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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
City Carnival

A very dark carnival indeed. Since the original outbreak and further into the renovation, the older, aging rides had been taken down and removed from the area. The massive ferris wheel towers over the rest of the carnival, giving a fantastic view of the ground below. The electricity is on, but most of it has been shut off for a good long time. The tunnel of love, as beautiful as it once was, had been now turned into a crimson-colored gore fest; couples seeking shelter as well as just random survivors passing through for a free ride fell victim to the monsters lying in wait in the dark, murky waters beneath the duck and geese boats. The horror house, unsurprisingly, hasn't changed much over the years unless you take into consideration that very real horrors they lie in wait to those seeking a free thrill; the hall of mirrors has been pretty much decimated and a lot of the structure has been covered with gore and signs of struggle. The roller coaster in the back of the park is ultimately doomed; a large portion of the track is missing and most or all of the carriages have derailed. A large pile of rotting corpses is piled underneath the rubble of the collapsed platform and carriages- a very messy sight. This carnival is definitely not a safe place to be as there's literally no safe place to hide and the resources gained will be little to none
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