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if you are interested in playing one of these missions let me know by posting on this thread.

Raccoon City Missions

Mission: Codename 'Walt Disney'

Some people want to live forever, however sometimes you don't need the T-Virus to help make this one fashion or another. Charles Wayward had a son by the name of James back before the breakout. James was diagnosed with a rare disease when he was seven which devistated the family. So much so that they went to drastic measures and froze there son chriogenically. They then buried the chamber in the graveyard next to the church at the out skirts of the city. It have been many years since the day they buried their son and since the outbreak they have no way to reach their son. The cryo chambers will soon run dry and any chance of reviving the child will be lost. Go to the church, dig up the chamber and bring it to the family at the airport and you will be repaid handsomely.

Mission: Codename GTA

When the breakout occurred, Pheonix motors was showcasing the prototype of a new car at the La Bronse Car Dealership. This car was never put into mass production and the model at the dealership is one of a kind and worth millions. Millionair Ken Staton is willing to pay 1,000,000 dollars for the safe return of this car. Grab the car and bring it to the airport without a scratch on it to receive your reward

Mission: Polly want a cracker?

After the outbreak, the only food for the local wildlife to feed on was infected corpses. This resulted in turning the animal itself into a creature of the undead. However there is a rumor that a bird has been seen at the zoo that remains un-effected. If this creature is capable of taking it infected material and remaining untouched it must be brought in for study. Go to the zoo. There you will hopefully find an East Asian parrot. Catching it will be tricky but if you do manage to capture it, please bring it back to the Triple J Broadcast Station on the outskirts of town. Once there radio for us and we’ll send transport out to pick up the subject

Mission: Candid Camera

Armed forces around the globe are having a difficult time fighting off the BOW’s originally created by Umbrella. We have recently learned that a security company known as EDEN corp. ran security detail for Umbrellas facility in Raccoon city. There they may have video footage showing various BOW’s during combat testing. There is a chance that these sessions were cataloged. If you retrieve this footage from EDEN corp. our armed forces may learn more about their attack patterns making them easier to deal with. Once you have the footage, meet us at Checkpoint Romeo in the Transportation Hub.

Mission: Show me the money

Saving the world is great and all but why not think of yourself for a change. Do something to better your own life? A ton of money is just waiting to be picked in the Circular River Community. There are many fine houses but I’m interested in the Jefferson Estate. My information estimates that they have over two million dollars in their private safe. However it won’t be a cakewalk. I can provite passcodes to get you past the fence but after that your on your own. I don’t know where he keeps the safe and his security system is nothing to laugh at. Get the money and other values and then bring it to me at the docks where we’ll split it 50 / 50.

Mission: Chem Lab

Something evil has poked it’s head recently. A new type of BOW has been spotted in Mineapolis that has never been seen before. Speculation shows that this new creature may be the product of a professor Brian Green. Brian Green once worked as a chemistry teacher at the Raccoon City Univercity. There is a chance he may have left some of his research behind when the outbreak occurred. Go and see if you can find any information on this new BOW by looking through his old notes. Bring your findings to us at the airport.

Mission: Scavenger hunt

Relics of the past are put into museums and are considered priceless artifacts. Though the outbreak was a terrible world event, it has been burned into its history. Once the evils of Umbrella were discovered, all traces of the company were thrown away and destroyed. Today it is hard to find an empty vial of pills or an outdated nutrition drink. The only place to find such items is in Raccoon City where time has stood still. Historians and collectors worldwide now treasure any rare artifact of the company that may be left and look to them as historical icons despite the dark past tied to it. Historians and random lovers of E-Bay will pay good money for an old can of Umbrellas Nutri-boost, empty prescription vials, and even things as simple as a bumper sticker. Go and collect relics from Umbrellas past so you can make a killing on E-Bay and line your pockets with money! Best place to look may be at the local hospitals, pharmacies, and even grocery stores.

Mission: Death Metal

Just before the outbreak, the now world famous death metal band ‘Bent-Nail’ recorded a live album in their hotel room in Raccoon City. They only managed to make the demo before they had to flee the city. The band now dreams of the songs they made back in that cursed city and want the demo recovered to put on their next album. Return the demo located in room 365 at the downtown hotel and you will meet the band in person and get a cut of the record sales!

International Missions

Mission: Ties of Spain

Trouble is brewing. Russia has received some intelligence suggesting that Spain may have had something to do with the worldwide terrorist attacks. Spain is swearing innocents but before any peace treaties are signed the Russians want proof of Spain’s sincerity. They will only recognize Spain’s peace treaty if the proper officials sign the document at the Royal Palace in Madrid. The problem is the city is completely over-run. We need a team to safe guard Spain’s officials on their way to the Royal palace to sign the treaty. Get them to the palace and back without losing any men. From there, take the papers to the Russian White House in Moscow and you will play a major hand in keeping the peace.

Mission: TV Tokyo

Ever see a Japanese Game show? Well this time they've gone too far. Poshidoe TV 10 decided to make a new reality TV show in which they take 10 ordinary students and house them in an infected area and see how they fair. They have chosen an old hotel near the old temples, which is a relatively calm area. However the present of fresh meat is sure to attract attention. The rules of the game are that the contestants have to spend three nights in the hotel in order to win a cash prize. If the contestants freak out and get to scared, they will be airlifted out. Your job is to keep these idiots alive long enough for them to tape there show and fly out to safety. You will be well compensated for your assistance though I wouldn't blame you if you left them to fight for themselves.

Mission: Codename 'Powder Keg'

We got a REAL problem going down in France. Evacuating civilians may seem like top priority at the moment but an even bigger problem has serviced. In the panic, all the scientists at this local nuclear power plant fled leaving it un-attended. Our sources say that containment is becoming unstable and if something isn't done soon deadly radiation will leak out exposing many nearby cities including France! We have managed to find a brave scientist by the name of Dr. Willabi. He is willing to go in and fix the containment but only if given proper support to protect him from the hordes of undead. Get him in, let him fix the problem and get out of there.

Mission: Seeing Green

ATTENTION SOLDIERS! Your country needs you! When the attack hit Washington DC everyone dropped what they were doing and headed for the hills. Things are hairy but we need a few good men to go back in there in the government’s best interest. Many buildings that were abandoned, one of which was the U.S. Treasury. Inside is the machine used to make this nations currency. If someone were to get their hands on the printing plates they could start making counterfeit bills and destroy what is left of our economy. Go to the U.S. treasury 'in the DC monuments thread' and gather up all of the printing plates and return them to us. We will be waiting for you at Fort Belvoir. Good luck soldier!
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