Post Reply La Bronse Car Dealership
Posted 1/6/09
La Bronse Car Dealership

Once a bustling car dealership.. Now it lays in disrepair and depression. There are a few high-end cars from 2009 and above, but most were looted and trashed as well as destroyed by the chaos that was endured. Several vehicles sit on their empty rims, flames licking the roof and a few completely tipped over and gore splashed within. Zombies still stumble about this area frantically, craving the human flesh that once frolicked about this bustling building. The scent is overwhelming- rotting bodies and burnt rubber as well as molded metal. Almost all of the cars are locked from the inside, their keys hanging in vault within the dealership itself. Cars, trucks, SUV's, vans, hummers... Any type of vehicle required can be found here; the only catch is that it may or may not be drivable. Be advised and tread lightly- this place is a maze of trapped zombies within cars and dangerous places for monsters of all kinds to hide.
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