I'm Gonna Ask One Last Time
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Posted 1/6/09
Okay, I'm getting pretty fed up now, dearie.
Why is it that I'm paying you for a service that I can't even use?

Right now, what I'd like to see is a complete updated list in all your video categories,
with only series/movies containing ACTUAL VIDEOS IN THEM, so that I don't waste
my time sorting through all of these wasted unfortunates.

Now, I've been asking around for the decent reason as to why I can't watch any of
the shows I click on, and dear Shinji, do you want me, along with the rest of Crunchyroll,
to believe that you're stealing our money?

Didn't you know that you can't solicit money without giving a service?

Come on, dearest, it'd suck so much if CR got involved in legal scandals...


Anyone else in agreement?
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Posted 1/6/09
Such a childish statement.

Your PC is the one that causing trouble and how on earth should I agree with a childish statement like that.


Read and shut your complaining up

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