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28 / F / Toney Alabama
Posted 1/23/11
Instrument Played: Vocals Drums and bass guitar
im looking to join a vk band or make one
im 21 i live in toney Alabama its near Huntsville And Madison Alabama
like only 28 minis by car i play the drums and bass by ear bass for 2 years
drums for 5 years im open to all music
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24 / F / edmonton
Posted 2/11/11 , edited 2/11/11
I'm a 17 year old Vocalist looking to form both an online band and a local band I'm not the greatest but bear with me Everything is disclosed in this video.
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29 / M
Posted 3/10/11 , edited 3/10/11
(Members or joining a band) I'm up for either. If I'm getting members, I'd need a rhythm guitarist, bassist, drummer and a singer. I love lead guitar =p If I'm joining a band, I can play lead, rhythm guitar or bass. Or if you want just 1 guitarist I can cover both lead and rhythm together.

Instrument Guitar and Bass

(Experience) I've played for close to 4 years now. I've practiced a ton. I wouldn't say I've mastered my instrument, meaning to me, having every technique down to perfection like sweep picking but I can do some sweep picking and I've got most techniques down fairly well, I've studied a lot of music theory on my own. I would honestly say that I'm better than some guitarists that are famous out there, but I know there are lots out there that are better than me and there's always room for improvement. If ranked from beginner, intermediate and expert, I'd say I'm around the beginning of expert. My main problem is staying on time with the tempo but I'm working hard on it.

(Music Type) I would ideally like to play music influenced by The Gazette, Alice Nine and Aicle. I draw influence from other Jrock bands as well but these 3 have influenced me a lot lately.

Inspiration I started with drums from general musical inspiration but I quickly moved to bass because I wanted to expand my music knowledge. I discovered Nirvana and really got more into music and started studying the instruments and I started picking up guitar as well. I was really stuck in that kind of grunge playing for a while before I got into visual kei and my interests sparked and I started to learn more technical things and really started practicing. When I discovered Versailles and Hizaki Grace Project, I became obsessed with guitar and really fell in love with it. I progressed so much after seeing Teru and Hizaki play and wanting to be able to play like them. I've always appreciated music though for music and I feel visual kei has done a great job of mixing technique and music together and in general listening to them, I try to hold a balance between technique and feel good, so to speak.

Location Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. I can pretty well do anything between Harrisonburg and Staunton if anyone here lives in those areas.

You can contact me here or at [email protected]

Sorry for it being kind of long lol. I'm really passionate about music.
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26 / F / guess.
Posted 3/15/11
I'm pretty sure I posted before, BUT no harm in doing it again.

I'm a female vocalist looking to start either a J-Rock or V-Kei band.
My top three MOST influential musicians are:
the GazettE

*It took me a loooonnnngggg freaking time to decide on only three....*

I'm looking for a line up like the GazettEs (two guitarists, drummer, and bassist)
I love the heavy duo sound.

I'm open to many different styles, band looks, whatever.

I'm in Portland, OR.
[email protected]
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24 / F / US
Posted 3/22/11
Hi there everyone. My name is PEZ. I am a drummer. I am currently looking for people to join my band. I call my band Radio Trash Rocket.
I don't care where you live, as long as it is where I can get to. I am currently saving up money to get me my own good vehicle, so I can move around the US. If you are interested in joining my band by the end of reading my post, then please visit my page and send me a message.

My band name: Radio Trash Rocket (May change if it needs to, but for now, that's what it's staying)

Here are a few things that I will let you know
*You don't have to currently know Japanese, but I would like to have members that are willing to learn

*I want to get a record deal in the US and Japan if at all possible. I want the challenge of having a band in two different countries, and two different styles of music and language. (You may choose to be in one or the other, but I would like to have the same members in both) If we do have the same members, then I want to try to work under the same name too, and it doesn't have to be Radio Trash Rocket, if we come up with a good one and have a good reason to change it, then I might consider changing it.

*I need members who are willing to have fun, but work hard. I am a really fun person myself, but I am good at getting the work done when it needs to be. I want RTR to be a band that gets the work done, but has the most fun~!

Here are some things that you might want to know about me:
*I love music
*I have a wide range of interests
*I know Japanese and English
*I am a very hard worker
*I am currently doing a lot of the band work by myself and don't mind if people need to rely on me
*I can be very sarcastic
*I'm not easily made angry
*I'm pretty easy to work with as long as I'm not with someone who wants everything to be done their way. I believe bands need to be built of people who work well together and understand each other
*I have had drum lessons in the 6th and 7th grad by my friends brother and my band teacher
*I am currently teaching myself everything else on the drums while looking for an actual coach to heighten my skills
*BEFORE I FORGET THIS INFORMATION: I am a 17 year old female. I will be 18 this December (2011) I do not mind working with either girls or guys. Although, most of my friends are guys.
*I have two drumsets. I have an accoustic that I play on and an electrical one that I use when working on practices or new techniques
*I live in Missouri

My plan for getting this band together
*I am currently working on getting everything we will need. This includes recording equipment and everything else
*I am getting me a vehicle (deciding on which one, probably a bus) that would be easy to have a band with.
*I will be leaving once I get enough money saved up. I am willing to go to any of the 48 states (not Alaska and Hawaii) for a start. I don't care where you live, I will be traveling, so you can live pretty much anywhere.
*I am going to travel to find the band members. I will be playing shows and stuff, and looking for band members along the way. If you are interested, please message me on here and let me know a little bit about you. (Since you don't know who I am, just fill me in about yourself like I did me on here. Let me know your age, insturement and all of that good stuff)

What I am looking for
*I need a vocalist and guitarist for sure. I currently have a bassist, but not sure if the bassist will be staying or not.
*I am mainly looking for a 4 person band, but if we find a lead and rhythm guitarist then we can have 5 people in the band.
*I am mainly looking for anybody between the ages of 17 or 18 up to 20 to 23 years old. I don't really mind working with older members. So pretty much late teens to early twenties.
*We are mainly looking for a male vocalist. I don't really care the member, but our crew agreed that a male vocalist would be the best
*You have to want to get an actual record label. Let me know if you are willing to work on getting one in the US and Japan. I don't know if it is possible, or how many bands have done it, but I would like to see if we can give it a try. It would be a fun challenge. There is also a Gan-Shin Records in Europe; that is a Japanese recording music. So that is a possibility.

Band information
Finally I get to the information about the band.
My favourite styles of music for the US is like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 30 Seconds to Mars, Story of the Year and the like
For Japan; FEST VAINQUER, Nightmare, Alice Nine, the GazettE
Those are the styles of music that we will be playing, but we can work out and come to something different if we like. I want it to be a good style of rock music.
I am wanting to go for Indies, but Major is good too. I do perfer Indies because they allow you to have more room and do a little bit more of what you want. I think that if we had Indies, it might give us more of a chance to get both deals in the US and Japan

That is it for now. I hope I covered everything that is important. If there is something I forgot that you would like to know, or if you have any questions, just message me and let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you are interested then message me and let me know.
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20 / F / Eugene,Oregon
Posted 8/15/11 , edited 8/15/11
Instrument Played: I sing~

Experience in your musical talent : I've been singing for about 2 years thought I began to teach myself when I was 7 I'm self taught no Lessons sometimes I don't think I'm that great but I'm willing to improve if needed!!!!!!!!!!

What type of music your band is, or what type of music you would like to play with a band: I would love to sing Visual/Oshare but whatever Leader-sama wants me to sing I will sing it!!!!!

Who inspired you to play your instrument: hide , Miku from An Cafe, and Ruki from the GazettE

Like I said I'm willing to sing whatever leader-sama wants me to but I would love to be in or start VK or Oshare type mostly be in.

I live in Eugene,Oregon
I'm 14 years old
Easy to work with
Goes by : Hikari
[email protected]
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30 / M / Colorado
Posted 10/29/11 , edited 10/29/11
Hello everyone my name is V and I am a lead vocalist and main composer of western Visual kei band called 'Jet Set Gypsies'. We are already quite established as a musical project and have gotten quite a great response thus far, as well as we have already began playing anime conventions and media expos. We are currently seeking members for our line up, Rhythm guitar and bass are a must!!! Anyone who is interested of course must be willing to follow the visual kei style to a science.

Anyone who wants to have a listen to our music to decide if its the right sound for them, here you go: just follow the links to the Audio!!! ^___^ or you can also check us out on Myspace:

Instrument Played (or vocals): I am a vocalist as well as a multi- instrumentalist. I speak fluent Japanese and do sing in Japanese.

Experience in your musical talent (how skilled are you, how long have you played/practiced, please do not exaggerate here): I am classically trained and come from a long line of musicians in my family. Music is my entire life and I have been making music my whole life. Was made to start playing piano at 4 years old, picked up the drums at 9, got my first guitar when I was 12, and most importantly, I have been singing for as long as I can remember, and from the ages of 16-18 I spent many months in a conservatory in Bucharest, studying opera.

What type of music your band is, or what type of music you would like to play with a band:
Our band is a mix between visual kei, classical, industrial, world music, metal...

Who inspired you to play your instrument: I first heard Malice Mizer when I was 15 and now I am 24. Ever since, I knew this was my direction. My fav bands are Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, and D, Versailles, Deluhi, Galneryus and much much more.

I currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO, though I am willing to connect with musicians online and long distance for the time being to establish friendships and such. Please, don't be a stranger!!! ^____^ I am excited to meet new people who want to make their musical dreams come true, and hopefully I can help with that. <333
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25 / M / Van Nuys
Posted 11/18/11
Hi my name is Felipe, i've posted here before (if i remember correctly) and i've been wanting to start a visual kei/oshare kei band for years now. A friend and i have been thinking of starting one but it is somewhat difficult since we live quite a distance from each other (i live in van nuys and he lives in LA).

Instrument Played (or vocals): Vocals (currently learning some growls) [would like to learn how to play the bass more, have little experience with it]

Experience in your musical talent: I am honestly not good but i practice at least 2-3 hours everyday and have been for at least a year now. I always try to find ways to improve. I am also learning music theory and FL Studio because i want to be able to do more in a band and not be worthless. But i can help with costume designs and album covers.

What type of music your band is, or what type of music you would like to play with a band: My friend and i are thinking of an oshare kei style band.

Who inspired you to play your instrument: Vocals- Kamijo (versailles), Takeru(SuG), Koume (DragonWAPPPPPPER), Yuki & Miki (Mix Speaker's inc), Jin(Nega), Natsuki (-OZ-), Yuki (Lycaon), Haru & Eiji (Kibouya Honpo), Klaha, Jack Spooky (TCST), Ryu & Keita (MoNoLith), MAKI (ALSDEAD), yuhma (Luzmelt), Temari (amber gris), Ai (Deathgaze), Hazuki(lynch.), Rayka (Synside, REALies), Haru (DOG in the PWO), ZUCK.

We're basically looking for guitarists, bassists, drummer, keyboardists, and maybe one more vocalist.

Oh my friend has years of experience on the guitar and is currently taking up vocals and as i said lives in Los Angeles.
I live in Van Nuys, right by the van nuys airport.

Please message me if you would like to start a band with both/any of us (there would probably be a better chance for him since he lives in a major city which is fine with me)
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22 / F / Chicago
Posted 12/30/11 , edited 12/30/11
Hey! I've been looking for a VK band for quite some time now and am gaining more and more frustration after every day that flows by. haha I've been writing lyrics for a decent amount of time now, in hopes of refreshingly bringing meaning back into music in modern, not so thoughtful, times. Personality and mentality-wise I'm way beyond my years and am willing to work with almost anyone with similar ideas of ages 15-24.
I hope to keep any composed music as unique as possible.

Instrument Played: Bass, Guitar, some vocals

Experience in musical talent: I'm self taught and am willing to improve as much as I possibly can. I've played for a few small crowds before. I've been playing guitar for about 7 years and bass for 2. As a 6 year old child I was pushed into learning to sing, and surprisingly the place where I went to for lessons loved my voice and wanted me to make an album. Being the stupid, pressured child I was, i didn't want to do it and never did because I thought I sounded horrible. I'm somewhat self-conscious about my voice now, but if it was for the good of a band, I'd be willing to retrain my voice and start singing again. ^^

What type of music your band is, or what type of music you would like to play with a band: Anything visual kei pretty much. (: I'd mostly prefer something along the lines of The GazettE, Yu Phoenix's current solo work, or Antic Cafe. It'd be nice to range the style among the three to create something a bit different. ^^

Who inspired you to play your instrument: As a younger child (around age 5) I received a guitar as a gift and it simply fascinated me. I started messing around with it for a few years and soon got caught up in teaching myself. I eventually came across a group of five guys who called themselves Cinema Bizarre, and that's pretty much when it all changed. From there I discovered every edge of visual kei that there was possible. Two years ago I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to play bass, thanks to Reita from the GazettE. I'll even go as far as confessing that Visual Kei music somehow saved me from committing suicide due to extreme family issues (which shall not be discussed here.) From then, I found an inspiration in meaningful j-rock lyrics and have a drive to improve other's lives through my music.
My music is mainly inspired by those strange, little creatures living inside my head, who won't ever let me sleep due to excessive amounts of ideas. haha

I live in the Chicago-land area.

Additional Info: I'm also big on painting and pretty good with Photoshop, so I'd gladly make the cover for any albums.

Feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]
No spam please!!!
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25 / M / Van Nuys
Posted 2/6/12
Gonna attempt to make another post so bare with me xD. I am looking to forming a band. Visual/Oshare/Decora/Nagoya it doesnt matter.

IMPORTANT-It does not matter how skilled you are! I consider myself a beginner so i would honestly like to be around people who are the same or a mix of skilled and non skilled =] PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Instrument Played (or vocals): I do vocals.

Experience in your musical talent: I have been practicing vocals for almost two years now (i thi nk, lost track) Honestly I am not so good but i try my hardest to practice everyday for 2-3hrs. I am trying to learn programming/keyboard/FL STUDIO because i would like to have more responsibilities. I can do some of the artwork though and possibly promotion. (I would love to try and be useful as i can because of my low skills)

Type of music: I love all kinds of styles but i would rather list the bands i like to give an idea: Lycaon, Versailles, DragonWAPPPPPPER, DOG in the PWO, BugLug, DEATHGAZE, lynch, Art Cube, dolore, Gakido, Electlizer, UnsraW, ZUCK, vNEU, SuG, OZ, Para:noir, MoNoLith, Mix Speaker's Inc, LuLu, Kagrra, born. (just to name a few)

Who inspired you to play your instrument
: i was inspired by Kamijo of Versailles because i loved his style. But honestly it was Jasmine You who really inspired me (i first wanted to play bass) and i wanted to do something as beautiful as he did so i took up singing instead.

I live in Van Nuys. I also travel to North Hollywood as i attend the Art Institute there, but i also go to Burbank, Palmdale (every now n then), Sylmar, and Northridge. Any of these areas i am good with.

IMPORTANT-It does not matter how skilled you are! I consider myself a beginner so i would honestly like to be around people who are the same or a mix of skilled and non skilled =] PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

you may contact me either on here or at [email protected] (my email would be best since i check it everyday)
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20 / F
Posted 3/19/12 , edited 3/19/12
I'm looking for a :
1. 1 co-vocalist-
>13-16 years old
>knows how to sing in japanese (especially ROCK)
>who knows japanese( optional)

>fair looking (he can be a japanese boy -looking)
>good voice quality
2. 2 guitarist-
>same description
>knows both acoustic and electric guitar
3. 1 keyboardist
>same description
>knows how to play keyboard/piano
4. 1 drummer
>same description
>knows how to play the drums
5. 1 bassist
>same description
>knows how to play the bass

EXPERIENCE: one who already experience performing on stage,not shy,and a true J-ROCKER
>if you feel that you are one of us,,,then you can go and have an audition.....
>be sure that you can compose songs......(just optional)
>we'll just see each other

(looking for a total of 6 members for a visual kei/oshare kei band)

yo! PM ME AT '[email protected]' in FACEBOOK
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24 / F
Posted 5/28/12 , edited 5/28/12
My names Miki, 18-years-old, lives in Dallas, Texas, and currently going to TCC, so I have a lot of time on my hands. I have past experience in being in a band, as I was the vocalist for the band for 2 years. I also did music synthesizing, and recording for them. We were a contepary rock band, and added dubstep sounds, giving us a unique sound. Almost like the band Modestep, except more guitar. Unfortunately my band broke up.
My expierences are being the vocalist and synthesizer for a band for two years, church choir for 5 years, and vocal classes for 7 years. I come from a long line of singers, and performers. And, got into it because of my grandma
Im interested in joining an Oshare Kei band, like LM.C, Antic Cafe, Kra, Lolita32q, or SuG. Im willing to go with a darker look and sound, but I dont think my talents lye there. Im willing to work hard, and am good under pressure. Plus, Im a great multi-tasker.

Obviously, there doesnt seem to be many people on here from Texas who are wanting to join a VK band on here, so an online band would be ok.

Contact me on here, or my email: [email protected]

Thank you!
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24 / F / Nephil Realm
Posted 5/29/12 , edited 5/29/12
Hey, I'm Luca I go by Arashi nightmare on the interwebz.
I would love to either join a visual kei band with someone else or start a new one from scratch.

Instrument Played (or vocals): Bass; vocals are possible, but I really don't like to sing in public.

I've been playing bass for ~3 years and guitar, to a smaller extent, for longer with two teachers and have played in two bands as well as session bands, so yes, I do have ample experience playing live.
I've been playing music, period, literally as long as I can remember, along with having been in marching band on percussion and keyboards for 5 years.

As far as what bands I like, I like everything from mainstream bands like the GazettE and Kiryu to famous Nagoya kei bands like Laputa and Kuroyume to scary oldschool visual kei bands like Aliene Ma'riage and DUMMY CHILDREN. (cookies to you if you recognize them!)
My preferred style is kote kei, like bands in a similar style to oldschool visual kei bands like Aliene, La'Sadies, Eliphas Levi, DAS:VASSER...
Madeth gray'll BAISER get the idea.

My influences: My favorite bands: Lamiel, BAISER, Madeth gray'll, Dué le quartz, Phantasmagoria, Eliphas Levi, AZALEA, aicle., D, BLAM HONEY, BLOOD. (This changes every so often.)

I'm looking for someone who is willing to make a commitment to this band and has at the very LEAST a half a year of experience playing their instrument. I live around Jackson, Tennessee, but I'm okay with having members that live semi-far away if you have a good way of getting to and from places. I want a charismatic person who loves music and isn't afraid to show energy and think outside the box, since energy is what makes a show fun, right? :)
You can contact me by Facebook here: ->
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24 / F
Posted 6/4/12 , edited 7/4/12

My name is Barbie. I'm 18 years old and I'm half Japanese and half Caucasian.

Instrument Played: My instrument is my voice :)

My band Mayonaka No Fantaji currently consists of Me on vocals, Saiko on bass, and Kaiko on drums.

We would love to find L and R guitarists

We are very serious about our band

So far we are all girls, but we're fine with boys and girls being in the band.

Influences include: Exist Trace, The GazettE, Decola Hopping, ALSDEAD, Deluhi, Danger Gang, One OK Rock, etc.

Our Facebook page is:
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21 / F / Tampa, FL[USA]
Posted 6/27/12
hey. my name is Haley, but i go by Chu~Chi. i am looking for band members :)

I will be the vocaist[sorry], so we dont need a vocalist. I am in need of a drummer, rhythm guitar, and bassist. If possible, since im not getting the hang of doing screamo, if you can do sreamo, its a plus since its hard for me to get it. I am looking for members in their teens. not younger than 14 or older than 19.

As for experience, you dont have to have stage experience, but at least been playing your instrument for about min of 2 years. I dont have any stage experience that counts, so im a rookie. im not the best singer and im trying to work on my screamo, but i dont think im bad

We will be playing music like The GazettE, DecoLa Hopping, Exist Trace, Dazzle Vision, ect.

When i got into anime, i got drawn into JROCK naturally, and i liked how everything was, so i pursed it. but after that, i got into KPOP, so i stopped and went for KPOP, and now, things and situations are frustrating for me, so i am working toward JROCK again. I plan on making a career out of this, please contact only if you are deticated. Hopefully we can eventually get signed to a Japanese label, untill then, i will do my best to get us gigs when we're ready :)

I live in Tampa, FL and im only 15, so when our youngest member is old enough[out of highschool], we can hopefully try and tour or something ^-^

I dont have equiptment to record or anything, so if you have anything to contribute, that would be great. if not, then we will just try and make due.

message me if you are interested.

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