weapons which need Creator clearance before being used are:

* Artillery
* RPGs/Rocket Launchers/Grenade Launchers
* (Very heavy) Machine guns (such as the M80)
* Land Mines

These weapons are banned entirely from usage. No excuses, they aren't required:

* High Caliber Sidearms
* High Caliber Sniper Rifles
* Any Chemical or Biological weapons (Yes, including the T-Virus)
* Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and the like

19) Vehicles – In the course of the RP you will need to use vehicles. This is the list of approved vehicles:

* Helicopters (Black Hawk, and any transport helicopters or regular civilian choppers)
* Motorcycles
* Any car (SUV, Sedan, Jeep, Mitsubishi, etc)
* Trains (Realistically)
* Ships (Realistically)
* Airplanes (Non military type planes such as personal aircraft and the 747)
* Buses and 18 wheeler type trucks

Vehicles which need prior approval from Creator:

* Any military land vehicles
* Any military aircraft such as Harriers, Apache attack helicopters, and bombers
* Nuclear Submarines and Aircraft Carriers

Note: Exceptions are brought forwards with Character Groups, but still need approval by Creator before hand.

20) Groups – Player groups will receive the following benefits:
*A home base
*A better story to follow which will be provided by the group experience.
*The ability to wage ‘war’ with other existing groups.

21) About War: Player groups may not wage war on other groups without their consent. When a ‘war’ is in progress it must be decided on both group leaders and all significant story events must be approved by each leader before hand.
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