Post Reply Shoprite Super Center
Posted 1/6/09
Shoprite Super Center

A massive structure brought upon by the consumer's need to purchase bulk quantities of everyday household items. It's a two-story super-structure that holds a flame to the Raccoon City Mall. Chaos seemed to have effected sales here as it is mostly barricaded up and destroyed near the back end. There is still plenty of food available, but the smart shopper would stray away from the perishables; the amount of time they have been sit lead them to rot and become unedible. The windows higher up were left open but the roof was welded shut in the opening hours of the outbreak. It's parking lot is normally filled with cars, but the business seems slow as of late and there are more unwelcome customers than there used to be. It's not rare to see a pocket of survivors holed out inside- be careful when approaching though.. There's no telling what dangers lies inside- rather it be monsters or psychopaths.
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