unforgetable anime or scene?
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Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/5/09
watz da most unforgetable anime or scene dat u hav watch?

for me theres too many and cant remember it all........

plz add pictures and videos if u want!

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duuuuupeeeee .___. (too lazy for searching the link)


Gintama when zura was there by ikumatsu was holding her bra and said hello its not what you think i am santa claus or something like that

Gintama when a guy was tapping some water by a river and gin was peeing there

Gintama when gins di** was turned in a screwdriver and the other people aswell

Gintama when curryninja (zura) said i'm not zura i'm pinetree

Gintama when Sakamoto was using legs as a steer

Gintama when Gin was explaining the secret of the strawberries milk

Gintama when Gintoki was making fun of the hair from Umibouzo

Gintama when Gintoki was making fun of the sword what a girl made for him

Gintama when Gintoki got silky hair dreaaaaaam chataaaaa

Gintama when Gintoki got a child

Gintama when Zura was Zurako en gintoki Paako-chan

Gintama when Gintoki was pulling a candle out Hatori's ass

Gintama when Gintoki peeing on a fire then a firegirl catched

well thats it for now -___-

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when kamina dies, mofo
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