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Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/5/09
Fallout Shelter:

This was opened in the first two days of the outbreak and was almost instantly filled to the brim with survivors, many of whom were injured in some form or another. The tightly packing of the survivors led to the most gruesome discovery ever made within the city. From the looks of it, one of the citizens had been infected and destroyed a good portion of the population within, sending the shelter into utter chaos and a massive blood bath. Due to the doors being bolted shut, no one had a way out and nothing had a way in. If anyone were to make their way within these doors, they would find nothing but a mass of bloated, rotting corpses as well as decayed flesh strewn about with gore and inyards splashed about along the walls and entrance ways. The smell would be unbearable and the toxins within the place from the rotten food and flesh would lead to fatal levels of carbon monoxide and methane; once released, it would slowly kill those in it's path. It's not recommending to go inside at all, but the outlying areas still hold a few deserted, untouched cars as well as a small storage shed filled with canned goods.
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