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Posted 1/5/09
Hi guys!

I found out something and wanna share this to everyone using CR, since all of us here love to go online everyday. If you're bored and got nothing to do, you can actually earn like 40cents(dollars) taking just your 5minutes, everyday! Plus if you get referrals, you can get more money! if you want to register and start earning money click the link below. Don't worry, It's totally free!


Before you get started, you need to have an alertpay account first. Click the link below to register.


If you want to see the success stories of the members already using this program. Click the link below.


If you earn for about 10$. We can be a member of CR! Nice isn't it? Give it a try and have fun!

I also found a website, It's like friendster,myspace etc. but, this site is different because you will earn money by referring your friends to register and become an active member of this site! Register now, it's also free.

Posted 1/5/09
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Posted 1/5/09
Advertisement thread.

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