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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/8/09
Uptown Street System

These streets, which include: Flower St., Ennerdale St., Euston St. Ema St.,Raccoon St.,Fibert St., Gough St. Bettery St. Spear St. as well as French, Ivy, and Wallace St. Many of these streets criss cross back and forth and form what looks to be some sort of elegant design- most likely planned from the beginning to help breath life back into a once dead city. The streets are paved with concrete and flatted, black asphalt with yellow, white and orange lines dotting the side streets and the main roadways. Several signs pinpoint locations of streets, places to stop, as well as bus stops and other various places of interest. Much like any other street system, these are intertwined with shortcuts and alleyways as well as manholes and gutters that lead to the sewers. Several streets meet up in the middle at Raccoon St., which seems to be the only street that separates Uptown and Downtown Raccoon City and runs throughout the entire city; ending at Raven's Gate Bridge. There are overturned cars, fires sparked in various places, and undead hordes shambling about every which way. Some streets are more densly populated than others so if a smart survivor somehow got ahold of a map, they could easily bypass platoons of zombies by simply going around.
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