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In denying abtract ideas
Posted 1/8/09
Well , because of the brain . What your brain for ? Imagination
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Posted 1/9/09
First off, I am a Christian. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Not Mormon, not Catholic. Christian (because there is a difference.)

Here is what I believe:

The Soul is you. Crazy as it sounds, the Soul is your mentality, personality, and you.

Your Body houses your Soul. Still with me? Your Body is physical, people can touch, see, and unfortunally, sometimes smell it, so people know it's there. However, people think that the Soul doesn't exist because it can't be seen.

Still others say that if we have a Soul, what's the point of a brain?

Have you guys ever, you know, EXISTED???!?!??

I pray to God that you guys know that the brain does MORE than just think. The brain control your movements, breathing, heartrate, pulse, blinking, and various other voluntary and involuntary bodily functions.

As for the other religions and the "Beginning of Man and Worship and Toothpaste," if any of you know Christianity pretty much at all, then you know that I think that that is pretty whack. I of course am not saying that out of spite, and am not saying that to offend anyone, just what I believe is soo different that it's hard to conceive that people believe something so different.

I really like that Red Balloon in the Dark metaphor, as well as that guy who posted like, an entire philosophical/ scientific journal out of black text and red spoiler warnings.

Feel free to smack me, I won't smack back.
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