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Posted 1/5/09
City Center Apartment Complex:

A massive structure sits in the busy part of the City Center, near the main roads in and out of it the area. This huge building has a series of 25 floors with 20 rooms on each floor. Width wise, it's only two apartments large (including a stairwell, elevator, and hallway). which makes it rather skinny compared to some of the larger complexes around the world. Each floor has it's own story, as well as it's own occupants. It's a long way down- fortunately, the elevator is still functioning. Unfortunately, the now deceased residents don't like company- any survivor attempting to raid the apartments will likely have to fend off the undead occupants while searching for goods and weapons. Great treasures are able to be found here if the lucky survivor or survivors are able to survive the horror of a death cage.
Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/25/09
wondering cluelessly into the City as...I Walk Tired And....hungry I Saw An Apartment
And the lights of the Apartment was on...When i got no choice but to go in...
I Was Standing Right next to the building and knocking Hoping for an answer

" Knock! Knock! "

But noone Answer's When i try The Door Bell

" Ding! Dong! "

Still nothing....but when i was Tired of Waiting for an ansWEr I simple Kicked the Door...
With an Angry look on My Face...
When i got inside...I See nothing But Chairs and Furniture Everywhere...Wrecked and Dead Bodies...
smell and Rotting....When Move to the second Floor...And When i see this Room Open...and i said

" Hello! Anyone here!? "

When i got inside i started to hear something..Making a noise inside the Comfort Room...I Move closely to it
and see if it's A Survivor or not...When im inside i see a Man Figure inside The Bathtub....when i remove the Curtain...
i see a Girl...Standing Wearing a Robe...When i Answered to her

" Hey! are you ok!? "

she Replied with a Unsure Face... " im not sure "

" Hi...Im Nicholai Im a Survivor Just like you...Can i ask? What happened here? "

The Girl...replied Sweating " i don't know when i woke up i here this Screaming Voice's When i Go down stair's to check it out
I see people Attacking people...My Friend's Got Eaten by Other people i don't know what's happening but
when this Guy See's Me with an Angry look i Run up to my room Quickly but the Chased me....
When i look into my Dresser I found a Gun....When Door Got open the Strange guy Bitten me...

"What!? The Guy Bite You? WHere? " I Said

" Hear In my Arms " She said

" Cough! "

" Wha!? what time does this guy Bite you? " i ask

" I don't know its more like past 4 hours Cough! " Girl Cough's Blood

" Damn...You infected! " I Said And turns Back....

" Yes...i know Cough...! but please leave me here to die... " girl

" but? " I said

" Just go! and here you might need this " *The girl gives the Desert Eagle to Nicholai*

" Thank's and im Sorry for whats happening to you...i promise you! who ever Did This will pay! " as Nick SAid when he leave's The Department and now Stayed Outside

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