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26 / F / new york city
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10
My name is Lourdes (Lo, LULU) I live in New York City.

Instrument Played: I am a vocalist. I play bass as well. (i'd rather sing tho but w/e)

Experience in your musical talent:
I've been singing for a very long time. My voice is very neutral because i am a Mezzo Alto. I've been in vocal music classes for 4 years. I've been playing bass for 5 or 6 yrs. I'm not a novice or expert but i know my way around the bass. I've been in 3 bands. 1 of them was a school Jazz Rock/ pop funk band i played the bass here. the other 1 was an alternative rock band i played the bass here as well. and the last was a hard rock band where i played bass and sang(we had another bassist) sometimes i played rhythmn guitar here.

What type of music you would like to play with a band: I really love Japanese music but we do not have to sing in japanese. i'll play any genre in rock: hardrock, alternative, metal etc.

Who inspired you to play your instrument:
Dir en Grey* (bass + voxx. + song writing)
Nirvana* (bass + song writing)
The Gazette (voxx. + bass)
-Oz- (voxx.)
Malice Mizer(bass)

I don't mind dressing up. I love Visual Kei very much.

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24 / F
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/13/10
My name is Gothikka and I am looking for two guitarists and a bassist for my new VK band, Black Gardenia. You have to live near or in Amarillo, TX and be 16 or 17. You have to like VK music (duh) and have at least 4-5 years of experience on your instrument. I am vocals , and my boyfriend Hayden is drums. we are all teens in this band XD but I am really needing to start this band so please give me a holler as soon as you can!!!
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26 / F / guess.
Posted 6/19/10 , edited 6/19/10
I'm a female vocalist living in Portland, OR, looking to start a visual kei and/or jrock influenced band. I can sing in both japanese and english. I would ideally like to have a 5-6 piece band. Members need to be between 16-20 years (I'm 18 and I like people close in age). Members need to be pretty fluent with their instrument; no less than 2+ years experience. I myself is always improving my voice, so I'm not too picky, just wanna make sure you know what your doing. Because I've never truly been in a band before, I want to make this a valuable experience. I want a career in music, and anyone else that has the same goal knows what thats like! [email protected] for more info.

Some influences are:
the GazettE
Mika Nakashima
Alice Nine
Dir en Grey
Foo Fighters
(My list is too long..)

I wait for your replies!!!

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21 / F
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/4/10
Greetings everyone....I'm here looking to join a band or completely start a new one from scratch. I live in texas and I'm a dedicated vocalist. I just started with the VK style so I'm also here to learn. I'm familiar with Despairs Ray, maximum the horomone, angelspit, aryia, cruxshadows, paramore, flyleaf, alesana, and Gazette. And I can speak a bit of Japanese; I'm self teaching and can use it in conversation in parts.
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23 / M
Posted 7/13/10 , edited 7/13/10
Hello, it's DomiKko, of Eigo Genesis.

If anyone would like to participate in our band, then you are more than free to... however, it's doubtful that anyone lives in wales on this forum, let alone the north of Wales.

On to my main point. I am searching for a dedicated Drummer and Vocalist to work on an entirely internet-based Visual Rock project, distributing material online, in whatever fashion. Members are expected to have enough experience/skill to cover any Visual Rock song, (it is understandable that Vocalists can only sing within their range.)

I myself am a Guitarist/Bass player of several years, and am looking for a side-project to occupy myself. I have no name for this idea, and am not going to work out any details until members can eb eastablished. Due to the nature of said project, it is expected that members have some sort of manageable recording equipment, (vocalists especially - saying you can sing is one thing, but being able to record music is another enirely).

If you are interested, you can contact me through;

My Windows Live messenger (which i am signed into most of the time) [email protected]

My Gmail (e-mail, I never use hotmail for e-mail) [email protected]

It is also my personal wish that people are literate, as i do not appreciate text talk. Knowledge of Japanese would be prefferable, but not necessary.

My list of influences includes (but is not limited to);

An Cafe
Malice Mizer
9goats BLACK OUT
The Studs
Laputa (i'll give some major brownie points to whoever's heard of them)
BOOWY (Not really VK, I know, but they inspired the genre.)

I am open to most music, and there aren't many rock/metal groups that I dislike. However, I bear a certain disliking for SID, and for new Dir En Grey.

Your help on this matter would be vastly appreceated.

(DomiKko. Capitalize the first K.)
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26 / Monterey CA, USA
Posted 7/18/10 , edited 11/1/11
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28 / F / Switzerland
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/28/10
I'm vocal, bass....looking for VK band members.for now online so no matter where you are, later we could gather together somehere.

the music could vary from Versailles style(neo-classic metal) to Gazette or Cinema bizarre (rock, power pop), just something different would be the point

my mail add. : [email protected]

hope to hear from you soon
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29 / M / CO
Posted 8/30/10 , edited 8/31/10
Hi, Crunchyroll. I'm Cricket!
I'm currently in CO. I'm looking for band mates for a Visual kei styled band.
I will be composing, and handling vocal duty.
Please go ahead and check out my uploads and my favorites at:
(This will do much better then type to explain my: band vision, experience level, musical style, etc...)

Band members:
1 We may start off working through internet, but still members should be able
to tour and, if necessary, be able to relocate.
2 Should be able to enhance and in some instances write their own part.
3 Should have the goal of making their livelihood from music.
4 No drugs.
5 Need to be able to play moderately difficult songs with time signature changes.

We'll want: Lead Guitar, Drums, Keys, and a Bass/Guitar player.

It would be great if any members could play nonstandard instruments or could help
with programing and hardware setup.

You can get a hold of me at: [email protected], I'll be happy to receive any comments or inquiries.

And feel free to friend me on facebook, (just be sure to mention that your from Crunchyroll).
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25 / M / Richmond, Virginia
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/20/10
Instrument: Drums and Vocals and Backup percussion.

Experience: 9 years - drumset
9 years - percussion
2 years - vocals I can scream mostly, inhale/exhales

Genre: I've played a number of genres, hard rock, rock, deathcore, metal. All of it but nothing gets me turned on as jrock. I can't get enough of it.

Who inspired you to play your instrument: Inspired me? had to be kiss when i was 8 years old, fell in love with them, and then came Dir en grey when i was 10. Lately all I listen to is Jrock. I've done a number of covers going from Luna sea to Dir en grey to DELUHI.

Location: Virginia, Richmond.

Please PLEASE PLEASE!!! COntact me I've been looking to do a VK band for sooo long.
Email : [email protected]
Cell: 804 338 1286 i can text.
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25 / F
Posted 9/25/10 , edited 9/26/10
Hellu~!:D I am Michiru/Masahiko! Age 13^^;;Living in Port Orchard,Washington. And would like to start an oshare kei band! I'd like to be vocalist!:) E mail me:[email protected] if you're interested!
My current band name is RiDdLe (リドル )Or suggest any band names!=D Sankyuu~!!
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26 / F / Syracuse New York
Posted 11/16/10 , edited 11/16/10
Annyeong! The name's Jaekyung, I've been on this earth for 18 years and have been singing (seriously) for 7 of those lovely years. A friend and I are interested in starting a VK/Oshare Kei band but since there's no way we'll assemble a group in our respective areas (and we both go to Uni in different states anyway) this group will be assembled online and in the virtual world of Second Life. We currently have vocals and a pianist but a second vocal would be accepted and welcome.

If you're interested or have questions please contact me at: [email protected]
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25 / F / Tampere, Finland
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
I've noticed that there's no finnish people here at all, but oh well... I can at least put my info here. :D

So I'm Nargara(real name's Minna) and I'm a vocalist who wants to start/join a band.

Experience: I've always been a singer. We performed everywhere with my friend when we were little(my sister played the piano) and when I went to school, I always got to sing in every event that our school had. That was about the time when I won the hit song contest and I was given the title "hit song-childstar" or sumthing. :''D
Well, anyway. When I grew up, we started a band with my friends. We performed at one bank's christmas-party and at this event for young talents. Then our drummer left and we couldn't continue anymore. :(
But luckily I soon got into my school's band and I was in it for 3 years. We played everything from Greenday to Bon Jovi and Spice girls, so we REALLY were changing our style quite often.
Then we had this small band-project once, but it ended after one performance so yeah.
Next I got to this art-highschool and joined the school's choir. We performed once and then I had to quit... Too much problems with my life...

Inspiration: I absolutely love j-rock. Especially something like Alice Nine. I want to have a band that's Visual Kei-style, but isn't locked to just one genre. It would be cool to play hard and dark music sometimes, but also have softer and happier songs. The GazettE, Alice Nine, Irokui, Miyavi, Zoro, Born, Charlotte, Dear Bitch, Bergerac, Kurt, Downer, Daizystripper, Kra, Kaggra, Baelscope, Liz, Plastic Tree, LM.C, 12012, Saruin, Tarot, Pure Q&A, Branch, X-Japan and Due lé Quartz, SuG, Exist Trace... They're all my inspiration! :D

Location: Tampere, Finland. (damn, I hate to live so far away from every big country! >__<)

About my style... I already have VK-styled hair and make-up. I love to wear lots of black and then some colourful accessories! :)
Huuummm... Is there anything else to say? Uh well, I'm kinda shy first. Not like I wouldn't talk, but I'm the kind that watches from the distance before letting anyone close. And once my dad said that my voice is absolutely awful(I know, he was propably just angry) and I got really depressed by that and stopped singing...
But now I'm back! I've gotten some really good comments about my voice and it raised my spirits! I've started to train my voice again and I can already hit lower notes than a female normally can. :D

I also write lyrics. I always have and I always will! :''D
AND! I'm in the art-school so I'm good at drawing, editing and other stuff, wich might come handy. ;3

Email: [email protected]
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27 / F / maryland
Posted 1/11/11 , edited 1/11/11
+Instrument Played (or vocals): [drums/maybe back up vocals]

+Experience in your musical talent (how skilled are you, how long have you played/practiced, please do not exaggerate here):
[i have been playing drums for about 2 years, i always practice]
[about the back up vocals, i have been singing my whole life, i can do form squeeky anime girl to almost ruki from gazette at times, so i range. i would never be a vocalist tho...i get tired from singing at times but i do love singing]

+What type of music your band is, or what type of music you would like to play with a band:
[mostly all jrock/visual kei. the band that i was trying to go for was like "experimental visual rock" so it doesn't just target one type of audience]

+Who inspired you to play your instrument:
[mainly rock band~ thats how i started n then i heard the drummer from X japan, n fell in love with the jrock scene. but mostly my influences on my instrument are kai (gazette) and shinya (dir en grey)]

the gazette
dir en grey
maximum the hormones
alice nine
danger gang

i live in maryland, n can find ways to get transportation for my drums (i dont have car big enough)
age: 19
contact: through here is fine
email [email protected]

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27 / F / maryland
Posted 1/13/11 , edited 1/13/11

xturntofade wrote:

Instrument Played (or vocals): vocals, piano
Experience in your musical talent (how skilled are you, how long have you played/practiced, please do not exaggerate here):
vocals: I've been singing for fun my whole life. I took 2 years of voice classes but am otherwise self taught.
Piano: I took one year in 2nd grade and one year in 6th grade but otherwise just play on my own. I play by ear a lot.
What type of music your band is, or what type of music you would like to play with a band:
Jrock/jpop. I think I have a huge range in the type of music I like so if you suggest something, I'll probably be cool with it.
Who inspired you to play your instrument:
I cant think of a certain person really...

interested in playing in an online band or live. I live in DC

oh? DC is not so far from me
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