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Good Filipino Movies/Series
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Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/5/09
if this is a duplicate i'm sorry ... please do delete this forum then

I read the forum on 'can filipinos make good dramas'... or something like that
and i got tired of people bashing all fmovies
i agree the present industry needs a lot of improvement
but there are a few good ones out there
good meaning: good plot, good acting> a good watch

(pls do add or subtract to the the list coz i havent watched all of these)
here's a messy list of some of the movies a lot of people say are good:

Ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros
Anak Dalita
Ang Pamana (The Heritage)
Aishite Imasu
American Adobo
Abakada Ina
Anna Karen Nina
A very special Love
Bayaning 3rd World
Biyaya ng Lupa
Bata, bata Paano Ka Ginawa
Babae sa Breakwater
Blue Moon
Bakit may kahapon pa
Bagong Buwan
Dahil Mahal Kita: The Dolzura Cortez Story
Death row
Feng Shui
Gulong ng Palad
Genghis Khan
Hiram na Mukha
Kahapon may dalawang Bata
kung mamahalin mo lang ako
Kapit sa Patalim
Kailangan Kita
La Visa Loca
Muro Ami
Maynila Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag
Moments of Love
Munting Tinig
Nasaan Ka Man
Oro, Plata, Mata
Patayin sa sindak si Barbara
Pangarap na Bituin
Pulubi at Princesa
Sakay(Raymond Red)
Sister Stella L.
Sana Maulit Muli
Sa Puso ko Iingatan ka
The debut
Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang
Tanging Yaman
Tanging Ina
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32 / F / Phils.
Posted 1/4/09
oh my's here are some good ones
Posted 1/4/09
all judy ann santos, yasmien kurdi, nadine samonte, katrina halili, jennylyn mercado and camille prats works..
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66 / F / back in kame's arms
Posted 1/4/09
i didn't get to watch some of those movies. but the ones i did are very good............tinimbang ka ngunit kulang is a very good movie, albeit a very old one
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Posted 1/4/09
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118 / Christmas Island
Posted 1/4/09
they have a new(?) horror called hide and seek
made me jump...but plot was stupid garbage!
the point is it made me jump
Posted 1/4/09
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Posted 1/4/09
i believe filipinos make good movies. they make me cry and thats the reason why i like them because they touch the heart.

Here are my favorites.
Bahay Kubo
For The First Time
Ngayong Nandito Ka
A Love Story
You Are the One
You Got Me
I've Fallen For You
I Will Always Love You
One More Chance
Let the Love Begin
Inang Yaya
The Promise
When Love Begins
First Day High
My Big Love
My Bestfriend's Girlfriend
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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/4/09
there are only few Fmovies that I ike....
some of them are:

Feng Shui

I like these movies because it doesn't
have the usual plots of FIlipinos movies...
One more thing, for me, these movies are unpredictable
when I watched them... Not like the other Fmovies that I've
watched that were so predictable for me...
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Posted 1/4/09
Filipino Series are very bad. The reason is that they tend to extend a story whenever it hits with the audience, thus, dragging the story. Filipino Series should take after Korean Series. Everything is limited to 16 episodes. Finish the story first, edit edit and end it right before shooting it. That way, The story and the plots are well thought and only good scenes are included. Filipino movies have some very good ones though, but compared to other foreign movies, we still lack creativity. Most movies have the same plotlines. We have to be more adventurous as to the ending, risk some sad endings, then the audience would be surprised.
Posted 1/4/09
tanging ina ng lahat.. XD

Bentah talaga yun!!!
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24 / F / CALIFORNIA!!!!
Posted 1/4/09
kahit isang saglit
one more chance
nagyong nandito ka
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27 / F / Seattle
Posted 1/4/09
closer to you
one more change

i don't think american adobo was any good.
to me it was ok, and kind of sleezy.
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33 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/4/09
Filipino movies are good. The budget constraint is usually the problem. But the pool of talents is rich.
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F / mandaluyong city,...
Posted 1/5/09
Filipino movies and dramas are the best, especially there's a lot of very good talented
Filipino writer and we have a lot of good artist (actor and actress)...
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