Post Reply Raccoon City Fire Department
Posted 1/5/09
Raccoon City Fire Department

The RCFD; the place where friends are made and fires are in the beginning stages of being eliminated. Once a place heralded as a heroes apartment, it is now an empty, desolate building comprised of nothing more than abandoned rooms, cracked shower rooms, destroyed lockers, and trashed fire engines. Most of the water had been used up and almost everything is overturned and destroyed within, leaving nothing to the imagination. This is one of the first places that a riot broke out due to the inactivity of the firemen, leading to a rough uprising of undead which took over the station. Zombies stumble about the place frequently but the building is not all lost- the corpses inside are already walking and not rotting any further on the ground, which means they could be led outside to help fortify the building against intruders. Although, be warned, there may already be a pocket of survivors within
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