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do you have a DVD collection of a certain anime series?
Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
I have the (Excel saga) Box set. But volume 1 is missing )=. Its okay I guess because you can almost watch the episodes in any order they are so random. The only ones you cant are the pedro scenes, and the end episodes. I picked it up because it was really cheap, like 15 dollars or something for a entire series boxset is really good comparing to some that go for over $70

Other than than I only have a few actual dvd's like vampire princess miyu vol.1 And the movie. Also biohunter, wickedcity, akira, gundam wind vol.1, trigun vol.1. And a few VHS like a couple of the tenchi muyo movies, M.D. Geist, and 08th ms team.
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30 / M / Russia, Moscow
Posted 1/6/09
I have some pirate disks... aproximatly 40-50... arrrrrr. I'm old pirate thanks to my country
Posted 1/6/09
Hayate The Combat Butler(Hayate No Gotoku)
Nanoha Stickers/A's
Shinigami No Ballad(Halfway, bored out.)
Kurenai(Halfway, lazy~)
Rozen Maiden Ouverture/Traumend
Death Note
Air Gear
Tsubasa Chronicles Revalations
Kyo Kara Maoh(Unknown Season, the one with the yellow long hair king)

....That'a lot...o.O
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27 / M / In your ports kil...
Posted 1/6/09
Not really since I only buy cheap box-sets and 2nd hand ovas and movies.

(Well the FMA movie is an exception there since I bought it new but then my dvd player scratched it beyond recovery)
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27 / M / Under your beddd.
Posted 1/6/09
Loveless and S-cry-ed. I'm still waiting for other series to come out with boxsets.
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35 / M / calexico CA/mexic...
Posted 1/6/09
I have Ranma 1/2 first and second seasons.
Eureka seven up to vol 9
Exel Saga complete!
Bleach box set 1
Seasons 1,2,3 of Dragon Ball Z
1-6 of Full Metal Panic
1-5 of Raxephon
1-5 of Tenchi Muyo GXP
Steel Angel Kurumi complete!
and more I have yet to complete...
Damn I'm such a pack-rat
Posted 1/6/09
I've got full metal alchemist and the Animatrix but that's it.
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34 / F / phils
Posted 1/6/09
have lots of anime dvd's, even the old ones.
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29 / M / Canada
Posted 1/6/09
heres some list:
i made a quick count rite now n i got about 67 titles ( not including the ones behind the one i just counted and some are in my room) all are complete ( tv/ movie/ova).

all . hack series.
all fumetal panic/ fumofu/tsr
all Hayao Miyazakis works
Escaflone tv n movie
rerouni kenshin all tv/ movie/ova
peach maker
all inuyasha movie
buble gum crisis
ah my goddess tv/movie
love hina tv/movie
orphen S1 &2
tenjoo tenge
crono crusade
steel angel kurumi
hajime no ippo ( fighting spirit)
get backers
ergo proxy

well alot more and i got about 15+ different titles of manga...
Posted 1/6/09
Yes. I have Elfen Lied, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Azumanga Daio.
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26 / M / Mexico
Posted 1/6/09
no I hadn't had the chance to buy one well I did but my parents tell me that I have to decide from anime and manga and I had always prefered manga, but still I have only about 10 volumes of different series
Posted 1/6/09
I have Elfen Lied the complete collection, The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya and im hoping to get xxxHolic and maybe jigoku shoujo hellgirl
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24 / M / Australia
Posted 1/6/09
i can't find a picture of mine
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23 / F / Chicago, IL
Posted 1/6/09
I have When they Cry, Haruhi Suzumiya, Galaxy Angel, Kodocha, Lucky Star, and the first part of Ouran on DVD (:
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27 / F / b-town
Posted 1/6/09
i have many..i need to get another shelf or something to fit the rest on...
i have case closed, inuyasha, my hime, ranma, kyo kara maoh, ultra maniac, marmalade boy, fruits basket, ......
many more...too much to list..XD

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