Post Reply Raccoon City Correctional Facility
Posted 1/5/09
Raccoon City Correctional Facility

Zombies, monsters, and creatures of the dark will be found no where near here- this is a far more dangerous place with or without them near it. When the chaos of the outbreak reached the ears of the prisoners, there was a violet prison riot that broke out. All of the guards were either killed, turned to the prisoner's side, or were thrown out into the city.The prisoners now control the facility, utilizing the vast resources of the stock rooms and the firepower that the modern cell guards used against them. Nothing stands a chance that gets inside here, and it's not a safe place for someone to just walk into. Once you get in, there's a slim chance you'll walk out alive- the psychopathic killers as well as the criminals that lay in wait are more troublesome and vile than anything a viral outbreak could cook up. It's best to stay away and use this as a last resort unless, well, someone had connections to the gangs within...
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