What will happen if VK characters come into life and you can get to meet with them?
Posted 1/5/09
Instead of making another topic arguing about which pairing is better and whether you like the ending or not, let's give ourselves some rest and allow our imagination soar to its highest peak! I thought this would be fun and enjoyable

I will call Master Cross my daddy!

Master Cross: OMG!!! I have another daughter besides Yuuki!!! I'm so happy!!! TvT <33333333!!!!!!!!
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Posted 1/7/09
I'd be all like staring at them and they'll be like staring back , and this really LOOOOONG PAUUUUUSEEEE will begin and then its like ... Oh...Hi there o__o and then waits for like 10 seconds and goes all hyper and like takes a better look at all the charater but takes a 2nd closer look at Kaname XD
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