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Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/5/09
Pawn Shop

The old pawn shop was abandoned during the outbreak. It has weapons, food, and clothing available as well as many types of electronic devices abandoned by their owners. These are some of the more visited spots by survivors during the outbreak and, during the early days, it's been almost completely destroyed by a stray grenade. A quarter of the building is destroyed, creating a massive gap in the ceiling and a large crater in the tile as well as a huge hole in the side of the building. This shop is indefensible and is not a great place to hole up for long periods of time. Psychotic survivors may come and barricade themselves in from time to time thinking they only need weapons but soon find out that there are more dangerous things on the loose than just humans. The weapons within the building are almost all empty and used, meaning they jam easy and may not be able to be used as well as new weapons. There isn't a large selection, whichs means there's only a few bows, a couple pistols, and maybe four or five machine guns or shotguns. It's not a very great place to stay, seeing as zombies can move in and out of the place easily. It's not recommended to stay too long.
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