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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
Construction Site

A portion of a towering skyscraper pierces the sky- but it's not all glamor and beauty. This skyscraper is still half-built, which means construction will be halted almost indefinitely if the outbreak continues. It's a very dangeorus place to be. Equipment of deserted union workers dot the ground: screwdrivers, axes, chainsaws, jackhammers, regular hammers, hard hats, wrenches etc.. A dozen abandoned bulldozers and bobcats litter the area, rusting metal slowly clawing to the surface of the machine. A towering crane sits in the center of the zone, a huge slab of metal hanging from the chain- unable to be moved due to rust and erosion. There's no telling when this place will fall apart, and it's apparant that it will sometime soon. Zombies and dead bodies are crowding the asphalt and dirt-covered soil. There is scaffolding around the half-built tower, allowing entry into the monolithic structure; it's not too sturdy though.
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