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(Note: Before creating a character, please be sure to read the storyline first so that your character fits the timeline, as well the starting location)

~Resident evil Storyline~

The world has been dealt a serious blow with the outbreak of Raccoon City going global and affecting many locations all over the world. While people struggled to survive, a congregation rose out of the ashes of Umbrellas evil ordeals in order to fix the Corporations mistakes. This group is simply called “The Organization” and worked along with the remaining government and survivors of the world to commence the massive cleanup that would take a more than a decade in history to complete. During this time many pockets of resistance took arms to fight the remnants of Umbrella and whoever was left that was connected with the Corporation; survivors, soldiers, and victims of the Raccoon City incident all put an end to the evil doings of Umbrella.

2009 marked a year to truly commemorate as the official stamp of approval deemed all previous infected locations clean and resolute towards the complete eradication of all ghouls and Umbrella subjects. From this point onwards the rebuilding began, no longer did anyone fight, but instead helped to reconstruct the derelict cities of the world. Once again, The Organization handed out manpower to help with the reconstruction of buildings and improve their stability. Slowly, the cloud of Umbrellas tyranny began to leave the minds of people as they restarted their lives; the overall population of the world being calculated below 3 billion as of 2010. With the amount of man power going into the cleanup and restoration of the worldwide locations, a fraction of that was spent on preparing for the horror of an outbreak, an even smaller amount spent on developing weaponry for such scenarios.

One consideration that no one ever thought about was the information that Umbrella had accumulated over the years, searching for such information and destroying it was a difficult task, with the lack of Umbrella employees though it wasn’t considered as important as the ghoul cleanup and would be picked up further down the track. The idea of such information going into the wrong hands never struck anyone; it should have been obvious that the leftovers of Umbrella would make their way into the hands of terrorists.

A worldwide terrorist operation occurred in 2012, the T-Virus being spread across Countries and over Capitols via air traffic methods and by sky spraying all at the precise same moment of each other. Pandemonium would be an understatement. How such a precise attack could have take place was close to impossible by the terrorist group that presented itself. Talk among survivors and other untouched metropolis landed on the terrorist group being aided in their attack; quickly the fear of Umbrella making a return spread amongst the living while the dead grew in ranks. All anybody could do was move to the next safe location, while people who were more daring towards the Corporation went about their way to investigate the happenings and bring the truth to whatever light that may be left over at the end, if any at all.

Will you survive the horror?

World Wide

The story so far...

United States of America –
After the outbreak began in Raccoon City, a report of two more outbreaks began in another two major capitols in the states, both Chicago and Washington being brought to its knees; it wasn’t long until outbreaks were recorded in smaller settlements and locations far from any of the three major cities. With this, the President of the United States deemed the country in a state of jeopardy, and that slowly the zombie populous would increase and take control of the rest of the continent.

Two passenger jets had left Raccoon City on courses to Chicago and Washington. There was no contact after they had landed as they had not properly taken place at their terminals, when the doors were pried open streams of zombies came piling out and began to feast on the victims in both cities airports.

Chicago: Completely overrun
Washington: Completely overrun

England –
A passenger jet from Israel was recorded entering U.K. air space from an incorrect coordinate, when signaled from the Heathrow Airport in London no response was sent. Several hours later the jet disappeared from air space radars and a search party went out to look for it. The jet was found relatively well intact but no passengers were onboard, a camera recorded that of what one could only call a blood bath. Days later reports in small settlements of outbreaks made their way to London, less than hours later London was breached by zombies in the thousands and the city quickly succumbed to the zombie infestation.

State of Chaos

Japan –
A passenger jet landed inside Tokyo two weeks after the Raccoon City outbreak, police reports state that one of the people who got off the plane became hostile and soon a zombie outbreak commenced. However police were quick to surround the infected area and staved it off. The outbreak cut Tokyo in half, one area for survivors and the other contaminated. A wall is being built around the area but there is fear that the infection has gotten outside of Tokyo and further into Japan. Rumors of settlements being ransacked in Japan are spread out among the surviving area of Tokyo, and is believed that within the month the island will be considered condemned.

Tokyo: Under Marshal Law

Israel –
A private plane from Washington crash landed in the city of Jerusalem, when civilians located survivors of the plane they hauled them out only to receive bites and scratches. 24 hours after the crash the outbreak had taken over half of Jerusalem, a further 24 hours found the city of Jerusalem completely overrun with further contamination stretching out into the less dense parts of Israel. Evacuations took place while the entire country was placed under quarantine.

Jerusalem: State of Chaos

Spain –
Reports of an explosion inside Spain went all over global news, not being the cause of a jet liner or any other forms of air transport grabbed officials attention to the matter as yet still an outbreak occurred inside the city of Madrid reaching out into the rural areas of Spain. Neighboring countries were quick to aid in quarantine of Spain, denying any passage between borders from anyone inside the city and otherwise keeping the entire country under lockdown. A small team of specialists were sent in through the border on an investigation assignment as to what exactly set off the explosion and cause the outbreak; as of yet no word has returned from them.


Russia –
Several days had passed before any word of an outbreak in Russia reached the outside world. A transmission was received instigating that Russia was already well taken over and whatever survivors that still existed had been forced to move across country and through Siberia. When neighboring country military forces flew into the area, the only words that were used to describe Russia was “On fire”. As difficult to believe as it was, all of the main capitols of the country were either heavily damaged, or in a flaming inferno. Little was done to evacuate the country, but apparently the chaos is still fuming at an intense level down on the ground.

Moscow: Complete Chaos

Germany –
A passenger jet collided with a central business building in Berlin; cargo slid out before the collision and exploded showering an odd liquid all over the main street of the city and covering hundreds of citizens. Instantaneously a zombie epidemic struck the unsuspecting city spreading out through the business and urban areas faster than any other recorded zombie outbreak taken from 1998 or other locations in 2010. No outside help could reach the city in time before the outbreak began to spread into the country side, and all hope for Germany was quickly lost.

Berlin: Completely overrun

France –
Like most other locations, a jet landed in Paris with zombies on board. The pilots were completely unaware of the situation that was going on inside the cabin and when they landed completely they began to exit the plane but were met with a huge force of zombies once exiting the cockpit. The gate at the airport was eagerly awaited with many family members who only saw a huge amount of zombies stumble down the passage way. A civil war erupted between the police and civilians at the time of the outbreak giving the police a harder time as zombies bore down on them. With the given situation, it wasn’t long until France was completely overrun.

Paris: Civil disrupt, Outbreak

Kenya –
With the third world scenario currently in progress with Kenya, little attention was put towards that of the zombie outbreak that had occurred inside the capitol of Nairobi. With this being the case, it is unknown as to how the outbreak began; no records of flight times or inbound or outbound aircraft are ever taken down, nor was any journalist news on strange happenings before the outbreak sent through the wire to corresponding countries. As far as anyone understood, the outbreak simply came to exist on the spot. With the third world status, it wasn’t long until Nairobi was covered with people destroying everything in site. The mix of hysterics puts Kenya at the top of the list for one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

Nairobi: Third World, Outbreak

Egypt –
Egypt was one country that was lucky to have their outbreak begin in an unpopulated area. Every major settlement was quickly quarantined so that no zombie hordes could enter them. The first reports of zombies was a day after a commercial air liner crash landed several miles from the great pyramid of Giza, many villages and camp sites were trashed and people were killed only to stand up and become the walking dead. Cairo was placed under severe lock down, instead of being placed under curfew the city continued with its every day antics while heavy patrols were placed all around the limits. As regulations though, no planes or ships were allowed in or out of the city unless related to cargo or supplies.

Cairo: Fine, Lockdown

Mexico –
A Cessna small plane that had taken off from Raccoon City two days before the outbreak had gone through a set path towards Mexico, stopping at several locations inside the country. The locations it landed records severe outbreak and high casualties and death rate, the last location the Cessna landed was a settlement not far out of Mexico City, and as it were the outbreak that opened there moved towards the bustling cityscape causing mass hysteria. Little attention was given to Mexico as most of the neighboring countries supplies and help was already being used in other locations. With the severe lack of containment, the outbreak spread out as fast as possible across land and at this time is threatening to breach borders to other countries.

Mexico City:

Brazil –
Revolutionary forces had setup a plan to bring in weaponry supplies into Brazil days around the Raccoon City outbreak, the plane coming from Raccoon City itself. Special Forces had been tracking the whereabouts of the supplies and were about to intercept it upon arrival when the plane crashed just inside Brazilian borders, many miles from its selected landing space; the team that was sent in to locate it never returned radio calls. A week later outbreaks were recorded in Rio De Janeiro and the police were quick to act upon it; an accurate prediction as to whether the outbreak can be contained is uncertain at this point however.

Rio De Janeiro:
Under Containment
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