Post Reply Raccoon City Nuclear Power Plant
Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
Raccoon City Nuclear Power Plant

Raccoon City's only power plant, the R.C.N.P. The Raccoon City Nuclear Plant; this power plant provides energy to Raccoon City and outlying cities as well. Being a connected series of plants, this massive structure stretches nearly two football fields wide. Some people praise the technology as a low-cost, low-emission alternative to fossil fuels, while others stress the negative impact of nuclear waste and accidents such as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. The power plant is a life saver for the city's massive fuel cost over the years. There is an electrical building on the south side of the outlying plant which is conviently connected to the Raccoon City Sewer System as well as the city itself from a series of pump buildings and various side streets.
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