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City Hall:

A towering, post-modern building at the center of the city. It has two rather large sculptures of what looks like a swirling fountain made out of concrete with a beautiful statue of a lion climbing down a branch in between. There is a large clock sculpture around the side, near the street, which has two large hands which work with nuclear power meaning they always tell the time- until the two large jewels are removed from the minute and the hour hand. The building has four large sets of double-doors leading inside a small reception area with metal detectors at the doors. It's two stories tall and there are many rooms, such as: Social Security offices, DMV office, a court room etc.. It's not a great place to be during the outbreak, but it's easily defensible and holds many security features that could be used to stave off attacks for a few months if used correctly. The building doesn't have any type of resource available though, which means survivors cannot live there alone. Zombies are few and far between, but that doesn't mean the employees weren't turned during the outbreak.. Tread lightly.
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Nicholai Woke The Building Clueless to what happened in the Facility....
when he ask to himself.

"Where Am i? What in the am i doing here?"

Confused and Stripped off of his Weapons and Equipment nothing But his Shirt and Pants...

He wonders off to Search for Something to use and to eat...

Leaving Raccoon City hall
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