Autumn Spring Chapter 5
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Posted 1/5/09
Note: It alternates point of view from Kibum to Sungmin. It goes back and forth. I hope you like this story.

“What if it’s Kibum? Won’t he get the wrong idea?”
“No, I only think of you as a hyung.”
“Okay, well from now on, you can call me hyung.”
There was a knock again.
“Come in.” I said.
The doctor came in and had a grim look on his face.
“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned.
“I’m sorry Sungmin.” A tear drop streamed from the corner of his eyes.
“Why are you crying?” I asked in concern.
“All these years I’ve been your doctor, I have never even thought of doing a full scan check up on you.”
“So what’s wrong?”
“I’m sorry that I didn’t find the brain disease.” The doctor started sobbing.
“What?!” Heechul said. I couldn’t say anything. Why can’t I move?
“It’s…already…at the…final stage.” The doctor stuttered.
“How will his brain function?” Heechul asked.
“Well, the brain…may…send signals to attack the body…actually….it has been doing it…”
“Since when?”
“Since he was probably a…child.”
“That’s when I started getting asthma.” I managed to say.
“He seems fine now!” Heechul choked back tears.
“It’s already attacking the circulatory system…I don’t know…how much longer you have to live…” the doctor cried.
I was stunned. Why is this happening to me? Tears rolled down my cheek, but no sounds came out. Out of nowhere, my phone started ringing.
“H…h…hello?” my voice was really raspy.
“Hey Sungmin! Ready to go have fun at the amusement park?” A cheery voice rang from the phone.
“Y…yea…”I managed to say.
“Great! I’ll come pick you up right now.”
I hung up the phone and saw Heechul wiping away his tears. The doctor had already left.
“Should we tell – “Heechul started to say.
“No, hyung. I don’t want him to worry so much. He already has other things to worry about.”
“But – “
“Please don’t! Promise me you’ll never tell him.”
“Alright. I promise.” Heechul sighed.

~Just when I finally found you…you disappear again…~
I got in my car and the phone rang.
“Hey Sungmin, I’m almost there.”
“Sungmin?” A voiced muttered.
“Whose this?”
“Listen, I knew you were not in the right state of mind when you broke up with me. Look, it’s okay. I forgive you.”
“What? I admit that I am sorry, but have you ever thought about you faults?”
“Well I – “
“Just think about it.”
I shut off my phone and started my car. I drove all the way to the hospital.
I walked into Sungmin’s room and saw them both with red eyes.
“What’s wrong?” I looked at both of them.
“Well, Sungmin – “ Heechul began.
“I was watching a drama with him…the sad one, Tree of Heaven.”
“Oh. Hyung, I never knew you watched Kdramas, much less cry.”
“Well, I do have an image to keep up, but I’m not insensitive.”
“True. Ready to go Sungmin?”
“Uh, yeah, bye hyung.” Sungmin said to Heechul.
“Bye guys.” Heechul waved.
“I never knew you called him hyung.” I said.
“He seems like one to me.” Sungmin said as he walked beside me.
We got in my car and went to the amusement park.
At the amusement park, I walked with him in and we just stood by the entrance.
“So what should we do?” I asked him.
“I don’t…aww what a cute bear.”
“Let’s go get it!” I grabbed his hand and went to the booth. I managed to knock down the bottles 2/3 times.
“Sorry I couldn’t get that big bear you wanted.” I muttered.
He looked at the small brown bear which he could hold in one hand.
“I like it…it’s cute…like you…”He smiled and looked down blushing.
I smiled and looked around. “Really? I think it resembles you more…” I cleared my throat “So now what?”
We ended up going on different rides and ate ice cream.
It was almost nine o’ clock at night.
“Should we – “the fireworks interrupted him.
I used this chance. I held his hand and whispered. “I like you. I will ‘till death.”
He released his hand from mine which startled me. He turned to face me with his brown eyes looking into my eyes. He spoke softly, “Even after death, will you still love me?”
I smiled and kissed her in the forehead, “Of course.”
After the amusement park, I drove him home and headed home myself.

~Kisses are like chocolate, they’re sweet and you can’t get enough of it.~
I said bye to Kibum who drove away.
“Umma?” I called out.
No answer. I ran around the house and could not find her at all. I walked into the living room and found her sitting on the couch with a blanket covering her knees. Her eyes were glued to the television. I walked to her and sat next to her on the couch. On the television screen was a video of my mom, dad and me…
“Your appa would be so proud of you Sungmin…”
“It’s unfair how that car accident ruined your father’s chance to see you grow up.”
“At least we still have each other.”
I blinked back tears and said, “I’m going to shower.”
I walked out of the room and let the tears come out freely.

~I want to be with you forever…hand in hand…~
I opened the door of my house and saw the butler pacing back and forth.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Hello young master. Master and Mistress would like to see you.” He bowed.
I walked into the parlor and father with a stern face and mother with a worried one.
“You wanted to see me.”
“Yes, I heard you broke up with Ae-cha.” Father said.
“Well her mother and father are upset that you did; so are we.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Get back with her and never speak of breaking up again.”
“Why should I?”
“Her parents own 70% of the stock we are sharing with them. We don’t want any bad relations.”
“So basically, you’re just using me for business.”
“Dear, we just want you to be happy.” Mother said.
“I appreciate that, but I’m happy now.”
“Do you think you can possibly be happy without Ae-cha?” Father demanded.
“I’m happy now aren’t I?!” I shouted.
“I’m sorry to say this, but I have already arranged a marriage for you.”
“It’s already been decided, it is set on March 21st, the first day of spring.”
“I can’t believe this!”
“I need you to marry Ae-cha to secure relations. It’s a political marriage.”
“Why are you trying to make me suffer like you both!” I yelled with all my might.
“What are you talking about?!” He roared.
“I saw the letters you have written to other women. Mother I’m not blind either! I saw picture of you and other men together!” Both my parent became quiet.
I walked out of the parlor and up to my room. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. How did my life get so screwed up?

Enjoy X)
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23 / F / Perth, Western Au...
Posted 1/5/09
I'm making another fanfic.
it's about sungmin nad kyuhyun.
ehhehhe..well..not finish yet.
I still have to finish this story..
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