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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
St. Sebastian's Church

St. Sebastian's is the local church. It has heavy oak doors and high, beautifully decorated stained glass windows. Before the outbreak, this peaceful church allowed it's basement to be used as a homeless shelter as well as a community safe house. Year after the outbreak had been contained, the basement had been stained with the gore and was deemed unfit to be used for even storage- the large doors leading into the basement are now locked and chained shut. This church was in the process of being rebuilt during the renovation of Raccoon City, answering the obvious question why there is scaffolding strewn about and part of a collapsed structure in the corner of the sanctuary room as well as a large blue tarp draped over the ceiling and bolted down to the weak structure. The building lost it's original luster due to the damage and stress from the outbreaks that caused the fall from grace. It's completely bare- nothing but benches and a podium, even the large cross had been removed.
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