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Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/5/09
I've quite a few.

Chii; Chobits. She truly embodies everything that stereotypes women. She's completely useless. The majority of the Chobits cast, actually.

Kakyou; X. Well, he clearly never read Tokyo Babylon, lawls.

Doumeki; xxxHOLiC. Completely bland, terrible character.

I disliked TRC!Sakura up until the thirteenth volume; I was ready to disregard her as another useless character, but after her personality changed, I didn't hate her as much anymore.

I actually like Fuuma, oddly enough. I never really liked him until he was making this one utterly hilarious face killing someone~ it was pure craziness, and I couldn't help but lol. Oh Fuuma, you sadistic bastard you. <3 Plus, if Kamui went the other way, Kamui'd be the one who's personality was changed, so I can't bring myself to dislike Fuuma. It's not the poor guy's fault, really.

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